43 Year Old Mum of 2, Small Frame with a Forever Changing Bust Size over the Years All I See is Deflation. Plymouth, GB

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Hi i am 43 years of age with a small frame. Mother...

Hi i am 43 years of age with a small frame. Mother of 2 and continuous fluctuations in weight. I have given up on breast size as know matter what size Bra I end up purchasing after a wash or two it is no longer a perfect fit. My breast are so bottom heavy with nothing up top leaving my upper body looking gaunt in proportion to my bottom half. I have um and r'd over the years but last year my husband and I went for a breakfast in a local cafe to see a joke notice of names for different breast shapes and I matched up with the has been's!!!!!! I have finally booked my surgery for March 11th all paid up and last pre op appt on Wednesday. Keep u all posted as i take my experience in the new boob club. Excited to say the least each day can not go quick enough. Surgeon James Mcdiarmid Mount Stuart Torquay. My shameful before shots

Surgery tomorrow @ 7:30am

270-330cc HR here I come !!!!!!!

Op day

Well booked in at 7.30 am. Operation @ 9am back to my room by 10.30am well cared for by lovely staff @ Mount Stuart Hospital, St Vincent's RD, Torquay. England. Home by 5.30pm. Chillin at home in our recliner with lots of extra pillows and loving care from Hubby but in all honesty I am fine. I had 2 paracetamol topped up 2 ibuprofen (2 x 200mg) after my evening meal. I am strangely not in pain just an occasional dull ache in my back like after a hard day @ work. I have movement in my arms but not taking advantage of this as I am sure I will feel more tomorrow. If I force myself to believe I am in for it tomorrow then if not - bonus. It was suggested on here via message that had I considered my cc choice is not big enough due to her own experience of recent surgery. In order to answer and update u all in one in the quickest method. I spent so much time researching, years of consideration. Seeming I am only just under 8 stone small frame and as individual proportions are different on us all. Knowing over the next 12 months these will settle and actually get slight larger these are perfect for me. We also have to take our lifestyles into consideration a size that would be good for a model is not necessarily practical for an athlete or some one who is challenged by keep their posture correct at a desk all day. Check for your self a few new pics taken approx 6 hours post op.

4 weeks post op

Well as planned, here is my 4 weeks update. My recovery has been so easy not much to say. One of my boobs is settling at a slightly different rate but this is the norm so nothing to worry about. No pain now but never really had any. No discomfort just a bit of nipple sensation. The hardest part for me was sleeping on my back. I was waking with cramp, managed it but was no where near as comfy as curling up on side. Last night was my first night back on my side, was lovely and the best nights sleep in 4 weeks. So glad sleep is back to normal found this difficult working full time. Well will leave you all with some pic's. My main request was to keep them looking natural. Seeming I am only 4 weeks in I can see already my request has been fulfilled. Thanks to James McDiarmid.

More 4 week post op pics

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For some reason each pic has uploaded 4 times???? Not sure why this happened

5 week post op

No problems to report all good and loving my new look. Still wearing sports bra to bed and sleep well but wake up with severe hard morning boobs they soften as soon as i apply bio oil. Gona try a medium support bra tonight and work my way down to light support until I reach the norm of nothing.
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