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I have always been active (running for over 20...

I have always been active (running for over 20 years) and I enjoy being fit and healthy. After giving birth to two children (whom I adore) and breast feeding them each for over 17 months, I was resigned to the fact that my breast would never recover. I am sad that they have become so soft. I worry about having too large of breast and want to maintain a natural look. I would like to love my breast again and to feel sexy. I do worry that I will hate it afterwards (because they are too big) and then I will be stuck with them. But I also miss having pretty, perky breasts. Some people say that you should allow yourself to age gracefully and in some ways I agree but no matter how I work out or watch my weight or take care of myself, I will not be able to change how my breast are now.

I have decided that I am not going to even worry...

I have decided that I am not going to even worry about the whole cc thing. My husband and I were disagreeing on what I ought to be considering and after further research I think it is not clear who cc translate over to me personally. My body type and rib cage etc are different and therefore it is difficult to process who this will look on me. Instead I am going to look at what I want to look like when this is done and print out pictures of what I like and allow the physician to determine the size in order to get that particular look. Hopefully, this is a smart plan of action! I have never disliked my size and I used to really like my breasts. What I don't like now is just that they have lost so much tissue and are no longer firm. I know that there will be a increase in size with BA but that is going to be a refilling of lost tissue. Just rambling..... hope no one minds. I can have my BA done as soon as October 4th but I am going to Texas for a conference on the 24th and my husband is concerned that this is too close and is worried about complications. So now I am looking at scheduling the surgery the first of November. Just enough time to make me obsessive and neurotic. LOL

Each day I am getting more comfortable with the...

Each day I am getting more comfortable with the idea of changing myself and my husband is beginning to enjoy the process as well. He was really against me having BA but he is beginning to understand why I want it and even seems a little excited about the process. I run 40-50 miles every week (even in snow and ice) and do circuit training 3 days a week. I can't not change my breast by working out or by losing weight (although I need to take a few pounds off). They are what they are now :( I have never been large breasted but I have always been so active that it didn't matter. They were small but perky and fit my body type really well. I absolutely do not regret breast feeding my children but I want to feel sexy again and do not want to see my breasts hang and sag. I wonder if you recover faster when you go with a small implant. I have read many reviews and it seems like the larger the implants the harder recovery one has. But maybe this is an incorrect observation.

I have been dragging my feet to make my...

I have been dragging my feet to make my appointment. I go from excited to think I am crazy to do this but I am going to make my appointment on Monday for the first full week of November. I know that this is a journey and I will continue to have many mixed feelings but I have to remember why I am even considering it and it is because I don't like the result of breastfeeding and aging on my breasts. I do think it will be motivating to be able to see pretty breasts on my body again. I wanted to post a side view shot of my very, pathetic saggy breasts. I will post after I make my appointment and then I will begin the countdown. I know the next 4 weeks will pass very quickly.

Appointment is made and I am going in tomorrow to...

Appointment is made and I am going in tomorrow to go over some pictures of what I want and what I do not want. Commitment is made :)

Had surgery yesterday and made it through the...

Had surgery yesterday and made it through the night. My chest is painfullest. I haven't even looked at the girls yet. I get to shower on Sunday. Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow. Will post pictures on Sunday.

I am feeling better... the first night was pretty...

I am feeling better... the first night was pretty challenging, I was sick and my chest really ached. Today, I went for a short walk and am getting more motion in my arms. I did unhook the compression bra and take a look at them and at the moment hate them! They are too big. I hope that there is a lot of swelling and that it will diminish. I get to take a shower tomorrow and that will feel pretty good. I have been icing and taking ibu. Most of what I have read is that they do reduce in size afterwards. I hope they reduce by a least one cup size.

I had a lot of anxiety last night. I was really...

I had a lot of anxiety last night. I was really regretting my surgery. I felt like they are just too big and I really had wanted something smaller. I am really hoping that once the swelling is reduced that they will be smaller. I took a shower this morning and that felt great. My husband washed my whole body and hair. I am going to walk for a couple of miles today. There isn't much pain although if I tense up a chest muscle it seems like it begins to spasm. I can feel the implant on the edges but overall feeling better. Day 1 was definetly the hardest and the most pain. I am no longer taking any pain medication just taking Insaid and antibiotic. There is a ton of bruising and hopefully that is going to diminish quickly.

What a strange experience this is emotionally! ...

What a strange experience this is emotionally! Today was a hard day. I worked from home for 6.5 hours and therefore was bent over a laptop most of the day and this is probably why I didn't feel great. I have been a bit sick today. My right breast hurts significantly more then my left breast. And the "zingers" have started. WOW. They are consistent in my right breast and happen if I strain my neck or breathe very deeply. I went for a mile walk today in the snow and they both ached and felt like rocks on my chest. I can't wait for this to get better. I didn't really expect it to be this uncomfortable (so surprise). I also slowly did some slow arm movements for 5 minutes or so just to get some range of motion back. I see the PS tomorrow and will begin massage. I am dreading it a little. My right breast is so uncomfortable. When do they stop feeling so heavy and like rocks hanging off your chest?

Each day is getting better. I am still taking...

Each day is getting better. I am still taking IBU, to reduce swelling. Life is beginning to get back to normal and I am doing normal things. I am driving and went back to work on Post op day 7. I have been massaging and my breast are feeling okay. I still have morning boob each morning and they still ache and feel a bit heavy. But each day I am getting more used to them. I am still sleeping upright and will continue to until I see the PS on Tuesday (hopefully I can begin sleeping in bed) I am missing sleeping with my husband. My right breast still aches and I have a lot of pain that radiates from underneath and is always originating from the same spot (I am trying not to worry about this) I am sure that it is normal and to be expected (I hope). Last week my PS retaped my right breast because he didn't like the fold and you can see this in the pictures. I still have a bunch of bruising, although it is significantly better than last week. I think they are looking much better than my 3 days post op pictures. I am amazed at how normal they looked right from the get go. My husband likes them and I love that they are not saggy ;)

I am 21 days Post op and I am going back to...

I am 21 days Post op and I am going back to surgery next Wednesday. As you can tell from my recent pictures I am having a slight problem of my right breast and crease not being in the same place as my left. My PS is going to put incision into the muscle and hopefully it will seal closed and form scar tissue and hold the crease in the same place as lefty. My right breast has been a little troublesome since the beginning. I am a little nervous. I was feeling so good and even considering running again this week. My PS told me that this will be painful (I am not looking forward to that!)

What I am having done on Wednesday is called,...

What I am having done on Wednesday is called, "Lifting the Inframammary Fold without an incision."

Just arrived home from the revision surgery. ...

Just arrived home from the revision surgery. Doing okay right now will post more later. I have just taken my first dose of Demerol and I'm on the couch. I think this is going to turn out nicely. My fingers are crossed and I think dr. Stiller is a fabulous surgeon and I think he is a genius! Although, he is so busy, I feel lucky to have him as my surgeon!

I showered today and it felt fabulous. I picked...

I showered today and it felt fabulous. I picked up the kitchen and started the dishwasher. Progress is slow, definetly resembles the first time as far as movement. The first night was more intolerable than the original BA, days 2 was much better than original and morning of Day 3 was miserable (I think I just did too much the night before) and I slept in bed which was the wrong choice. The sutures shouldn't leave any scar and although the sutures will be in for 9 months before they dissolve I ought to feel better next week. It is hard to think that it has set me back quite a while for running but the weather is crappy so I guess this is as good of time as any to do this.

I am seven weeks from initial BA and 3 weeks after...

I am seven weeks from initial BA and 3 weeks after revision. I am beginning to feel good (not great) but good. Today, is one of the worst days in about a week, I must have overdone it. It feels like the sutures are slicing through my skin, I see the surgeon on Monday and I am sure that he is going to say everything is looking good. I don't have any high aspirations that he is going to release me to run but I need to begin walking consistently anyway. I have gone from running 50 miles a week to nothing. My poor dog and my poor mental state ;) I think they are looking good and I have times that I really love them and then times where I don't. I think this is normal. It is good to go back and look at the original and then I am pleased. I think that I wanted perfect and need to wrap my brain around the idea that they weren't perfect to begin with, so they are not going to be perfect afterwards. So, on the path to recovery and they stitches will dissolve in 7 months and 1 week. Just seems around the corner. LOL

Life is pretty normal. I began running two weeks...

Life is pretty normal. I began running two weeks ago and last week began circuit training again. Push ups feel strange but not painful and if I wear a sportsbra that is too tight I can feel the implants rub on my rib cage. I like how my breasts look and I feel sexy. They did not turn out too big and in retrospect I shouldn't have worried so much in the beginning. Sometimes, I think they look perfect, then I think they are too big and then sometimes I think I should have gone bigger. Crazy! I am learning how to dress with the new "assets" and I have bought some new swimming suits. I have been wearing underwire bra's for some time now and I am consistently a 36D. Most of the new bra's I have purchased don't sit flush in the middle. It is odd! It is raised and I don't feel like they fit perfectly under the breasts. The underwire rubs a bit and there seems to big a large space in between my breasts.

Life is normal, again! I even forget that they...

Life is normal, again! I even forget that they were augmentated sometimes. I am back to all my normal activities skiing, running and circuit training! I even have boob greed and catch myself wishing they were a size bigger. Never thought that would be me!!!!! On my way to Mexico for a week in the sun and bikini's. I am a 36D in Victoria secrets and I think approx a 34D/36C in other bra's. depends on the bra's. I think I look much more proportional and they are perky! And that is what I wanted!

One year and four months

Next week, I'm going in for a procedure called fat grating. My surgeon is going to liposuction my upper thighs and graft the fat around my breasts. I love my new breasts (and can't believe this but I wish I would have gone 1/2 cup larger). By fat grafting this will allow me to increase about 1/2 size or slightly more. I think my breasts look so natural and no one would ever know that I have implants. I am a bit nervous because I can't believe I'm messing with something that is pretty good. But my surgeon is amazing and I'm sure the results would be fabulous. I will post picture after I get it done.

Before fat grafting

Fat grafting

Received fat grafting to augment my previously augmented breasts. I love how they look right now but I know that they will reduce in size over the next month. I can bring myself to post a picture of my outer thighs where he took the fat out. It is scary looking! Slight discomfort but I haven't taken anything. Might take some ibuprofen and Valium to sleep tonight but planning on going to work tomorrow. Will keep everyone posted on how this progresses. Pretty excited right now. And not even close to asuch pain as the original breast augmentation. He put in 180cc into each breast and I think lipo only 400 cc from my outer thighs. Will know more detail when I see him on monday.

Before fat grafting

One week post fat grafting procedure

Everything looks pretty good. We won't know for sure how much of the fat will survive for another 4-5 weeks. Right now what is the most exciting for me is that you can no longer see the outline of the implant no feel it. It really looks quite natural. I think looking at the picture you almost cannot tell that I have had breast augmentation. My donor site is still pretty tender. He took 600cc out of my outer thighs and my banana roll. (Which I didn't even know I had, lol). He said themy legs will look fabulous in about a month. Right now they are bumpy and bruised. I have been walking and will begin slowly start exercising next week. He placed 180cc of my fat in each breast and although it was tender it was pretty manageable . Didn't take any pain medication other than ibuprofen but definetly a lot of tenderness in both donor site and recipient sight, I will add another photo in 4 weeks and will see if there are any changes
Dr. Stiller

Dr. Stiller removed a benign tumor from my right breast 4 years ago and is highly regarded in our community. Dr. Stiller is very responsive and he I feel very comfortable with his care. I really feel like he takes time and care and has all my best interests at heart.

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