Tummy Tuck after 200lb weight loss - Morehead City, NC

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I hope you have your reading glasses on! Haha! So...

I hope you have your reading glasses on! Haha! So 6 years ago I made a decision - the decision to change my life for the better. I weighed just under 400 lbs and was only 26. I had carried around all of that weight for far too long. Life in general was hard, I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without being winded for 15 minutes. I couldn't walk for more than 10 minutes without my back screaming at me - like I said life was hard. So instead of sitting around complaining and wishing things were different, I decided to make it different. I started going to the gym and eating super healthy. I completely removed processed food, carbs, soda and sugar (except for natural sources such as fruit and veggies) from my diet. I went to the gym religiously 6 days a week for 2 hours a day. Long story short, a year later I had shucked 215 lbs. And before you ask, no I didn't have gastric bypass or any type of weight loss surgery. All it took was a little, okay well maybe a lot of hard work and dedication. After the initial weight loss I focused on weight lifting, circuit workouts and I found Krav Maga. 6 months later I had gained 15lbs in muscle. I looked leaner, and felt better than ever. A year after that I became a personal trainer and Krav Maga instructor. Hey, the fat girl becoming a personal trainer and KM instructor?! Who would have ever thought that was in my future? Not me that is for sure. But, sometimes life throws you unexpected surprises that end up being just what you needed. That is what being a personal trainer and Krav Maga instructor have been to me - an unexpected surprise that was exactly what I needed. I think it is my one true calling in life - helping people find their way; whether it is through leading a healthier life or learning to defend themselves.

So for the past few years I have trained in Krav Maga, taught Krav Maga, spent several hours at the gym training and several more hours training clients. End of the day it didn't matter how much I trained, how much time I dedicated to working out, how many sit ups, planks and abdominal exercises I did, how healthy I ate - I just felt fat. Funny right? I dropped 200 lbs and still felt fat. Why? Because all I saw every time I looked in the mirror or at a picture of myself was this discusting skin hanging off my stomach. My arms were tone, my legs were tone, and somewhere under all that excess skin hanging off my belly I was sure I had a 6 pack - but that didn't matter. The skin was what mattered. Honestly I felt more comfortable with my body before I lost the weight than I did after. I know that might not make a bunch of sense, but it's the truth. Before I didn't sag, before my skin didn't hang down to the floor when I did a push up. After the weight loss it did and it was HORRIBLE.

In August I moved to North Carolina and decided I was finally going to get my tummy tuck. Screw it! I was done feeling fat, I was done being grossed out every time I looked in the mirror. I put in the work, and it was time for my body to match up with that work - enough was enough. Settling in took a little longer than I expected and didn't have my 1st tummy tuck consult until the end of September. I saw multiple plastic surgeons who basically all told me the same thing - the only way the skin would go away was to get a tummy tuck. Yep, knew that much.

My consult journey was a nightmare. One surgeon spent 30 minutes pulling and tugging on my skin, telling me that my case was very complicated and he didn't know how much he could help me. He had 4 ladies in the office during my consult, I felt like some kind of circus freak and left his office mortified.

Another surgeon brought his assistant in to go over pictures with me. She was one of the rudest people I have ever met in my life. She shared personal life details about their clients, and only showed me 2 pictures. When I asked to see more pictures and some before pictures (because folks it is really hard to tell how good the after pictures are without seeing the before pictures) and told her I didn't feel comfortable with all the details she was giving me, she got very rude and defensive. After showing me the whopping 2 pictures and proclaiming how wonderful the doctor was she proceeded to tell me that they needed to cut all the way around my back to remove my "back fat". That's funny because the doctor said no such thing. Anyway, after dealing with his assistant whom he referred to as his right hand woman I wouldn't even consider having him do the surgery. I left his office so pissed off I was shaking. Took it upon myself to call and make a formal complaint against her and left a bad review on their facebook page. The next day I had the office manager call me offering to give me $1,000 off the procedure if I removed my bad review - I said no. The next day they called again, offering me $1,500 off. To date they have called me 5 times and have flagged my review for removal 10 times. Now that is a place I would want to work with! NOT.

There were a couple more consults that were pretty inconsequential. Nothing to write home about. The doctors were okay, their staff was okay and that was it.

Insert Dr. Klainer. Ironically, he was the first consult I had. I wanted to have him do my tummy tuck from day 1, but my husband made me promise not to go with the 1st doctor I liked, so I held my end of the bargain and embarked on the horrible consult journey. After I met with all of the other surgeons I immediately called Dr. Klainer's office back. The decision was 99% made at that point, but I asked if they could send me a few more pictures - really just to make the hubby happy. What I got back from Dr. Klainer was an email that said he was not comfortable sending me pictures via email, but he would be more than happy to show me more pictures if I stopped by his office. That email totally sealed the deal. The fact that he wouldn't send them over the internet said a lot to me about his character - I immediately called his office, told his secretary I didn't care about the pictures and that I l wanted to schedule my surgery.

When I went in for my preop, Dr. Klainer showed up with pictures in hand and lots of them. Was absolutely not necessary at that point, as he was going to be my surgeon regardless of what the additional pictures looked like, but he brought them anyway. And that has been my experience with Dr. Klainer since day one - he has continually went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. He never seems rushed, and always has time to answer my questions or return my emails.

The day of surgery I was nervous. Although if you ask my husband or the doctor they may tell you different. Dr. Klainer came in and I was immediately at ease. The way he conducts himself is amazing. He is confident, yet not cocky. Informative yet not condensending. Anyway, he drew some lines on my stomach, told me what he was going to do and that I would wake up with a flat stomach. I wasn't nervous anymore, I was excited. A few hours later I woke up, the doc came to check on me, told me all went well and sent me home. I ended up sending him an email that night - my garment didn't feel right and well yeah. He called me shortly after and told me he would squeeze me into the office the next day to take a look at it. I went in and he said all of the right things and did everything he could to make me more comfortable.

I am currently 3 1/2 weeks post op. All I can say is wow. I definitely picked the right doctor. Dr. Klainer has been a pleasure to work with since day one. He has made this journey way easier than I ever imagined. Has went above and beyond time and time again. I could go on and on about what a great doctor he is, but what you care about is what I cared about pre tummy tuck - the results.

So here ya go-
I am pretty darn flat, still have a little swelling and seem to swell up quite a bit by the end of the day, but I look good. I look better than I thought was possible. Not because of my lack of belief in the doctor - I trusted him and his surgical capabilities 100%. It was because of my situation, because of my body and because I really just didn't think it could ever look this good. Way to prove me wrong doc!

Not only do I look good, but I feel good. I have been at the gym every day this week - gradually trying to get myself back into a routine. Today I did an hour on the elliptical and 20 minutes of weights. Honestly I almost feel like I cheated myself, like I could have done more. But hey, better not to overdo it I guess.

So at this point you darn near know my life story and all that fun stuff. I'll leave you with this - I am beyond happy with my results and I am thrilled with Dr. Klainer - he is the best. If I ever decide I need another plastic surgery I wont have to think about who will do the procedure. Honestly, I wouldn't even consider letting anyone else touch my body. This guy is awesome, and he is a ninja with his surgical capabilities.

If by chance you are reading this - Thank you. I know you say you can't read me, so here ya go: I appreciate everything more than you will ever know. The emails, the phone calls, the time you have taken to see me in the office - thank you for everything . I am happy beyond measure and will be greatful always. You rock, thanks doc!

My clothes fit ????????

4 weeks post op tomorrow and I can finally wear my clothes again. And what's this? Shorts are big! Freaking awesome.

4 weeks

It has been 4 weeks since surgery. Saw the doc for my month check up yesterday and he cleared me to do as I wish. This was my workout for today:

45 minutes on the elliptical, 100 bicep curls, 100 triceps extensions, 100 renegade rows, 100 squats w/weight, 100 lunges w/weight, 100 push ups, 50 inch worms and 100 sit ups. Not bad for 4 weeks post op. Looking forward to getting back into my groove. Hopefully I'm not crying tomorrow.

Almost normal again!!!

It's been almost 5 weeks since my TT. Today is the first day I've really felt like myself. I went to the gym and killed it! Almost back to my pre tummy tuck workout. Here is what I did:

Climbed 600 flights of stairs on the stair machine at level 15 (about 40 minutes)
50 burpees
50 weighted squats
50 weighted lunges
50 inch worms
50 dead lifts
50 push ups
50 plank jacks
200 sit ups

What!!!! I'm back! Soooo excited it hurts. By the way in case I haven't said it... my doctor rocks!

My first post op "Jill Workout"

Yesterday was my first "Jill Workout" day. Why do I call it a Jill workout? Because it was almost up to my expectations - which are pretty high (at least this is what my students tell me. Ha). So here was the workout:

10 to 1 (10 of each, 9 of each, etc.)

- dead lift, bicep, tricep, sprawl
- step up 2 back lunge
- inch worms
- tiger planks
- jump squats
- offline explosive push ups
- Russians
- 1 arm snatches

Then from 1 to 10

Took about an hour and a half, which is longer than I would have liked, but hey I did it. Not too shabby for having my gut cut into a little over 5 weeks ago.

Heading to the gym for an hour of nothing but legs and abs (oh yeah, feel that burn!) and I am going to my boxing class this evening. First boxing class since surgery, super amped! Go big or go home. And well - I would prefer to go big!

Swell hell is real...

So apparently this is what happens when you decide to have a hard core ab day 5 1/2 weeks post Tummy tuck. Look at that swelling! So much fun! Well okay not really. On the bright side I am pain free and feel great - other than that my darn swollen belly.

Essential Oils

I have been crazy swollen since Thursday when I decided it was a good idea to do an hour of ab exercises. Yes, completely my fault. Anyway, I decided to play around with some of my essential oils last night to see if I could reduce some of the swelling. It totally worked! Here is what I used:

Aloe Vera
Clary Sage
Tea Tree

Used the coconut and arnica as a base and then mixed in equal amounts of the rest of the oils.

Happy Turkey Day!

Not much to report. Still have some swelling going on, although not nearly what it was. Back to insane workouts 6 days a week and am able to work my abs without feeling like I'm dying the next day now. Just wanted to say that I'm super thankful for my amazing doctor and my awesome Tummy Tuck. Can't wait for warmer weather so I can wear clothes that fit without feeling fat for once!

People suck.

Yesterday I was looking at a building to rent for my husbands tattoo studio. The guy renting out the building said he wouldn't rent to a tattoo studio because one of his other tenants owns one. Is what it is, no big deal. I handed him one of my cards and told him to give me a call if he changes his mind (I am a personal trainer/Krav Maga instructor). Anyway he told me the space would be perfect for my business. None of this really matters though.

What mattered was the lady standing behind the counter that looked at me and said "you're a personal trainer?" I turned around and said yes, then this flew out of her mouth "Don't you think you are a little big to be a personal trainer?"

Just who in the hell does this chick think she is? I grant you I'm not small (5'9" 180lbs). I'll never be small, and I am okay with that. But I lost 200 freaking pounds. I lost it by myself. Sorted out what worked by myself and have helped numerous people lose weight and get in shape since then. So just who does she think she is to tell me that I'm too big to be a personal trainer? 10 years ago I would have punched her and honestly a part of me still wanted to - but I didn't. What did I do? I walked away feeling beaten, feeling fat and being pissed off.

It's kind of funny. Since my tummy tuck I haven't felt fat at all - officially the first time in my life I haven't felt or been fat. And this stupid female dog goes and says some stupid crap and makes me feel fat again. Thankfully I've got a punching bag in my home gym, because god knows I need to punch something at the moment. I think I'll envision her face on the bag while I punch it.

People suck.

Rant over.

Sweat & Muscles

More insane workouts and what is this? I'm finally starting to get my muscles back. Well I'm getting my arm muscles back anyway. If my abs would do the same that would be awesome!

8 weeks...

I can't believe it has already been 8 weeks since my TT. Some days it feels like it was yesterday, other days it feels like it was a lifetime ago. Other than running, which for some reason feels very strange (makes my stomach feel tingly and numb) I am completely back to normal. My energy levels are up - like insanely up. I've been going to the gym for at least an hour in the morning and either going to boxing or krav for 2 hours at night. I still swell after insane ab workouts - yesterday I did an hour of nothing but abs. I crawled 500 yards, did 100 inch worms, 100 GHD's, and did 100 rope climbs all with a power wheel on my feet. Followed that up by 100 krav sit ups, 100 leg lifts, 100 v ups w/weight and 500 flutter kicks. By the time I was done I looked like I was 4 months pregnant. The good news is the swelling doesn't stick around for long anymore. The first time I did ab work post TT I was so swollen for a week that I couldn't get my pants on. These days the swelling goes away within a few hours.

Now if I could just get rid of these damn thunder thighs! Thinking about getting a thigh lift, but I swear my husband would KILL me. Brought it up the other day and his response was "I told you that if you got a TT it wouldn't stop there, now you want your whole body to be plastic. You look fine, why would you want to do that?" Went on and on like a broken record. Same crap I heard every time I brought up a TT for 5 years. Whatever. My body. My thunder thighs and I don't like em! Bet he wouldn't be complaining if I told him I wanted boobs. Ha.

The good and the bad.

Wound up going to the dentist last week with one hell of a toothache. Stupid dentist put me on clindamycin, even after I told him it makes me gain weight and makes my stomach hurt like crazy. Yep. Been on this crap for 4 days and have gained 2 lbs already. And my stomach hurts bad - it was so bad this morning that I was hunched over for an hour. Hubby thought he was going to have to take me to the ER. Luckily the pain got better and just is an overall nuisance now. Still I'm not a happy camper. I had been doing pretty stinking good since my TT. Practically live at the gym and had lost 10 lbs since surgery. Now I've gained back 2 lbs and my stomach hurts. Stupid dentist and stupid teeth. At least the pain and the extra poundage gave me some motivation today. Decided to get off my fat booty and move.

This is what I did:

1 hour on the elliptical (1600 calories)
200 box jumps
200 step up to back lunges
200 weighted squats
200 1 legged squats
200 ball tosses (ball on feet)
20 minute wall sit (1 minute rounds)

My legs are probably going to kill me tomorrow. I swear if I've gained more weight I will throw a fit - not the good kind either.

Now if I can just survive until Wednesday so they can drill my mouth. Meh.

Pushing limits

These pictures are a perfect summary of my week. Figured a couple things out this week -

1) I can take getting hit really freaking hard. It pisses me off like no tomorrow, and makes me hit harder... but I can take it.

2) I can push myself to an extent I didn't think possible and may have overdone it a little.

So how did I sort this out? Well sorted out the first one at a class when a beast of a man (6'5" and 230 of solid muscle) decided to kick me in the gut as hard as he could. It actually knocked me on my rear end. Got up pissed and told him if he did it again I would break his nose (we were supposed to be doing a drill where we were exchanging kicks to the stomach - not trying to hurt each other). Well this nimrod decided to do it again, I hit the floor again, got up and busted his face.

For the other - I have put in well over 3 hours of working out a day every day for 10 days. Since Monday I have worked my abs daily. Sorted out a new form of ab torture (one power wheel attached to my feet and holding on to another with my hands, place the wheel at your feet against the wall, roll the one at your hands out and back to your feet) and have done it numerous times since Monday. It makes me sweat like crazy and doesn't feel so hot, but that means it's working.

Well between my not so fun ab exercise and getting kicked in the gut a few times I am SWOLLEN like a pregnant woman. So maybe at least for now, I have figured out how far I can go, how far I can push myself. Key phrase there is "for now". Obviously, I have pushed too far in the last few days as my stomach hurts like hell and is swollen like crazy. I really can't believe I just said that. I don't do limits. I don't believe you can push yourself to far. I think the body is meant to be pushed and that when you have reached that point where you feel like you can't go anymore, that is the point where you have to go further. Apparently none of my beliefs coincide with healing from a tummy tuck.

Still love my results and think the world of my doctor (Dr. Klainer Rocks). But seriously, I just want to be able to push myself. Well I want to be able to push myself without paying for pushing myself to hard after. Ha! If only.

10 weeks

Holy cow. Where did the time go?! The last couple weeks have just flown by. Honestly if it wasn't for applying my silicone scar treatment (and the fact that my stomach is flat) I wouldn't even think about my TT anymore at this point. No pain, no weird feelings in my stomach, no numbness, no anything really. It's just there and it's flat - which is awesome. Worked out 3x today, because well I could. An on the elliptical this morning, an hour of weights this afternoon and an hour on the heavy bag and abs tonight. It felt great - these days it always does tho.

Getting my TT gave me a whole appreciation for having the ability to work out. I don't think I truly knew how much I needed to work out and how much I loved it until I wasn't capable of it. And now that I appreciate it a tad bit more, well... it's on like donkey kong! Ha! Anyway I'll leave you with a few pics from after my last workout of the night. No swelling, which means I can work of those abs some more! Love it!

And as always - a huge thank you to my doc, because well...he rocks :)

What the heck is this?!!

So I might like sharks... like a lot. Thus the shark dress. But what really matters is not what is on the dress it is what is not under the dress. No compression garment, no corset trying to cover nasty excess skin. The only thing under that dress is a bra and underwear. And that people is afreakingmazing!

First time in my life that I've put a dress on and not wanted to immediately take it off! Rockin like freaking dockin!!!

Seeing results

Finally seeing progress from the gym and my crazy workouts. Little more definition in my arms and wait for it... some in my stomach!

Eff today.

Went to the gym a couple hours ago, really just trying to get my mind off what today is, because well to put it nicely today sucks. One of the regulars walks up to me and tells me that I look like shit today. Yeah well, thanks dude! I knew that much. Then he proceeds to tell me that whatever I'm doing isn't working because it looks like I've gained 15 lbs since last time he saw me. Today is so not the day for that shit. For one, I haven't gained any weight - quite the opposite seeing as I've lost 14 lbs since my TT. And two, if he can see that I look like shit and am obviously having a bad day why the hell would he pick today to tell me that I look fat?!!!!

I'm not happy today. I am sad. Really fucking sad. Today would have been my kid brothers 21st birthday. But the kid doesn't get to be here and doesn't get to celebrate his birthday because he died a year and a half ago. All I was trying to do was escape reality for a little while. Sweat, lift some heavy shit and get my mind off how crappy of a day today is. Get my mind off the fact that I don't get to tell my brother happy birthday. Get my mind off the fact that I don't get to buy him that 21st birthday shot I promised him. To get out of my head. Is that really too much to ask??? Apparently so.

I could keep ranting on this, but it's pointless. I punched him in the face and I got kicked out of the gym. Totally WORTH IT. And now? Now I'm going to drink, probably a lot and cry while I punch my damn heavy bag. Because guess what? My heavy bag won't remind me of how bad I look, and won't tell me I look like I've gained weight. God. Eff today. That's all I've got.

13 weeks

So it's January. For those of you who don't know (although I would say by my username it's obvious), I do taxes for a living. For the last week and a half I have been buried with year end payroll reports, bookkeeping and corporate tax prep. I'll tell you it's enough to make you want to pull your hair out. And... I've got another 3 months of this. Oh how I love tax season. Well, really I do, and really I don't - love/hate relationship I guess. Anyway, today I finished my year end payroll reports. It makes me extremely happy when I can get them done before I have clients to sit in front of for 18 hours a day. One less thing to worry about. The less worries this time of year the better. Now all I have to worry about is taxes and working out for the next few months, which is perfect.

After I was done with work for the day I decided to power through a 3 hour workout. One hour of cardio, one hour of weights and one hour of abs. It has been a minute since the last time I worked out for 3 hours straight. And... I feel freaking awesome. 13 weeks post TT, back to where I was pre TT and perhaps even a little stronger. Pretty awesome.

Revision, pictures and life.

Sooo much going on right now. Taxes, taxes oh and did I mention taxes? Ha. And... I'm opening my own gym where I will be teaching Krav Maga and fitness classes. If you're in or near Jacksonville, NC look me up! Now why the heck would I decide to do this during tax season?! I must have lost my mind.

Really no changes in regard to my TT. Still doing good, working out like crazy and trying to accomplish visible abs - that's about it tho .

I did see the doc today, we spoke a little about revision - not a big deal as I am still completely happy with my result. Apparently deciding to lose weight post TT (especially when your skin already has issues from shucking 200 lbs) can alter the results some, who would have guessed? LOL, but hey it's all good. I've got an amazing surgeon and I'm not worried about it in the least. Thinking I'm going to wait for the revision until I have the doc do my thigh lift, which will hopefully be happening after tax season. Just have to figure out logistics with the new gym and the time off work and all that good stuff. I'll talk with the doc more about it when I see him in April.

All that being said, my scale has been stuck for 2 weeks and it's finally moving again, score! Have lost 17 lbs since my TT, would like to lose another 9 which would put me at 165 - we shall see. I guess if it happens, it happens. If not at least I've got a flat stomach :). And, all of my pants were officially to big - like falling off big. So I got to buy some new ones, officially a size 6. Pretty stinking cool.

Til next time, much love to you all and btw my doc still rocks :)


So I found these today...muscles finally!!! What?!!!

And since I'm showing the muscles here are a few more of the stomach and my workout from this afternoon (this was after 2 hours of ground fighting - cause you know that is just how I roll. Ha.). Oh and one of me kicking - because well it's fun.

Saying goodbye to my thunder thighs!!!

I must be crazy. Scheduled my TT revision along with a thigh lift for April 6th. That means I've got 6 weeks to do a metric ton of taxes, and get in the best shape I can before my next surgery venture. But on the super positive side - that skin will be no more and that makes me super stoked. Oh and I've officially been nicotine free for over 30 days. Think that one may even make the doc happy. Ha!

Last NC workout

Just finished my last workout here. Finished the entire deck of cards. Now it's time to get ready for the long drive out to CA tomorrow so I can do taxes for 3 weeks before I rush back here for my preop on the 31st. Gonna be an insane 3 weeks. Oh and I cut off all my hair....

Time is flying

Been in CA for the last 2 weeks doing taxes, teaching Krav Maga and doing lots of punching. My body and my mind are exhausted, but it's so worth it. I love my Krav family. I love my bruises. I love my sore body parts. Taxes... well that may be another story. At least it pays the bills. On another note... thigh preop is 3/30 and surgery 4/6. I feel like I'm going to blink and the big day will be here. Time is flying! Here is what my body looks like after 2 weeks of hardcore training. Train Hard, fight harder. Get it!

12 days post revision

Let me start with this - I was completely happy with my TT results. I did have a little bit of loose skin, completely on me as I decided to lose 20 lbs after my TT - but it was so minimal that I didn't even care. It was such an improvement over what my stomach looked like before that it didn't matter - at least not to me. My doc on the other hand was another story (he is a bit of a perfectionist) and said that if I had him do anything else he wanted to go back into my stomach and take more skin. Anyway, I decided I didn't want to live with my "thunder thighs" anymore, so the doc did a revision of my TT along with my thigh lift (separate review). I'm currently 12 days post revision. I am swollen like no tomorrow. I have a pair of jeans that were a size to big before surgery that I can't manage to button because I'm so stinking swollen. So until the swelling goes down it's comfy shorts or workout clothes, which is okay by me :). Anyway here are a couple pictures. You can see I'm super swollen below my belly button, but you can also see the start of abs. What?! How freaking awesome. My doc rocks!

Thanks Doc!

Just wanted to say thank you. I am horrible about saying it in person, it just feels awkward or maybe that's just me...ha! Anyway, if you happen to see this - thank you. Thank you for getting rid of that god awful skin that had been weighing my body (and mind) down for years. Thank you for giving me the confidence to wear clothes that aren't 2 sizes to big. Thank you for giving me the confidence to rock a bikini at the beach. Really just thank you, over and over again. Oh and you can totally use that if you want - Jill.

Look who is all legit... what?!!!

Doesn't really relate to the TT, but for all of the ladies who have followed my journey and my new gym venture - well I am officially legit. Gym is open. Classes are rolling. I am sponsored. I have shirts. I am legit as it gets! For real. https://partner.projectlevelup.com/referral/lead/landing/?mode=1&g=KnockoutFightingandFitness&Adv=UNKNOWN

2 months post revision

Flat, flat, flat. Now I just need to work on the stretch marks and getting a tan. Geez Louise I am white LOL


All I can really say is wow. Sometimes all it takes is looking at some old pictures, or in this case a side by side to really appreciate the before & after. I can't believe that was me a year ago. I can't believe how long I walked around looking like that... gross. Anyhoo, it's been almost 10 months since my TT, and almost 4 since my revision. I would do it all over again in a second - the results are phenomenal - the pictures speak for themselves. I won't be posting on this review anymore as there just isn't anything else to post. I appreciate everyone's kind words and support throughout my journey. And most of all - I appreciate what the doc has done for me. I feel new, improved and pretty stinkin' awesome. Keep an eye out, I'll be posting more reviews next year - planning on getting boobs & an arm lift :). Much love to all.
Morehead City Plastic Surgeon

Had my tummy tuck done by Dr. Klainer in October. I cannot even begin to convey how happy I am with my results. A little back story for you - I was extremely heavy for most of my life. About 6 years ago I decided to make some healthy lifestyle changes and lost 200 pounds. Long story short, despite my efforts through exercise, weight lifting, countless sit-ups and abdomen exercises I was stuck with a horrific amount of excess skin. Well... the skin is GONE, my stomach is FLAT and for the first time in over 20 years I can see my belly button. This might not mean much to you, but it means the world to me. So in case I haven't said it already, I am absolutely thrilled with my results. Thrilled with my flat stomach, thrilled with my belly button, thrilled with the doc and thrilled with my new found self-confidence (I had NO self confidence prior to my tummy tuck). Dr. Klainer is without a doubt the best doctor I have ever worked with. He has answered every question I have had and every email I have sent. He has continually went above and beyond by calling me after hours, checking in to see how I am doing and squeezing me in when I didn't have an appointment. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Klainer, he has made this journey way easier than I ever imagined. If you are looking to get any type of plastic surgery done, I highly recommend paying Dr. Klainer a visit - you won't regret it. Thanks doc, you rock!

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