35 YO, FTT, MR and Lipo

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Hello again! I'm back for a full Tummy Tuck...

Hello again! I'm back for a full Tummy Tuck procedure after 2 years post a mini Tummy Tuck in 2014. Although I was ok with my Mini TT, I wasn't as pleased as I would have wanted. I chose the MTT as a temporary fix and recovery time constraints. Not long before that, I had back surgery so it was not possible for me to do a full TT yet. 2 years have passed and I'm ready to get it done right like my doc suggested. I loved Dr. Z and will be going back to him. He is amazing. He tried to convince me to do a FTT from the start, but I was stubborn and stuck to my original plan. Lesson learned...listen to the experts!

1 week til surgery --measurements and prep

Here I am, a week to go and getting a bit excited yet nervous! Looking forward to a new figure with a flatter tummy and less stretch marks. Have not had that in over 18 years! My only concern is my back. I'm hoping it doesn’t give out in the middle of the healing being hunched over for a week or so. I’ve been doing good, but it tends to get stiff when the rain is upon us here in Dallas. Not fun but that's the aftermath of back surgery. I will be staying at the facility overnight this time around. For the mini TT I did outpatient and that was not bad at all. But this is muscle repair and so from what I have read it will be painful. I'll let you guys know if it's as bad as back pain.

So far I have the following prep items:
· disposable bed pads (pet training pads were MUCH cheaper & I know will do the trick),
· disposable medical gloves
· gauze
· Tape and bandages
· scar strips (clear)
· antibiotic ointment (Neosporin)
· T-Relief arnica ointment and tablets
· shower seat
· Anti itch cream
- shower brush & Loofah with handle
- Feminine pads for drains and possibly Aunt Flo visiting after getting my IUD replaced two days before surgery ( I know, TMI)
· Hibiclens Skin cleaner (not required, but I’ve used for my other surgeries and I feel it has helped as I have never had an infection)
· Body wipes
- zero gravity chair (don't want a recliner in the way, my living room is not that large)
· pillows
· Pain meds will be given to me at the facility
· Loose clothes XXL in size for comfort
I'm contemplating purchasing the lipo foam...still doing research to see if that is worth even buying. Any of you ladies/gents recommend? I'm planning to use the compression garment the doc will provide so no purchasing a new one until a few out. Will go get dry shampoo to see if that works until my first approved full shower day. What am I missing???

Measurements: are in the photos. I want to compare a post op. My weigh is 169 lbs. I've been the same weight since 2011 so I'm not concerned about that changing, just the shape. It's my dream to wear fitted shirts without seeing the roll and stretch marks through the shirts.

Day of surgery

I arrived at the hospital at 6:30am to get my bloodwork done and get prepped for surgery. It was not until I changed into the gown that I got an extreme rush of nerves!! Not sure why. Thank goodness my sister was there to help me stay focused. 3 hours later I was rolled into the operating room and awake at 3pm. I was alert and feeling the work. I look so much smaller!!! :) I did get a pain pump so the pain was very mild. Worked wonders throughout the day so I highly recommend one is done by all docs. I was given a little late lunch/early dinner. Now that triggered the most awful nausea! Not fun there. It want until I got a sandwich brought to me and more nausea meds that I started to feel better (2 hrs late!). I am walking around every 3 hrs and urinating on schedule. Drinking lots of water too. I have only on drain which is drained by the nurses every few hours. Started at 65 oz and at 11p down to 30 oz. swelling has begun for sure. I feel it as the binder gets tighter. I see Dr Z in the morning and he will show me my pictures which I am excited about. Little sleep throughout the night planned but that is so that I take my pain pill every 2 hrs and walk. I asked for a walker so I do look like an old lady. Kinda fit right in with the rest of the patients here. Ha!

Post op Day 1 & 2

What a train wreck these 2 days have been. I've been so nauseous that I have had a hard time taking my meds and sleeping. I feel I've been out drinking all night. I think it's the pain pump. I reduced the output but it's still giving me issues. No pain though, just the nausea and head pressure. I was finally able to have a bath! So I was able to get a picture. It is definitely looking amazing! What a difference.

Post Op day 4

Many milestones today. Slept more, pain pump removed, left my house to eat and had a BM without the help of stool softener. I've been walking a ton and doing breathing techniques so that may be helping. Only doing Tylenol although I have prescription painkillers. Everyday gets better and better. Down to 65cc within 24 hrs so doc says I may get my drain removed sooner than expected. I do get tired but nothing compared to what I've read and researched. I feel very fortunate. I had my first shower yesterday with my sister's help. Today I'll be on my own so fingers crossed. I'll be starting my arnica pills and gel tomorrow now that my pain pump is out. Drinking a ton of water too so I go to the bathroom a lot throughout the day.

Post Op Day 3 pics

Pre and after shower pics.

Post Op - Day 5 & 6

Not much to report for day 5 as I just rested majority of the day. Went to get some groceries and took my kiddo to her after school activity. I took the garment off for 20 minutes to massage my stomach. Doc didn't mention it but thought it would be helpful with the tightness and blood circulation. Felt good.
Day 6 - my drainage is under 40 cc in 24 hrs so I'm heading to my post op appointment to have the drain removed. Yay! Wearing the compression garment helps with the swelling but I plan to get another one that is more fitted and I can't see through my clothes! I will have measurements posted after the appointment. Pulling the pain pump drains didn't hurt so I don't expect the drain removal to hurt either but I'll let ya know.

1 week post op

Wow how time flies! A week and a day has passed since my TT and I think I'm doing great considering. Swelling has started in full force and feel tight! Everyone tells me I am standing straight but I feel I'm not standing as straight as I want to. No back issues which is amazing! The medical zipline or strap was not removed at my post op appointment as my doc wants me to keep it for a few more weeks to see if it will help with scarring. I still look great, my opinion. Healing slowly on the belly button as I seem to have developed an allergy to the ointment. I got blisters around the areas I applied it so we are not using that anymore.
I'm walking a lot so that must be contributing to the swelling. I lay down at least 4 times a day to help the swelling go down.
I go back to work on Monday, so I'm trying to find a compression binder that no one can see under my clothes. I have a spanx but it rolls down too much. I have a sitting job so I shouldn't swell too much. At least I hope I won't. I will post if there are any changes throughout the week. If not, I'll give a 2 week update.

2 wks post op --- the swelling!

Lots of swelling but made it through a week of work. Some discomfort throughout the days but took Tylenol and arnica tablets to get through. Tried on different binders and ended up going back to the one the doc provided because they didn't help with swelling. Comparison of pre and 2 week post pictures attached. What a difference!
I removed the zipline med strip a mid-week as the itching was driving me insane! I think it looks great and I started applying tape to reduce the redness, itching and help prevent the wound from keloiding. Love my new shape but will love it more when the swelling subsides. Drinking tons of water and trying to stay away from salty or fatty foods. Walking as much as my body will allow too. Til week 3!

2 wk post side comparison

3 wks post op - Healing slowly

Have a follow up appointment coming up this week. There haven't been much progress . At the moment I'm concerned about my BB! Hopefully it isn't infected and healing, but slowly. Swelling is still in full force but it goes down after I lay down for the day. I think sitting down is causing the swelling vs waking around so I'm changing that. Trying to walk more at work and after at the mall. When the swelling is down I love my shape. When it's present, I feel 5 months preggers. I'll post a pic with my doctor status this Friday. Fingers crossed!

3 wks post op - Healing slowly

Have a follow up appointment coming up this week. There haven't been much progress . At the moment I'm concerned about my BB! Hopefully it isn't infected and healing, but slowly. Swelling is still in full force but it goes down after I lay down for the day. I think sitting down is causing the swelling vs waking around so I'm changing that. Trying to walk more at work and after at the mall. When the swelling is down I love my shape. When it's present, I feel 5 months preggers. I'll post a pic with my doctor status this Friday. Fingers crossed!


Really want the swelling to go away!

4 wks post op

Not many changes but did go to my doctor for my 4 week follow up. My belly button is still healing super slow. Seems to have been a bit of separation but doc still says it's looking good. No more applying peroxide and to let it heal on its own. It's ok to put ScarGuard on it so I started that today on BB and the TT incision. I did weight in 5 lbs less than pre surgery so I'm glad about that. Should lose more lbs as time goes by and I move more. I got clearance to walk more but that's about it. Here are pics with and without my undies. They cover the scar pretty good if you ask me. Swelling depends on how long I sit but it's not as bad as it used to be. Progress...slow...but visible.

5 weeks post op - my poor BB

Although my incision below is healing great, I can't say the same thing about my belly button. I went for a walk with my family and when I sat down for a break, my daughter noticed my shirt was covered in yellow liquid! Seems my BB opened and the liquid started just squiring out! Luckily I was close to a bathroom and able to grab a few paper towels and toilet paper to soak the rest of the fluid. Had to press a bit for the rest to flow. Gross!!! I applied a bandage until we made it home but it troubled me. I sent the pics to my PS and he said it's not infected just part of the healing process. :(.
My guess is the my work pants are rubbing onto it too much so I'm going to switch to dresses until it heals fully although I hate dresses. Lol!

7 weeks post

Less swelling but healing. Belly button has a rough start but it's getting there. Looking forward to 8 weeks.

8 wks post op ...healing

It has been 8 weeks since my surgery and I'm finally seeing more healing and results. Can't believe how long it has taken for my BB to heal but Dr Z assures me that it is heading in the right direction. Slow, but still looks good. I'm thinking my BB detached due to my jeans and dress pants rubbing against. When I sit (which I do a lot) and the top of my pants hit it all the time since they are oversized. I just don't want to buy clothes until the swelling goes down. Clear yellowish drainage still continues to be present at my BB, but minimal in comparison to the last few weeks. I stay in touch with Dr Z often and send him pictures if needed of any issues or concerns. I massage my belly at night to help with swelling and smooth out the lumpiness at the main incision. Now that I have clearance to workout, I look forward to seeing more of my curves shine through. Started with light workouts, no abs workouts just yet.

Wk 7 & Wk 8 incision comparison

Wk 9 belly button progress

Looks worse in photo than in person but I can tell there is progress. Just keeping it clean throughout the day. Less fluid this week which is a plus! And it is getting smaller. Whoohoo!


Updates...loving my results

3 months post op

Time sure flies! Still swelling up, but nothing in comparison to the first month. Loving my look more and more as time goes by. Applying scar guard everyday to the BB and lower incision. Making great progress although could be better if my back was not killing me! Makes it difficult to walk so movement has been minimal which would help me heal faster if I could workout more. With time I guess. I have my follow up appointment coming up to see what doc thinks of my BB progress. Will keep everyone updated but my next update will be at 6 months! Til then!

Pre vs 3 mth comparison

What a difference!

4 mths post op

Healing of the BB is practically there although not how I hoped it would be. I will start to so more for the scars to lighten up. I haven't been doing so well on my workouts due to issues with my back but I do walk as much as I can. I still like the results but would like to get a bit more lipo on my back. My doctor follow ups have been delayed due to my work but I have one on the 16th.

BB revised...yay!

I went to my 4 month follow up appointment and Dr Z was not pleased with my BB. So he decided to revise it which I'm glad he did. Turned out my BB was stuck behind the new skin and was causing it to leak some yellowish fluid daily. Doc was also glad he revised it. Hopefully it heals better this time around.

4 Month Update

Had an allergic reaction to tape, but otherwise looks great.
Mount Pleasant General Surgeon

2nd time to use Dr Z. Love him and his wonderful staff.

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