Afraid How It Will Look Like After Removing Huge Implants Without Lift - Moscow, Russia

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Hi, everyone. I've got my implants 3 years...

Hi, everyone. I've got my implants 3 years ago, but today I can't tell why I did it. I was stupid, dependent on others people opinion. During these 3 years I had 2 surgeries to correct the result. I was depressed. I feel them all the time. I'm tired to wear them, it's painfull. Few months ago my partner told me that she can't see my tears because of it & I went to my PS to speak about the possible result of explantation.

I don't have kids yet & breastfeeding, so, in this case my PS doesn't want do any reduction. I don't want it also, cause I know, it will be awful for me. I don't want additional scares on my breasts. My implants are huge, 410cc. I tried to find the similar cases of explantation without lift, but I couldn't. I know, my look will get a lot of questions from my friends, like "where did you lost your tits?" Don't know what to do. May be everything is not so horrible as it seems to me. Later I will load photos, but I don't have any photo before.

Hi everyone! I've just realized, that I hadn't...

Hi everyone! I've just realized, that I hadn't described my breast size.
So, I found some pics, where you can compare before & after.
Before I had 32C, right after the surgery it became 32H!!! It was horrible! Realy! With time it became 34D (it was last year, after I've lost 3kg). But now my size is 32DD, which wants to be 34E((((
I was disappointed with the surgery right after I've waked up after it. And when the next day my anaesthesiologist has come to me to check me up, he said: "Hey, when we saw you on the table, everyone's said "wow!" At this moment I felt so bad myself!!!
I also had 2 additional surgeries, later I'll tell about them.
My surgery will be as soon as it possible, hope, it will be next mounth.

My surgery will be in May 22. Scared. Hope,...

My surgery will be in May 22. Scared. Hope, everything will be fine.

I'm nervous. Today I spoke with friends. Can't...

I'm nervous. Today I spoke with friends. Can't stop thinking what I will look like...

Sorry to have been away for so long, I'm on a...

Sorry to have been away for so long, I'm on a vacation now.
Well, what can I tell? Nothing good, ladies. To say the truth, I hoped that it won't be look so damaged, ruined & frightening.
As the result of the surgery I have 2 new scars, 8-10cm each, which are two fingers lower than my breasts. So, I don't know how to describe, but the scars are on my ribs. And my new lower line of breasts are higher, than it was before all the surgeries.
PS says that she can do lipofilling in lower part, I don't want to.
The upper part looks like before, nothing has changed, but the nipples look down.
Can't tell anything about the size, because the form of my breasts is more quadratic than rounded. I can't try on anuthing. Anyway, terrible scars will be seen.

1,5 years

Sorry that I didn't show you the result so long. Well, here we are...
Svetlana V. Gagarina

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