5'4", 119lbs, 32AA, 28yrs Old, No Kids - Morgantown, WV

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While I was researching this procedure I did a lot...

While I was researching this procedure I did a lot of googling and came across this site. I have read a bit of everything, even some very sad and scary ex-plant stories as well as some sad implant stories. Not going to lie, it definitely turned me off wanting to get implants for a while that's for sure. Through all my googling and research I was able to come up with some great questions for my first consultation. I scheduled this consult with a very reputable and well known local surgeon. From what I had read on his site I found comfort in the fact that the health and safety of his patients comes first and after speaking with him I found out that he preformed the most breast aug surgeries in our area. Dr. McClellan is easy to talk to and his office manager Becky is amazing! I instantly loved them both. The first part of this meeting was with the doctor he sat with me and answered all of my questions and I answered his, he explained that he interviews his patients as they are doing the same to him. He would not want to take on a patient he considers a poor candidate. Turns out I'm a great candidate with no health issues, no major bad habits that could effect the outcome and physically fit. I explained that I want to look natural, no "bazooka boobs" for me. I barely fill a 32A and maybe a full B or C would look good?
The doc stepped out allowing me to change into one of those papery tops with the opening at the front. He came back in with Becky who would be my main contact before, during and after the procedure. He took measurements and and held up some implants to my breasts to get an idea of which might be the best size for my frame, also taking into account my somewhat narrow hips. He recommended a range of 275cc's to 325cc's, though he started to think that 300cc's was definitely my "sweet spot" as far as how they would fit me.
After the measurements the doc left so I could put on my sports bra to try on some implants with Becky's assistance and valued opinion.... it was so much fun and I had to laugh because I got to remove the padding I have in every bra I currently own, I won't need padding for very much longer :).

Surgery is scheduled mod silicone plus

My surgery is scheduled for August 15th! I did so after I made sure it worked for moms schedule too since she will be my main nurse. Boyfriend will be around, but I need my mama. Almost immediately after scheduling I felt remorse kinda like I made a huge mistake (buyers remorse?) and I contemplated just cancelling and losing my down payment. It took about four more days to get into a positive mindset and now I am happy and excited about my decision to make this change for me... absolutely cannot wait until the big day!
My contact, Becky, was able to get me in touch with a former patient to speak to about her experience and it was so nice to hear from someone who had been in my current position. Her only wish was that she had done hers sooner so that was comforting. I also was out on the boat this weekend and met a woman who turns out is married to my boyfriends buddy and she had hers done two years ago by my surgeon, go figure! She is beautiful all around and her two year old assets just add a little something extra. She started flat like me and got 320cc's which is right around where I want to be. I can only hope to have the outcome that she walked away with. Side note: she may be going even bigger in August since she had now "stretched out" enough to take a larger implant.

Pre op photos

So I just wanted to add some photos I already have of how I look in clothes. I am athletic and petit with boobs to match. Love getting dressed up, going boating, running races , etc.... I just want to look and feel sexier/more womanly while I do it all :-).

Arrived at day 6!

I had my procedure on the morning of Monday August 15th, I took the rest of the week off, started as a 32AA, got 325cc's silicone mod plus in each breast inserted through inframary fold. My mother came into town to care for me during this week.
Right before going under I met my nurse that would prep me and monitor me before could leave following surgery. The procedure took about 1.5 hrs. I had to eat two small packets of crackers and drink a bit of water without throwing up before leaving. I was successful but I had terrible dry mouth so the mix of crackers and water made for a paste tough to get down. I heard it was common following the procedure. I only needed my pain med on Monday and Tuesday, then only had a couple Tylenol since then for very mild discomfort due to tightness across my chest. The bloating was truly the worst part of recovery. I drank miralax four times starting on Tuesday and it was too mild and then I used milk of magnesia once and that did the trick on Thursday but my "number 2" was not normal until Saturday.
I had zero bruising, Tuesday I threw up three times right after my nausea patch was removed at the docs for my follow up visit. I was already nauseated from the car movement getting there.
I iced a lot and I mean a lot, per the surgeons instructions. I definitely recommend it but listen to what your PS says.
On that note research and find someone who you are very comfortable with. For me that meant someone who listens and does what's right based on the well being and uniqueness of each patient. His priority is the safety and health of the patient and working toward a realistic outcome. I didn't had "wish pics" because I can only look like me. Even if I got the same size as someone else my body and features are still my own. I just wanted to feel more feminine, fill clothing out more, be in proportion to the rest of my body.


Back to the gym

I was cleared to start working out close to my four week mark even running! :-)
A few things I need to continue to stay away from are push ups, pull ups and lifting over 15lbs.

Softer everyday

Ran 3miles this morning and it's feeling so much more natural! I think my left breast has come down a bit more to match my right but my nipples will never be even, love them anyway????.

37 days since surgery

I absolutely love my new breasts! My left one has finally evened out with my right side and they are feeling more pillowy.... if you can't tell I'm just having a really good boob day and wanted to share.

About 5 Months Post Op

I still love my enhanced breasts and having fun with new styles. My confidence is higher and they feel like a part of me :). I've gotten new bathing suites for this coming summer (I'll share one here), can't wait to wear them all! I felt like a bombshell on New Years in a very sexy dress, I think i shocked a few people. Haven't had any rude comments, just support from friends and family. My scars are looking good and I feel like they've settled all around,
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