Rhinoplasty Disaster Perth - Dr John Harlock - Mount Lawley, AU

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I had a primary rhinoplasty in 2009 with Dr John...

I had a primary rhinoplasty in 2009 with Dr John Harlock in Perth, Australia. I specifically asked him to only straighten the bone in my nose that was crooked and to bring the sides at the tip in ever so slightly. That's all I wanted. I told him not to resect the dorsal. Dr John Harlock went overboard and totally re-modified my nose to the point that it was cut in two pieces under my skin and wobbled from side to side and was a complete mess. He pushed it up higher which I never asked him to do. He cut into the sides near my cheek. It was uneven and over resected and extremely ugly. He denied any wrong doing and said he couldn't fix it other than increase my dorsal to be higher using ear graft. I refused to let him touch my nose again. I do not recommend Dr John Harlock for rhinoplasty. He has no sympathy for the mess he makes. I wish I never had surgery in the first place.

Revision Rhino

I forgot to mention in my initial post I had an accident at 14 and it bent my nose and deviated my septum. This was my only reason for initial rhino.

In 2014 I had revision rhino. I'm still assessing things and can't comment much. Warning, if you live interstate from another surgeon in Australia, don't do it unless they have time to answer questions after surgery and arrange pre-op appointments to nail down exactly what you want. My nose is an improvement but I'm finding it a bit too round!! Watch this space. I'll more comment later.

Another photo of my botched primary rhino

This is another example of my bumpy lumpy nose prior to revision rhinoplasty. I can't believe I walked around like this for six years.

Primary Rhinoplasty with Dr Harlock

I'm posting more photos of my primary botched rhino with Dr John Harlock in Mount Lawley.

another photo

another photo

Third Rhinoplasty - Second Revision - Perth

I want to warn people of having rhinoplasty with ENT surgeons who have had no plastic surgeon training and are not fully qualified plastic surgeons. These people in my opinion try to take a cut of the market and end up messing up peoples noses. If a ENT wants to be a plastic surgeon and isn't a member of the plastic surgeons association then be careful.

I have had two rhinoplasties and both were by ENT surgeons who weren't Plastic Surgeons. The second surgeon indicated to me he was a member of the plastic surgeon association when he wasn't. I got a shock when I learnt a few days ago my revision rhinoplasty was done by an ENT only. I'm so shocked.

I have good news for people who are in Perth wanting revision rhinoplasty who do not want to travel outside of Western Australia. I have found a surgeon who doesn't have a fancy website or all the bells and whistles or loads of photos as some do, but he is a fully qualified and accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeon working in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and in Australia. He was awarded the FRCS(Plast) in 2009 and is named on the GMC Specialist Register as a Plastic Surgeon. He is a full member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS).

He has a higher degree in plastic surgery. He underwent his specialist plastic surgery training in hospitals throughout Yorkshire, with fellowships in France, the USA and Australia. Following two years of Consultant practice in the UK he returned to Australia to take up a Consultant Post in Plastic Surgery and Burns at Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia in August 2012.

He knew straight away what was the problem with my nose and what I like about him is that the procedure he would do isn't so invasive as in, he would reshape what cartilage I have. He won't do another rib graft but maybe take some ear cartilage and use it for my dorsum.

He said my nose was too big and the bridge too high and he would clean things up and soften my appearance.

Alot of surgeons in Perth didn't want to touch my nose after my initial rhinoplasty and I visited about 5 of them. They said it was too hard. Thats why I went 4000kms away to Sydney.

I'm glad I can have a third operation and this surgeon is confident he can help me.

Rhinoplasty - your worst Dr Frankenstein Nightmare

If you don't like what Dr Frankenstein did in creating the monster, then don't have Rhinoplasty is my advice. Ever. Just keep what you have. As that is what in effect you are doing to yourself, making yourself look like a monster. It's too risky and so many surgeons just want the money and don't care about you or they want to create a name for themselves. Having to get rib graft in your nose isn't fun. Your nose is hard like a rock, it's no longer flexible, it isn't really a nose anymore but just a lump of cartilage that you hope no one bumps. I've had two nose surgeries, spent a HUGE amount of money. I had a huge chunk of rib graft cut out of my chest. Probably more than necessary. It's been 9 months and it still hasn't grown back. Who knows if it will. It has to be done right or it WON'T grow back. This is what you get when doctors are greedy. If you can live with your nose, then leave it alone! Don't mess with what God has made. When he formed you in the womb, he made you pretty. How he wanted you to look. Your nose is your DNA, your heritage, it states what tribe of the earth you are from. If you have made the mistake of having a disastrous rhinoplasty, don't despair, there is hope. I am talking to young women in their 20's, some who can't go out and are severely depressed. I offer them support from what these Dr Frankensteins have done to them. We are not human experiments to give these Dr Frankensteins experience. If they want to learn how to do good nose surgeries, they should practise on cadavers.

The difference between an ENT and a fully qualified PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGEON

An American fully qualified plastic surgeon will have FACS accreditation - FACS refers to their affiliation as a Fellow of the American College of Surgery.

In Europe, they will have a EBOPRAS qualification. A short fellowship course overseas doesn't provide that title.

FRACS means Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. The distinction is only awarded to specialist surgeons who have completed a minimum of 12 years medical and surgical education, with at least 5 years of specialist postgraduate training.

Many ENT FRACS training is only for Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery and NOT Plastic and Reconstructive.

Any ENT can call themselves a plastic surgeon when they do not have the same credentials or the same training as fully accredited ones.

There is a big difference between FRACS plastic and reconstructive and FRACS Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery.

Atleast some surgeons who performs a huge number of rhinoplasties annually has the decency to call themselves ENT Surgeon.

The following sums it up PERFECTLY. I obtained from a fully qualified plastic surgeons website. Couldn't word it better myself:

"Plastic Surgeons are specialist surgeons who have completed the required training and examinations in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. This equates to approximately 8-10 years of additional surgical training after basic medical qualifications.

"To cover the range of service provided, the title of plastic surgeon has been expanded in many quarters to be “plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic (or cosmetic) surgeon. Hence the European Board’s title for fully accredited plastic surgeons is Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, (EBOPRAS).

It is worth noting that there has recently come into being, a body of medical practitioners who call themselves Cosmetic Surgeons, without having undergone the rigor of formal plastic surgical training and accreditation. They may be General Practitioners who have done NON-ACCREDITED training in some of the cosmetic techniques or other types of surgeons who have decided to sidestep their own specialty and enter into this field. There is also a body of cosmetic surgeons that call themselves Facial Plastic Surgeons, this unfortunately misleads patients into thinking that they are qualified plastic surgeons, which they are not. This is not to say that the above surgeons cannot or should not perform cosmetic surgery, it is simply being highlighted that there are distinctions to be made between the levels of training that lies behind these titles. This confusing situation need not cause patients alarm at **** clinic as *** is a fully qualified specialist in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery."

With ENT surgeons, you're not dealing with a FULLY accredited plastic surgeon. Make sure are fully accredited is my advice.
Dr John Harlock

Dr john harlock is the worlds worst rhinoplasty surgeon. Stay away from him.

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