A Dream Come True- New Pics Day 15- Somers, Australia

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I am a 48yrs young from down under with 3 grown...

I am a 48yrs young from down under with 3 grown children 31, 27 & 26. I am about 5ft 4 inch and weighing in at 68 kls. My weight has yo yo over the years but no amount of dieting or excersie would give me a flat stomach with out the loose skin. I have always dreamt of getting a TT for the last 31 to 26yrs but financially it wasn't on the agenda until NOW!!! I saved saved saved :)

My dream came to reality on the 15th of Oct 2012 Yay!!! I was not nervous in anyway and was prepared with the help of my wonderful PS Tim Brown and this forum!! You are all just fantastic ladies with some very familiar stories relating to your TT you all have been very helpful. I am in joyous relief to be finally rid of the so said Mummies Tummy that I am brought to tears with the thought of final looking normal and finally not ashamed to stand naked in front of my husband who blah blah blah always said he loves me for who I am, well i can tell you he is loving me a whole lot more. And ladies I did this for myself not for my husband or anyone else just me.

The thought of being able to wear a bikini for the first time in 31 years brings me to my knees!!! The thought of not having to worry if my shirt rides up and my hang fulls out on display like podgy playdough. Not worrying if anyone is noticing my bumps rolls and flab moving ungracefully under my gorgie dress and to be able to stand naked in front of a mirror and actually look at myself I mean really look at myself and be happy Oh the joy!!!!!!!! Only regret is that I did not get my TT much earlier!!!

15/10/12- Day-1- Yay the day has arrived and I am...

15/10/12- Day-1- Yay the day has arrived and I am just so excited to know by the end of the day my hang will be gone!!!! Checked in at Beleura Hospital at 7 am do the paper work then off to my new room awaiting op. All happens very quickly nurse comes in and takes my stats, followed by PS who then draws on me, followed by anesthetist to have a chat, then my PS assistant to take photos then on with the gown and off to surgery :) 9am by 10am I am wheeled to Theater bit of chit chat then out like a light. I wake up from a kiss to my forehead from my loving supportive husband and my daughter is standing behind I have no idea of time of anything I have tubes everywhere. They are so set on you not getting out of bed that they have inserted a catheter bliss!! oxygen tubes, salin drip, drainage tubes and a interveinis in my arm to allow them to pump antibiotic by the bucket load daily Oh and injections to the leg to prevent blood clotting and last but not least pain meds num num. This day races by and so does my memory!! Nite nite.
16/10/12- Day-2-Nurse come in take obs PS pops in and assures me that I will have an ironing board flat tummy.. Ooo I can feel the grin from ear to ear. 2 nurses come in and assist me out of bed which I found quite easy they remove the catheter out and shower time so the strip me and I get into a panic that they will see me naked until I see my self in the mirror for the first time since PO WOW!!! I look like Marylin Munro!!! not so embarrassed now Love it. I shower on my own wash my hair apply some make up put on some fresh PJs and I feel like a Million dollars. By late morning my gorgie tummy has turned into a massive watermelon!!! My thighs have swelled and bruising starts appearing my back feels light a Clydesdale has kick me with both hoofs. I just rest rest rest.
17/10/12 Day 3-PO- Not alot is happening pretty sleep deprived as I had suffered reflux all night and my back would not let up so tired. Nurses in and out taking obs my tummy has swollen even more I feel like I am being strangled in my garment I cannot seem to get lung fulls of air so they send a physio in to teach me breathing methods, how to cough and how to get in and out of bed with out using tummy muscles. I shower and worry about my ever so swollen belly.
18/10/12 Day-4-PO Today is the day of my discharge from the hospital :) I wake at 4.30am with the need to have a BM 7.30am I finally get off from the loo after 3hrs!!!!! One word HELL!!!!! With everything to do regarding this op the BM is the worst I think i will need to speak to my PS regarding my Poo tubes as I think its never going to be the same again!!!! Ochy mumma!!!! My husband comes to pick me up and off home I go with strict instructions that I am to stay bed rested!!!! No raising of heart rate for the next 4 weeks!!!! Rest Rest Rest and more rest is what is prescribed so my husband has brought every shape pillow he could find and has fluffed up my bed which is just heaven. He has books in place movies at the ready and a firm warning that i ONLY get out of bed for a pee. My swelling and bruising has not gone down but up. Pain wise is good I am not taking any pain killers as I never want to go through a BM like I did I just drink down stool softening meds.
19/10/12 Day 5- PO- Very uneventful girls!!! I am doing as told rest rest rest with a double dose of more rest. My pain is really non exsistant just feels like a bad period pain Swelling is up and bruising spreading. I have bruising half way down my legs as well. Rest rest rest and more rest but feeling good Just want my swelling to go down.
20/10/12- Day- 6-PO- Same as Day 5 :) Just want to see my tummy looking less swollen.
21/10/12- Day-7-PO same as above. I do want to do a little more but I had big warning rest rest rest as moving around is not going to help the swelling.
22/10/12-Day-8-PO same as above rest rest rest
23/10/12 Day 9-PO- Today is my visit with my PS since leaving the Hospital. I must say I enjoy being out of the house for a nice drive but every bump in the road takes its toll on my tummy. My PS and staff are really surprise and how I am walking up straight (slow) but up straight and they say to look at I look great. PS said that yes I did have excessive swelling and bruising but everyone is different My PS assure my husband and myself that we aint seen nothing yet as its early days but under that swelling and bruising is a flat gorgie tummy :) So bloody excited. My PS also stressed that week 3 and 4 are the danger weeks. He said that by this time you are feeling better so you want to do more but what you do is un do alot of healing and reduce the progress of reduce swelling. PS said you MUST treat week 3-4 like 1-2. My husband was concerned about an up and coming engagement party that we have to travel 3 hrs for but PS gave the all clear and said go and enjoy just no standing long periods no dancing and rest. So guess what off I go home to do some more resting!!!! You know I have to remember I didnt spend a total of $17,000 to be silly and not do what is required and to try and rush this progress so I will behave for the next few weeks and rest rest rest.
24/10/12- Day 10-PO Well nothing eventful happening I am just resting resting resting I did howecer take some pics so I will up date my Photos :) Swelling is going down bruising is going Rest rest rest girls.
25/10/12 Feeling heaps better but I must bear in mind that I am to rest rest rest and not get ahead of my self . So todays plan rest rest rest. I may go out into the garden and cut some flower for the vase otherwise read a book write a letter watch a movie Yay me!!!!!!!!

Tips for the TT Make sure you have done all your...

Tips for the TT
Make sure you have done all your homework on suitable PS ( Cheaper is not always better) Old saying if you pay peanuts you end up with chimpanzees.
Prepare for your recovery most important!!! You have to rest rest and more rest to help with pro long swelling, so you have no issues with your scar area.
Required is 2 weeks of solid rest with just very short walk. You are not to elevate your heart rate in the first 4 weeks. No excessive for 4 weeks. No heavy lifting this includes your children. Wear you compression garment 24/7 for 6 weeks. If you cannot to commit to the above then why waste your money on something you may not be happy at the end result
Do not exceed codeine trace medication if you can help it as it will bowel you up and the experience of having a BM will be
shattering. Take a stool softening medication.
Nurefen is a good pain relief with out the side affects.
Everyone is different and recovery differently. Some bruise and swell more than others. The actually pain when having a TT and muscles sewn back into place is not to bad its like a bad period pain. It is more uncomfortable. Its hard to breath so learn from the beginning to take deep breaths in and slowly release. Do not use your tummy muscles to get up and down. Crunching yourself up into a ball help before getting up or down.
Prepare your room. Lots of pillows in triangle form and so forth.
Have plenty to read, watch and write.
Remember 6 weeks of rest out of your life is not much when you consider the outcome. Hang in there.
Wish you all the best of luck xxxxx Charmaine Day 10-PO TT and muscles sewn back into place

29/10- Today is 2 weeks PO Yay I am feeling alot...

29/10- Today is 2 weeks PO Yay I am feeling alot better but know I must still rest. I have very little pain and I can feel life starting again in the top of my legs and stomach :) feels like electric currents. My scar seems to be healing nicely and I get my stitches removed on Thursday. The Swelling is still there and my stomach above my scar is rock hard?? I feel like I am pregnant and I keep rubbing it Like a pregnant lady!!! What is this??? I thought the swelling was suppose to be soft?? My left side is more swollen than my right and I do eat less as I feel fuller quicker which I suppose is a good thing. I feel this whole process is a long one so all TT peeps need to be patient this is what I keep telling myself. My Ps said I must treat the next 2 weeks like the first if I go doing to much cause I am feeling better then my swelling will me more and I will put back recovery time. I am so blessed to have a amazing supportive family!!! My husband treats me like a princess and my daughter who mind you is 16 weeks pregnant and tired is keeping our house sparkling clean Thankyou Chantell xxxx Love them because with out there support my recovery would be hard. Cannot wait to get out and about but the sun is shining here in Oz so I think I might grab a book and gets some Rays so happy Healing ladies xxxxxxxxxxxxx Charmainexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

29/10 Can anyone tell me if you pee more after a...

29/10 Can anyone tell me if you pee more after a TT cause I feel like I am never off the loo????

30/11- Day 13 PO- Feeling good!!!!!! But I must...

30/11- Day 13 PO- Feeling good!!!!!! But I must remember my PS said this would happen and I will get the urge to do more, but I am sticking to his advise and treating it like week 1-2 ho hum. But is doing what he says reduces the swell well so be it!!! For the first time since I was 17 I have a long torso with a waist OMG love it!!!!!! my stomach is still swollen so not getting the flat wash board tummy that I so dream for but early days yet :) I am willing to wait and be a good girl to get the results. The Sun is shining again 30 today so I have to find somewhere comfortable to lay and read a book and soak in some Rays. Yesterday I found it really hard to find a comfy area to soak in the rays!!! The deck chairs were to upright so couldn't nod off. I then arranged a heap of cushions out flat on the deck but I found laying flat stretched out was pulling my tummy and was uncomfortable then to get up from the low flat line position was a nightmare but funny if you were an observer. The hammock to hard to get out of so I was left with the couch that was undercover :( so no rays but comfy at least. Today I will make it a mission to find somewhere in the sun and yes I will slip, slop, slap with sunscreen as the last thing I would want is sunburn which cause fluid = swelling. Any way ladies Good luck to all the gorgie girls having Ops today and happy healing for the rest of you and Rest, Rest, Rest my loves xxxxxx Charmaine Will post some new pics real soon xxxx

31/10 - Day 16 My thoughts are with all the NY...

31/10 - Day 16 My thoughts are with all the NY going through this terrible act of Nature. Keep strong. Happy healing ladies and Good luck to the TT going in today xxxxx

Well 3 & 1/2 weeks PO- 7/11/12- Not alot of change...

Well 3 & 1/2 weeks PO- 7/11/12- Not alot of change. I did however attend an engagement on the weekend it was a 3 hr drive and by the time we got there I started to swell and by the evening I look 5 mths pregnant!!!! Once back in the comfort of my own home I have rested no stop and the swelling has finally reduced!!! Still swollen but no where as bad as I was :) I think the whole TT takes a while before the swelling goes and dosnt come back. Happy healing TT xxx
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

I rate my PS with the highest as he was all the above and more. I knew of others that had used Tim Brown and seen his handy work and was impressed. The cost was average for Aus you do get what you pay for and when it comes to your health you do not take short cuts. After the first consultant with Tim he asked me to do him a favor by growing a bikini line as you do not want to have pubic hair growing out of your belly. I ask Tim if he wanted a 70s or 80s style and he replied not 70s I don't want to be scared 80s will do hahaha so I knew he had a great sense of humor. You also have to add in the cost of the hospital stay & garment so total 17,000

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