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5 Days ago I had a tumescent liposuction procedure...

5 Days ago I had a tumescent liposuction procedure followed by Slim Lipo treatment (the doctor used a combination). The procedure was done on my abdomen.

Only 5 days after treatment so difficult to rate yet. However, the care I have received so far has been good and the doctor is very thorough.

I understand swelling and bruising can last several weeks, but is it normal for the swelling to travel to the groin area? I can understand gravity kind of taking over, but I have minor swelling to the groin area and the bruising has spread pretty significantly to my... yep, you guessed it. Try your best to resist the urge to make a "blue balls" joke, but my scrotum is literally blue.

I'm not too concerned yet because there is no pain, but is this typical?

Updated: Jan 24, 2010

I had a combination of tumescent lipo and Slim Lipo on 12/17/2009. The procedure was performed on my lower and upper abdomen, as well as my love handles.

I should note that I don't consider myself a very typical case for this procedure. I'm a 23 year old male, and I lost close to 100 pounds about 8 years ago. I lost it very rapidly (over the course of about 7 months). The result was very loose skin in certain areas, especially my lower abdomen. For the past 4 years I have been working out pretty regularly, but would never see results in the abdomen because the skin had lost all elasticity. Hence, this procedure.

The doctor considered me a good candidate for this procedure, but admitted he has to be a little creative to get optimal results (haha, that's reassuring to here from your doc). What he meant was, what I had remaining was not a lot of fat; just skin. He still feels optimal results would come through if he removed some of the fat with traditional tumescent lipo, and then immediately use the Slim Lipo for the remainder and to promote the eventual skin tightening.

The tumescent lipo came first. Admittedly, no real pain; just discomfort. Even the needles to administer initial local anesthesia did not hurt. He didn't do tumescent on my upper abdomen (just the lower and love handles), because there was not as much fat here. Then, he did Slim Lipo to remove a little more (including the upper), and to heat up the skin to promote skin tightening. In total, he removed a modest 400 cc's of fat in total.

He took some pictures before he wrapped me up, and I could already see the results as far as shape. Wrapped me up and I went home. I had a long drive home (almost 2 hours) and the anesthesia eventually wore off to some extreme pain. The pain felt like it was mostly coming from the incision sites where holes were punched in the skin. Got home, got some painkillers and felt better. I drained a lot of fluid that night. The doctor advised we take off the compression garment that night and try to squeeze out the remainder of the fluid so that swelling/bruising are as minimal as possible. Be warned: when you first take the compression garment off, you will get light-headed. We were warned of this, but I literally fainted in the shower. Not fun, but it can happen.

By Day 3, the swelling and bruising really started to kick in. You look a LOT worse before you start to look better; you just need to be patient. The bruising subsided after about 2 full weeks, but the swelling remains significantly longer. At 5 weeks, I no longer look swollen, but I can still feel some swelling under the skin. The doctor told me to expect swelling for the first 2 months, and skin tightening around the 3rd-4th month.

I'm currently 5 weeks after the procedure. I feel with my case it's too early to tell if I think it was worth the price. The shape of my abdomen definitely looks better, no doubt about it. However the tightening is not quite there yet, and I'm not certain it will be. I am still seeing rapid progress, but the skin that remains (although there is not as much to "grab") is still very loose. As I said, I am still rather early and many say skin tightening occurs through month 6. I am confident that I will get better, but not positive I will be where I was hoping. Either way, I feel that the Doctor was very thorough and did a very good job with what my situation is. I will keep this updated as I progress. My next follow up is the first week in February.

To summarize, at 5 weeks I'm at a stage where the shape of my abdomen looks significantly better, but the "texture" is not where I want. You can notice the positive results to the shape by examining the 5 weeks side shot, but see the looseness to the texture in the 5 weeks front shot. Again, tightening supposedly takes a while, so we'll see.

Pictures below:

Hey all! Sorry I have been horribly slacking...

Hey all!

Sorry I have been horribly slacking on updating this thing, but I still receive questions from many who are interested in the procedure and my results in particular. Now that I have a new digital camera, I am happy to provide you guys with an update.

It has been just about 12 and a half months since my procedure, so my results have definitely stabilized to the point where I can evaluate them and critique my own results.

As I started to describe in my last update, the results for me were primarily seen in the contour of my abdomen and lower back. As for tightening, I do not believe to have a substantial benefit. However, because there is less fat and it is contoured nicely, it is less noticeable than it was before. It has progressed to the point where I am definitely much happier and more confident having done the procedure. As for tightening, I know a doctor who says that it would take a minor skin excision to rid of the final excess skin that I get hung up over. I do not currently plan on pursuing this, but it remains an option.

When I stand tall, you would not know that I lost 100 pounds in my past. It's when I lean slightly or more than you start to notice an unnatural "fold" best described (in gross terms) as a light "flap" or wrinkle of skin. I took one picture to demonstrate slightly, but this is only a mild form of it.

As for scarring, the tiny little scars have all but completely faded. I went to Cancun 2 and a half months after my procedure and no one raised an eyebrow... no questions about scars, whether I had something done, nothing.

I added new pictures and feel free to comment/ask questions. Since my procedure I have continued my healthy eating habits and workout routines, and that is a big part of maintaining great results.

Dr. Neil Goodman

Extremely thorough, good care, excellent track record, performs procedure daily and has done more abdomens than most in his field.

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