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I'm 52 years old, 5'1" and 115 pounds...

I'm 52 years old, 5'1" and 115 pounds. For many years I have that 2-3 pounds of fat on my abdomen that won't go-a-way. Thanks to many reviews on this website and others I schedule appointment for consultation and actual coolsculpting, without my husband knowledge.

**In the doctor's office first I had the consultation with the money-girl. She explained to me how much cost and specials for the month. The cost was $999.
The most time I spend was with Money-girl.

**Second was the pictures.

**The actual procedure.
I ask to mark me with white pencil, easy to clean.
Cold sheet placed on my abdomen, well was not cold but wet.
Suction, not bad at all, just unusual. I was prepared for "ready to die and come back". First 5-10 minutes NO PAIN just different.
Here now I was left in the room for 57 minutes, nurse or whatever her title is told me if needed to press the button and that will page her.
For that one hour I didn't feel anything just that suction was sitting on top of my belly.
Removing the suction was not painful at all. I told her that I don't won't to see it. She started massaging and I had NO PAIN, just different filling. I joke with her and told her "keep on massaging feels good".
Before leaving the room I take a good look at the machine, I don't think cost more then 10K.

**Payment process. Yes very, very painful cost way to much $999.
For renting the room for 1 hour and 7-10 minutes talk with money-girl and 5 minutes with nurse or so to pay $999.

I left the office only my wallet was in pain, I was feeling great, went to dealership to change oil on my car.
The rest of the day I was normal. Around 8PM I felt discomfort and little pain around my bellybutton, didn't have anything else but use some Oragel. That really help. Remember my husband didn't know I have to play like everything is normal. For the night I took Advil PM just to make sure that I will be ok, had a great night sleep.

Day 2...wake up and felt a little discomfort below bellybutton but nothing to stop me act normal, Oragel again. Some discomfort when I press on it. Also my belly was swollen, may be twice then normal. During the day everything was ok. I didn't take any medications.
Day 3...wake and feel good my belly is less swollen today. Discomfort around the bellybutton is gone. When I press is a little tender.

Now I'm prepare for the chapter and waiting for the pain and results. So is waiting game.

Researched on line that CoolSculpting Machine cost around $6000, that's all. My wallet now is on fire.

I usually don't write reviews but did it to share my experience and let you know that was not painful and I'm willing to do it again for the right price.

Day 4...I have no pain, I don't see any bruising....

Day 4...I have no pain, I don't see any bruising. Before my belly fat was soft like soft butter now same fat is firm. Bump my belly at kitchen counter top and was very painful for several minutes. Otherwise I can do my normal routine without a problem.

Exactly ONE WEEK from the procedure. Still have a...

Exactly ONE WEEK from the procedure. Still have a lots of swollen and numb areas. The very lowest part of my abdomen is very soft but the rest is firm especially around the bellybutton. No pain yet. Started last evening some tickling under my skin. Also I fill something moving under the skin, very unusual fillings..just different, not painful at all.
I have been walking about 3 miles everyday after the treatment, eating as normal, no weight gain...just the same.
Start jumping the rope last night but my stomach jungle too much and didn't feel right so I stooped. As of today my husband still don't know about the coolsculpting if work good for me I can convince him to do it also.

Day 10...I still have some numbness around...

Day 10...I still have some numbness around bellybutton (about one inch above and couple of inches bellow). Swelling is almost gone but not completely. For first time wear jeans but not for long, just for hour or so they feel very uncomfortable.
Can't wait to see some results.

Two weeks since CS, I feel great. Have very little...

Two weeks since CS, I feel great. Have very little numbness around bellybutton, I think all swelling is gone. No weight gain or lost, just stay the same.
One think I notice is my belly fat have different shape, look is more spread in the area and more firm, not the same floppy, jingly fat like before.
No pain, some times I have ticklish sensation but happen two-three times a day and that's not bad.
Hope to see results soon.

Four weeks update. Nothing that interesting, no...

Four weeks update. Nothing that interesting, no weight gain or lost. My husband still don't know and I'm so hopping to see great results very soon to be able to tell him.
One think that I see is when siting my fat is not that much popping out. My pants fit the same,

Three months and one week since I have abdomen...

Three months and one week since I have abdomen done.
* Same weight, same size. What I notice is when I sit in the car seat before I have a fat pop-up from my pants and you know how it look, now I don't have that. My pants fit much better. I have notice some change, not sure that is a fat burn but for sure my abdomen have different shape is more flat and belly fat is not concentrate but spread out if this make sense.

After looking my self in the mirror in the dressing room at the department store I was convince that must have love handles done and see comparison pictures before and after for my abdomen.

So yesterday Friday I have appointment for love handles.
Driving on the way to the doctors office idea pop in my mine that I should do only one side for experiment. That's exactly what I did. Technician was not very happy but she did it for me.
Once the procedure was completed on my left love handle. I ask them to see comparison pictures and they show it to me.
I was very surprise to see that my belly is much flatter then before. Few girls in the office came also and all of them was saying it take four months, it take four months. Well I'm three months and week, how much more??

After having love handle done yesterday, my day when as normal. I forgot that something was done to me. Last night I notice huge bruise on my love handle. Most of the night I slept on that side and didn't disturb me at all.
I only hope that the price go down so more people can afford it.

Two years later after coolscupting

Almost every time I look at my belly, didn't believe I did it...Yes.
My husband didn't know it. Basically no one know it except few people I know on line because of forums. Was planning to tell my daughter but decided against.
My results are great not only that but the bulge never came back. This months make two years since first Coolscupting. I have noticed better improvement after second procedure. Still need to do the other love handle to look more symmetrical. Unfortunately I see this doctor for many more procedures ..botox, voluma ect. Of course my husband didn't know about any of them but he always make remarks how good I look. Takes a lot to look good.
Sorry don't have any photos just to be on the safe side.
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