26 Years Old, 5'3", 125 Lbs, Breastfed 2 Kids. Morehead City, NC

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I'm finally at a point in my life where I'm ready...

I'm finally at a point in my life where I'm ready to take the plunge and do something that I've always wanted since before having my children.
Now that I'm able to, and maybe I'm just anxious and nervous.. But I also feel selfish for doing something for myself and taking a risk.
Here is a photo of my current boobs. I didn't realize how uneven they were until I took pictures of myself =\ which made me feel a little bit more insecure.

Excited, nervous, scared.. All of the above!

I can't believe my surgery is 2 days away! To think that tomorrow I won't be able to eat anything when midnight hits..eek!
So few days ago, my left boob has been so tender and sore. It doesn't help that I googled and I definitely came to the conclusion that I'm just psyching myself. When I woke up it was tender and here I was freaking out like is it a clogged milk duct? But I haven't breastfed in so long! I jumped in the shower and ran hot water on it to see, nothing was coming out of my boob so I'm like ok crossed that off the list. I finally figured out that my period is due in the next week, and remember that my boobs do get tender/sore beforehand. Wheew!
Today I had my preop routine exam. I didn't expect it, but since I have asthma history the anesthesiologist needed me to do the testing to make sure all is well. Had my blood drawn, chest X Ray, and ekg. I doubt my insurance will cover those tests since it's an elective surgery so just a little thought to anyone just in case.
Hopefully the results are fine. And if all goes well, I'll be getting a call tomorrow on what time I need to go in on Thursday.

I've always had small breasts growing up. I did...

I've always had small breasts growing up. I did ballet for so many years, but after quitting and living a normal life it made me insecure about my breasts. I remember how long it took me to show my now husband my breasts, and I wouldn't even shower with him because I was embarrassed. I used to wear the super padded bras to create an illusion that I had nice breasts. 

After breastfeeding my second child, it just got worst. The left one was a cup bigger than my right. While I was breastfeeding though, I went up to a full C cup and loved the way my boobs looked! That's when I decided I would go for it and do something that I've always wanted. At first I felt selfish because I'm finally doing something for myself and my children are my world, but it's only been a few days and I'm still healing.. I couldn't be any happier!

4 days update

Here's a little update from surgery day to today..

Surgery day:
Checked in at the surgery center and got prepped. They put in my IV and these massage things for my legs to keep the blood flow going. My husband was there with me up until I got in the OR. Once I got in the OR, all I remember was they put a mask on me and told me it was an oxygen mask and I don't remember anything after that. It took a little bit for them to wake me up and I was starving! I had a tight bandage wrapped around me. I remember my surgeon showing me a picture of my boobs, but I don't even remember how it looked. I imagined the car ride home to be one of those wisdom teeth videos, but I was passed out the whole ride home. The whole day I was in and out of sleep and perococet made me nauseous whenever I got up so I did throw up a few times. I slept downstairs since I have a recliner so a comforter, neck pillow, and the side table was my best friend!

1 day post op:
I had an appointment that morning and I was excited because the bandages were just too tight and uncomfortable. My surgeon took it off and had to squeeze my implants down a bit from the bandage. Gosh that was painful!!! I felt it because I didn't take any Percocet on the way to my appointment because I didn't want to throw up. So anyways, he prescribed me some muscle relaxers and Vicodin since I was hurting. After my appointment, we went out to eat and I was able to walk half a block. That night I took the muscle relaxers and Vicodin a few hours before that... I woke up itchy!! Literally my legs, belly, arms.... Everywhere! And I couldn't stop itching! So I didn't even bother to take the second dose of muscle relaxers and continued to take Vicodin and I was still a little itchy but def tolerable.

2 day post op:
My husband helped me shower that morning and see if the itch goes away.. It did a little bit but I was still itchy. So I decided to call my surgeon and asked him if it was ok to take Benadryl. He said it was fine and I told him I switched back to Percocet since I didn't have any problems with it. The bruising on my chest was starting to fade away. But that day I did notice that if I lift my left arm or do anything with it, I feel a burning sensation on the side of my left boob. I asked my surgeon about it and he said it was just my nerves. It's def annoying and uncomfortable!

3 days post op:
Nothing much has changed besides the annoying shocking/burning sensation on my left side. I did learn to slow it down though. As a mom, we are always wanting to do things to make us feel better, but I did so much and was in pain right after. So definitely take advantage of the help you're getting!

4 days post op: today is getting better but still have that annoying nerve sensation. I'm still taking my Percocet but instead of every 4 hours I have been trying to stretch it out to 6-8. Arnica gel and the tablets are helping a bit as well so if your surgeon suggested those, get to it!

My only advice to moms with little ones is that it's ok to ask for help. I have a 4 year old and he's been super helpful, my 1 year old on the other hand has been a little bit needy. My husband has been a huge help as well as my friend who comes over when my husband goes to work. I'm able to feed my 1 year old, was able to do the dishes, and wipe the counter.. Its a bit challenging getting stuff out of the cabinets since I'm short but I managed to do it. Just slow down a little and listen to your body :)

Also excuse the pictures I took... Bad angle! I just saw the day 4 boobs and I think it's the shadow, my boob does not look rectangular like that.

1 month results

Happy 1 month (on the 7th) to my new boobies! Love them so much! Went to target to grab a bathing suit top for a beach party, and my oh my I got a Large bathing suit top!! Super happy with them!
Morehead City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Klainer was amazing! Very straight forward and no sugar coating. He answered my questions, some were even answered before I even got my turn to ask. He kept it at a professional level and I trusted his knowledge. I know some people like to have a doctor-patient relationship, but my goal was to not be best friends with my surgeon but to rather be on the same level of understanding with what I wanted... And he made it happen. I'm not fully healed yet, but the size and the look was exactly how I imagined it to be. I can see why when he explained to me that he wasn't about numbers and bra sizes, because I went to a consult before seeing Dr. Klainer, had I gone with the other doctor and the number of cc he suggested for the look I wanted would've been much smaller and disappointing. His staff was amazing. I also compared it to the previous consult where the staff was overly nice and too scripted in my opinion. I highly suggest you check out the new doctor in town (with years and years of experience), you won't be disappointed.

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