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Hi Everyone! I have been reading your reviews for...

Hi Everyone! I have been reading your reviews for a few months now and it has helped me sooo much!! I now know that I am not the only one who has been wanting breast implants for a long time!
I am 37 years old with 3 children. Single mum and I am finally deciding to do something for me!
I have been wanting breast implants for nearly 20yrs and loved how my breasts looked when I was breastfeeding. After my 3rd child my breasts have sagged alot more and the difference in my breast size is more noticeable.
I am having a consultation with Dr Phil Richardson on the 13 September. I dont know what size I am at the moment probably a B/C and I would like to get to a full (even :)) D. I am a bit worried that I might need a lift, but I am hoping that I can get away with just implants.
I am posting some pics of my breasts and some wish pics too. :) Thank you :)

More Wish pics! :)

I am posting some more wish pics, and another pic of my breasts. I really hope that I can get this fuller look. It helps looking at everyone's before and afters and seeing what they have been able to achieve and how beautiful they look! Thank you Girls for your support! :)

Consult was today! :)

I had my consult today and I was sooo nervous it was ridiculous!! It felt so surreal because I have been thinking about it for years but never thought I would be at this point! The Dr was very nice, he first asked me about what I wanted and why I wanted breast implants. Then I undressed behind a screen (just my top half!) and he had a look at my breasts. He said I was borderline needing a lift but that I cld get away with just implants. My breast width is 13cm. One of my breasts is larger than the other so he said that he wld put a bigger implant in the smaller one. He said he recommended round, textured gel implant, under the muscle, under the breast incision and dual plane to help with sag. That was everything that I wanted so I was happy with that. I then put on a sports bra and he gave me some sizers to try on - which was exciting!! I wanted something big enough to balance my body - I decided on a bigger implant from the few I tried on. He said it was 450cc. So then he explained the complications and risks of surgery and said for me to contact his office if I decide to go through with surgery. I totally forgot to ask what profile implant, I want a look inbetween natural and fake looking. It was such a blur driving home but exciting, I definately want to go with him but will go to another consult closer to where I live to make sure! I would love to be able to have it done late Nov. Thank you for your support Girls and your wonderful journey stories, they help me so much! :) xx

Found out it will be High Profile!!

So I rang later today and asked which profile was recommended and she told me High Profile! Of whicj I started freaking out a bit as I am more comfortable with Mod Plus, but I have been reassured by one of these Fabulous Gals (thanks Shelly! x) that it would be the right thing as I do have sag and HP would give me a bit of a lift! :) so I am excited now thinking about new boobs and looking at boobs!! Hehe!!

Date set for BA!!!!

Well I have bitten the bullet and set a date for surgery! 29 Nov :) That gives me a bit more time to lose a few more kilos and there is alot happening in Nov for me - a friend is visiting, both my son's birthdays and my Mother is getting married!! So all that will be done by end of Nov!! Though I hope I am ok by Xmas!! From reading all the wonderful reviews on here, it looks like most people are getting back to 'normal' after about 2 weeks - so hopefully that will work for me too! :) my pre-op is 20th Nov. I am still a bit uncomfortable about the HP - so I just want to try sizers again and talk to the Dr. I am deciding between 400cc & 450cc or the 450cc & 500cc!! I dont want to look too top heavy or feel I went too small!! Arghh!! I had a dream the other night I had surgery and I looked down and they were huge and morphed into one huge breast that went to my waist!!! I was so freaked out!! Oh well - I will keep researching the reviews on here to help make up my mind!! :)
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