Still Bruised 2 Weeks After Breast Surgery. Concerned It May Not Be Normal?

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A month and two weeks ago I had undergone my first...

A month and two weeks ago I had undergone my first surgery. My left breast was an A cup and my right breast was a C cup with premature sagging and a much bigger nipple as compared to my left breast. I am 19 years old and had first noticed this difference when I was 14. Since the age of 15, my breasts have stayed the same way so we finally decided it was best to take action. My plastic surgeon had informed me my surgery was tricky and that I would most likely need to undergo two separate surgeries. My first surgery, my plastic surgeon had slightly lifted my right breast and added a tiny implant and readjusted my nipple. On the left side (the smaller breast), he had inserted an implant to match the right side. We waited a month until my breast had healed.

At the end of that month, we noticed my right boob was still slightly a bit larger than my left (and was a different shape in general) and that it needed to be lifted more. My second surgery was 17 days ago. During my second surgery my left breast was not touched. Instead, my plastic surgeon had slightly reduced my left breast (of my natural breast tissue yet still kept the small implant he had originally inserted in the first surgery.) 17 days later and I am very happy with the size being that they are pretty much even except for the fact that my right breast is still extremely bruised which is why I cannot tell the complete outcome. I was wondering if my breast was normal considering it had all the surgeries it did in such a short time.

My right nipple turned completely black which my surgeon said was normal considering he readjusted the nipple for a second time. It slowly is peeling and he has instructed me to put this antibiotic ointment on it every day and a gauze pad over it. He had informed me it could take up to three months for my nipple to go back to normal. In addition to, my breast is still extremely bruised although I have been massaging it with a warm cloth over it and taking Arnica (the bruising tablets). I was hoping I could get feedback on whether my boob is normal with all the bruising and what not or if there is something wrong??? Also, parts of my right nipple tend to bleed a little but my surgeon said that is a good sign because it tells him my nipple is not dead.

I had went to my plastic surgeon and had found out...

I had went to my plastic surgeon and had found out I did have a hematoma in my right breast as I had expected. The first visit, he drained out 55 cc's of blood. I went back four days later, and he now drained out 30 cc's of blood.
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