30 Yrs Old Can't Lose the Gut or Get the Butt After 4 Littles - Morelia Michoacan, Mexico

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I'm currently 175 lbs and at 5'2" it's all in my...

I'm currently 175 lbs and at 5'2" it's all in my middle.the doctor plans on doing lipo of back arms and chin and grafting it into my trunk :) also a full tummy tuck with muscle repair...3 months later a breast lift with possible implant.. excited had blood work today and Monday I go in for scheduling around 1st week in June...I'm sooooooo excited I deserve this and can not wait I can not believe this is becoming a reality...I've researched lots of docs in the area and I am beyond confident with whom I've chosen here in mexico:)

30 days a way...nervous and excited :)

well blood work showed I am hypothyroid wich explains alot since my son was born 11 mos ago it's been tough to lose any weight..so I gotta get in with the endocrinologist on the tenth n begin treatment before my ps wants to do anything..but he has cleared June 30th for the big day and he reassured me that yes hell do a lil lipo on the triple chin as well

ughhh....fingers crossed that all goes well

my thyroid doctor wants to be sure my levels are ok before he gives the green light. I'm still scheduled for the 30th but take labs again on the 27th to make sure I'm stable on the thyroid before hell allow it...so waiting patiently praying I can still keep my date...

getting excited and nervous at the same time.

got a lil over a week to go and it's settling in but I'm more than ready...I'm feeling more anxious then scared :) it's a big surgery..hope everything goes well

3 days post op

This faja is making it hard to breath...ive just been releast from two nights in hosputal and feel like ive litterally been hit by a bus

couple hours after surgery

feeling a bit better .....i got this :)

Well im on day four after surgery and my bum is sore and the chin strap from the lipo is a bit irritating but its defenately not unbareable....cant wait to see final results...

new pics

Still cant believe this is my flat stomach?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting better little by very little

Well im on day 5 recovery full tummy tuck and body lipo....and things are getting betyer my pain is subsidining from the lipo but my mobility is still limited


Oh yah i couldnt help my laughing fit i had earlier and the more i tried to hold it in the funnier the thing became....now i feel like i have my stomach in a knot :(

day 9 post op

Welp im defenately feeling better..getting my appitite back. Got the pesky drains out yesterday and lots of lipo stitches---one of whick was right on the cocxy idk how to spell but tail bone yah i yelped like a puppy when he snipped that one lol maybe tmi...all in all im uncomfortable but getting better...the doc did a lil lipo on my female parts thats really killing me....heading for somekind of ultrasound massage thereapy im noyt good at spanish so my doc ordered it n im going...

11 days post

Can finally get in and out of bed myself ok....my drain site leaking off and on.....a lil frustrated that this isnt healing fast enough....been going to ultrasonic therapy....

feeling better 12 days post :)

Ben scooting aling well today...ive been to walmart and everything..i just ate too much chicken n veggie (homemade-low salt) soup nthought id un button the faja for a minute..ill post the pic i feel im comming along nicely as i am going to ultrasonic thereapy and i do believe its helping.

another pic


Well im rounding about 3 weeks post op...i still get achey and tired at night my belly button is oozing who knows what but its not infected..i weighed myself and im down ten pounds which is pretty nice i just hope once i can start excersizing it will be more that i lose....i have my follow up with doc on monday cant wait because i dont know it looks like he grafted my butt fat waaaaaaay to high and i still have little cheeks its just strange looking :(

almost full month post op

Well im feeling better cant fully bend over or stand straight but im getting there....still swelling here n there...this diet change is hard at times...i also started strolling around the block.heres a new pic from today


Im down about 8 kilos or 16 lbs since surgery so what they removed is startingto show on the scale plus my stomach cant hold much

started gym today

Well i hopped on the elliptical and treadmill today. It felt good. But im super bloated and not looking right..kinda sad. Anyone with advise..??

pics of bloat?.?.


as you can see my problem area is only middle and back side I'm not very overweight it's all in the middle...this is what the doc wants to take off

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