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I have been pregnant and/or giving birth from...

I have been pregnant and/or giving birth from 2006-2010. It did a number on my body. I was 244 during my first pregnancy, and I made it down to 197 after my second pregnancy. Then I became pregnant 5 months later. I was 233 when I gave birth to my third child 15 months ago.

My husband went on a deployment for 4 months, and I decided to lose weight while he was gone. Through Breastfeeding and restricting my calories to 1500 a day, and running around after kids...I got down to 176. I went in for a consult to get liposuction, but the Dr. told me it would make my stomach look worse, and I needed a tummy tuck.

So, I scheduled my tummy tuck w/lipo of the hips and flanks for May 19, 2011. I am currently 5'7, 177 lbs, and a size 14 in pants. I decided it was time for me! I am 26 y/o, and this is my 27th birthday present to myself (my birthday is 5/29/2011).

I am experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions from guilt, to being scared, to wanting to back out...I am terrified, but I also want to wear a bikini and wear cute tight fitting clothing that my 20-something counterparts wear while I'm still young! I have less than 3 weeks until my surgery, and I am hoping and praying that it is all worth it in the end!

Update: 5/4/2011 Well, I picked up my...

Update: 5/4/2011

Well, I picked up my prescriptions from my Dr., and had them filled. Found out I cannot continue to take my anti-anxiety medication (Celexa), 2 weeks before my surgery, but at least I am still allowed to take my Klonopin. I don'twant to have an anxiety attack waiting for my surgery :(

On a positive note; I received my pre-op and post-op vitamin bottles, scar cream, and my two binders yesterday in the mail. I have been slowly packing my surgery bag. I bought a huge bag of maxi-pads for my wounds, puppy pads to lay down on my bed or couch, so I don't leak on everything, extra strength tylenol forwhen my pain pills run out, Milk of Magnesia,Prune juice, protein bars, oatmeal, Ensure energy drinks, flavored packs, for my water, cute sweat outfits since I won't be able to wear jeans (Old Navy has great Active and Lounge wear for this), and I even bought a shower chair for $39 from Wal-mart! I am getting excited now!!!

Update: It's less than 2 weeks until my...

Update: It's less than 2 weeks until my surgery, and I have been taking my pre-op vitamin pack every morning so far...not too bad...hope it works well :) I also got my comfy lounge wear/active wear in the mail the new bikini I would like to rock in July/August...I will take pictures in it to compare before and after....I am so excited....I haven't worn a 2 piece since I was a toddler!!! lol

Been having a huge garage sale all this weekend for my weekend getaway to Dallas with my husband next has kept me busy, which is what I need right now...I was worrying myself too much obsessing over all the bad things that could happen.


One Week to Go!!! Wow...I can't believe I only...

One Week to Go!!! Wow...I can't believe I only have one week until my big day. I have so many questions I need to ask my surgeon the day of surgery just from doing non-stop reading on this site. I am a little worried about the pain management. It seems some ladies on here received muscle relaxers, nausea medicine, and other, stronger, pain medication. All I received was a script of anti-biotics and 20 pills of Percocet, and I bought my own extra strength Tylenol. So, I will def. be asking about that! I'm going to bring my own binder/compression garment on the day of surgery and buy one from my surgeon's office.

I have been also reading about people who have recently quit smoking needing to take more Vitamin C (I quit for surgery too), and I am currently taking the Pre-op Make Me Heal pill packs...which lists a high amount of Vitamin C in it...hope that's enough...does anyone know?

Packing for my weekend getaway to Dallas w/my husband before the big day. Just wanna relax, have fun, and spend quality time with my love before I'm down and out. Til next time :)

So confused: I had an amazing weekend getaway w/my...

So confused: I had an amazing weekend getaway w/my husband to Dallas, but now reality is setting in. It is Tuesday night at 10:40 pm, and my surgery is Thursday morning. I have been in a funk and fog since I got home Sunday night. I was sick throwing up all dayon Monday. I had a fight with my husband tonight, and I have been crying non-stop since re-reading my pre-op/post-op surgical manual a couple hours ago. I am so scared...I feel like I want to back out. Other people seem like they are so happy and excited, and they have been waiting so long and worked so hard for their surgery, but I don't feel that way at all. I feel regret, angst, nervous, guily, like I made an extremely irrational and spur of the moment decision. IDK what to do...I'm a complete mess right now. I'm gonna try and go to bed...hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Today was my big day! I wasn't scared,nervous,...

Today was my big day! I wasn't scared,nervous, and I didn't cry...think I got all the nerves out the night I brokedown!

I arrived at the Surgeon's office at 8:15 am,and the nurse took me back to the pre-op room...she took my blood pressure, had me change into my gown, booties, hair cover, and surgery underwear...she explained some stuff to me.

Then we went to the picture room, and the nurse took pictures of me. I put my compression stockings on, and the PS came in and marked me up...explained more stuff to me, and he let me use the restroom. Then I went to the OR, and the Anesthesiologist put me to sleep...he was such a kind man!

Next thing I know...I woke up in the recovery room at 12:50 pm (an hour ahead of scedule...the nurse called my husband to come get me sooner than expected). I was in my car and on the way home at 2:10 pm.

It hurts getting up and down...thank goodness for my husband being so feels like a hardcore ab workout when it comes to my tummy. The lipo spots hurt moore....feels like a stinging/burning sensation..

My husband and I are figuring a routine out that works to get me in and out of bed, because my first attempt at getting in bed was a big FAIL! lol...It hurt so bad that I started crying and my poor 14 y/o step-son had the most worried look on his face (he has been helping out big time too :)

I slept after taking my Percocet until 5:00 I'm updating Real Self and Facebook, and I'm gonna play some World of Warcraft w/my husband until my seond dose of Percocet kicks in.

I have a follow-up appt. tomorrow morning at 10:00 am...then a week from today...I have no drain tubes and my stitches dissolve, so I'm happy about that. My Dr. and I are gonna keep a close eye on everything to make sure I heal nicely. The nurse said I did amazingly well in surgery :)

I'm now taking my Post-Op Make Me Heal, I haven't taken so many pills in my life! lol...Hope everyday the pain and discomfort gets less and less :)

Day Two PO: I didn't get much sleep last night...

Day Two PO: I didn't get much sleep last night...would take a pain pill, and sleep for an hour, and then be up another2 hours until I could take another pain pill. I was very uncomfortable last night, and I had a mini-break down this morning on the way to my follow-up appt. (You know the whole regret thing). At my post-op follow-up today, my bandages were changed, I was given a second script of pain pills just in case I need them for longer. My Dr. said I look great, my belly button looks awesome, I can take a shower tomorrow, he said the insomnia should be better by tonight, because he pumped me w/steroids for the lipo, and I have another follow-up next week. I also had a bowel movement today, and I feel so much better...not as bad as I thought lol.

I'm moving around the house more per request of my PS...I can get up off the bed to walk around w/out help...get up and down off the toilet by myself,and in and out of the car okay...still haven't mastered getting into my bed by myself yet. I miss holdingmy babies. My 15 month-old ran up to me to be held, and I had to turn away while daddy grabbed her...that definitely broke my heart :( Been up most of today, so hopefully I sleep good tonight!

Today is a not too good day for me. I'm super...

Today is a not too good day for me. I'm super sore and tired. I pushed it way too hard yesterday (I felt so good about feeling good type thing), and I'm paying the price for it today :/

I took a shower this morning,and I was really exited to get freshened up...until I had to take off my bandages...I never felt so quesy, and so faint in my life! Seeing the blood, the lipo holes, and some fluid coming out almost put me over the, my shower was a quick 2 minute wash-down, trying not to pass out.

Oh, and FYI...Kimmers gives the best advice in her tummy tuck manual...I was passed out hard for 2 1/2 hours after my shower attempt lol!

I'm gonna lay in bed the rest of the day, and I know tomorrow will be better :) I will take some pics tomorrow and upload them (even though I look like a stuffed pig....ha!) for everyone to see. Have a wonderful Saturday :)

Added a photo...that's all I could muster...

Added a photo...that's all I could muster today (53 hours post-op)....was feeling really quesy looking at myself! lol

Some pics of my tummy...front view and belly...

Some pics of my tummy...front view and belly button...took these after my shower, so I was really swollen....down from 184 right after I had surgery to 179.2 today...nice to see I'm going down a little.

Today is 4 days PO. Very weird today. I just feel...

Today is 4 days PO. Very weird today. I just feel very weak and tired today...wiped out! I had hot/cold flashes earlier today w/no fever...called and talked to the After-care specialist to ease my mind anyway (swear I'mbecoming a hypochondriac!), she said it's normal...might be a reaction to pain meds, and to call back if I developed a fever. Hot/cold flashes are I'm just weak and tired.

Weaning myself off the Percocet. Taking Extra Strength Tylenol instead. I have only taken one Percocet in the morning @ 8:30 (it's now 1:50)...because, I'm really sore when I wake up...probably from no circulation for 7 hours :/.....other than that, I'm getting around pretty well!

Sorry I missed updating yesterday...we were trying...

Sorry I missed updating yesterday...we were trying not to get blown away by tornados here in OK! Our city/neighborhood was right in the path of the tornado, somy husband loaded all of us up, and drove us down to Texas to his dad's house. Note to self: install storm/tornado shelter ASAP!!!

Yesterday was day 5, and WoW...I felt amazing! Slight soreness where the did the Muscle repair when I woke up, but that's it. Had a hardcore appetite too!

Today is day 6, and I feel and look AMZAZING!!! Screw the modesty crap lol....cannot wait to wear my bikini!!!! Took a shower, not leaking fluid, so I don't have to wear maxi pads underneath my garment or the foam pad...ugh! Have my smaller binder on, and I'm wearing normal clothes...the view from the back is quite nice! LOL

Weighed myself..even though I know I shouldn't...down to 174...that's exactly 10 lbs from the day I had surgery...hoping to settle in the low 160s :)

This was the LONGEST week of my life! Had another...

This was the LONGEST week of my life! Had another follow-up today (exactly one week PO), and my tummy tuck scar is completely closed!!! How insane is that?! Dr. said I look great, and will have amazing results. Took some stitches out, and my tape off my tummy tuck scar. I have some fluid, but my Dr. told me to wear my binder 24/7 to help w/that. I am almost standing up straight. He took off 5lbs w/lipo and tummy tuck combined, and I'm actually down 10 lbs! My appetite is really good, but I eat tons of fruit and veggies and protein. My bruising is so light. I feel awesome...I actually drove today...yippeee!!! Still get tired out, but I make sure to lay down and rest as long as I need to when that happens. I really think the Make Me Heal vitamins can be attributed to my fast recovery (healing), and being very athletic before surgery! The only problem I have is diarrhea caused by taking the antibiotic; Keflex. But, the Dr. said that is normal, and it will go away. Adding some pictures I took today :)

3 weeks and 4 days Post-op.....I feel amazing. I...

3 weeks and 4 days Post-op.....I feel amazing. I have so much self-confidence. I wanna do more and interact more w/others. I feel like I look great in everything. The best part is even though I only got a TT w/ also looks like I got a boob job too! I already had DD's, so I look thin with ginormous boobies :) I am in the same size pants, but I am wearing medium tops and dresses. I'm down 10 lbs, and my PS said if I lose another 10 lbs I will look even more amazing. So, I am eating right, and I am going to start doing P90X for my legs and arms. Hopefully I'll be down the last 10 lbs by August!

I went out to the club on Saturday w/a group of friends and I am going to post pics of me in my new (Size Medium) BCBG dress! Thank goodness my tummy was super flat that night, because sometimes I swell. Last week I was really constipated for some reason, and I looked about 5 months pregnant, and I was freaking out that I was getting fat again! LMAO...yeah, well, after I went to the bathroom I lost about 5 lbs haha! I haven't been on here as much, because I have been busy enjoying life, shopping, and finishing up my Masters program.

I am still wearing a binder when I'm at home and at night, but when I go out somewhere I just wear my spanx. I am also still taking my vitamin packs and 2000 mg of Vitamin C...and I will start using my scar care stuff soon. I have my 4 week post-op follow-up on Thursday. Hopefully the fluid that was there is gone. I finally got to have sex (didn't realize how much I missed that lol), and I am sleeping on my side and my stomach (which is how I LOVE to sleep)! I have been standing up-right since day 7. I still have some scabs on my belly button, but that's about it. I am soooo happy I did this. I feel like a new woman!

Oklahoma City General Surgeon

Dr. Benien was so gentle, very informative and kind. I felt so comfortable with him. I can't really comment on results, because I haven't seen anything yet. Haha! Dr. Benien's nurse was also kind, and informative. Great experience all-around!

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