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I went to Nardini for a tummy tuck was not to...

I went to Nardini for a tummy tuck was not to happy with the outcome. One side looks like there is more skin than the other. I did contact him about this matter. But my appointment was cancelled because he decided to schedule someone else for surgery.Knowing that i was not really happy with the outcome from the surgery he had performed on me. Will update

still nothing.

Still no post op visit.. should of known better when they cancelled the first time. I literally had my coat on to walk out the door to go for my tt operation, the phone rang and i was asked if i left yet, i replied leaving now, she said well the operation is cancelled. That was the first cabcellation . He is doing his internship, not a full plastic surgeon yet. We are just his practice for him to gain experiece.

still no answer

Very dissatisfied


It was told to me that there was extra skin not taken out. There is swelling and may smooth out from all the liquid that accumilated


Thanks to him, for leaving extra skin, i am depressed and have low self esteem about myself.i feel insecure and sad at all times. Lied about the one year aftercare for post operation because i told him i wasnt happy with his surgery. I guess i was just not ask lucky as other people he operated on. So i did not even get a months worth of after operation care from him. It shows how he cares or what compassion he has towards another human being he messed up on. He could of at least offer to fix his mistake at no expense to me,but he decided just to abandon me

They are asking for money afterwards

I paid for the surgery upfront as required in full. Since surgery i have been getting invoices asking for more money, i informed gil nardini about thos. Something seems not right it states that nardini is second attendee not the surgeon. Wonder id this is legal cause heis a fellowship studenr using someoneelses license to operate. Reguardless they sent a collection agency after me for payment. I called them yesterday, and was told it was filed with them for non payment. I called the office left a message for nardini and susana about this matter and no response. I did notify the cillection agency that payment was taken before surgery i was told to speak to the surgeon who filed the claum. This is NONSENSE..... I truly regret letting him perform the surgery, i am so embarressed of the extra skin i am now stuck wearing a girdle for the rest of my life, i never wire one before. He may seem nice when you talk to him, trust me when i say he is thw sneaky quiet type who wont admitt his mistakes and when i asked to see another dr. For after care and revision. He dripped me even after the initial consult he said if there is to be revisions it will be done. LIAR!


Sorry for the mispellings.


The hospital contacted me saying sorry for the terrible experience u had with nardini they are looking into the matter, it will be done june 24, but sent me the letter post marked june 30. Go figure. Still waitnig. Nardini all ready left the hospital to another country to study on more people. I asked about the revision, no answer. About some after which did not take place from nardini, no answer.still getting invoices for more money, no answer.

more Damage

Well now time past, come to find out i am in constant pain on one side due to he damaged a nerve in me. And anither area when you touch it, a nerve sensation runs up everytime it is touched. I reported them to the board ofhealth. .

i am done with those liars!

Well i finally went for a follow up with another dr. Nardini left them a while agoto another country for more practice. I repoted them to the health dept. I was told i can have a revision in another letter, which they wanted me to pay for. But when i got there, they were cold towards me said they wont do the revision, said if i do another surgery it can make the scar larger, skin will stretch and i have to live with more pain since nardini damaged my nerves and alot of scar tissue build around it. They cant remove the scar tissue becayse it will create mire. That js what i was told by susanna who worjed there not even the plastic surgeon i came to see. I was also told susana helped during my surgery which i didnt know, and she is not a plastic surgeon. What was even more scary, is that she was the one telling things not the plastic surgeon herself she just sat there. But she did tell me if i wanted to get the skin tighten without surgery, because she was not going to do the surgery. That i could go ekse where to get it tjghtening by machine it will cist between 7-10 thousand dollars. I ask her to write down the infi for me, she didnt. She left the rokm while i dressed, didnt come back in until after i left. Ni goodbye, nothing.... they are nice to you before surgery and when things go wrong, they dismiss you. They lied about giving me the revise and never informed me before surgery that there was alot if risk for rwvision. Dr nardini wasnt hinest from the begining. My advice to whom ever read thus,is this, do your research on the hospital, facility and drs. Ahead oftime. Ask to see before and after pictures, surf the web for all complaints and do not believe everything they say even if they say they have done hundreds, thousands of these procedures, because if so, why are they intefnships and students?. And dr nardini is still listed in realself saying he has 2yrs experience and still works at that hospital. It is NOT true he has been goneovwr six months ago over seas and was NEVER ther for two years. Another lie! And dont forget, alot of people do not know about real self so we will never know how many people he ruined!!!!

sorry for the spelling.

Was in a rush...
New York Plastic Surgeon

I really expected more from him, i really thought he would have done a better job.

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