TT (Fleur de lys) After Big Weight Loss - Montreal, QC

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I’m just doing a review now so can’t really...

I’m just doing a review now so can’t really describe how i was feeling day to day.

Here's a bit of history. In August of 2010, i was 295lbs and on the waiting list for a gastric bypass surgery (I’m in Quebec, Canada so its covered by medicare). Everyday on my way to work, i passed this gym where they offered this protein diet (not sure if i’m allowed to say what it is so i’ll refrain) and as a last resort, i decided to join. It was strict, it was expensive (took on a week-end babysitting john on top of my 4 kids) but...after 10 month of following it and not one cheat...i had lost 140 and weight 155lbs and was left with a lot of loose skin.

Here in Quebec, you can have your PS send a request to medicare and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be approve and lo and behold, i was one of those lucky people. I saw my PS in june 2011, had my approval by September. I really wanted to get my breast done too as i was left with empty pockets of skin (no tissue or fat left) but by December 2012, i realize that i would not be able to afford it so figure may as well go ahead with the TT.

Since i had a lot of skin below and above the BB, my PS wanted me to have the fleur de lys TT where they cut you vertically (from breastbone down) and horizontally (like regular TT) in order to remove as much skin as possible. I had my muscles tighten too but no lipo.

Had surgery on February 5th. Never had surgery before so didn’t know how i would react but it went great, woke up, felt good. By that evening i was talking on the phone. Pain meds helped me sleep a little but no nausea or anything like that.

Next morning (feb 6th), had to get up to go pee...had an orderly “help” me up which consisted in pulling me up resulting in one of my drain moving and blood running down everywhere (with lots of pain). From then on, i figured it out on my own, still had my pain pump to support myself. But wasn’t one of those lucky people that aren’t hungry and lose tons of weight..i was hungry and ate and all was good.

Next morning (feb 7th), removed pain pump...was harder to walk to the washroom by myself (and i was drinking a lot so had to go often), by noon my PS came to check me out, fix my drain (again, pain...) and was sent home.

Thankfully i have a lazyboy at home which I brought to my room and was my bed, chair for the following 3 weeks. I don’t know what i would’ve done without it!

Overall, it was quite painful, had 1 moment only of “what were you thinking”. But looking back, you kinda forget about it.

February 11th, went to see PS..she changed my seri-strips and remove drains (ouch) and as i was feeling better without those drains...decided to go to walmart, just for a few drained me.

February 18th, went to see PS again, all is good, told me to let the seri-strips fall off when i was showering as they were ready to come off.

The following weeks were good, a little boring but i was feeling better everyday and with a house full of kids and pets and chores it was really hard to just sit and do nothing so i did what i could and sat when i felt i did enough.

March 11, came back to work. I have a desk job so sitting straight for hours was uncomfortable and very tiring. I had started to wear a type of spanx but returned to my binder as i was swelling more than before which made me freak out a little.

So now its march 18 and my second week at work and things are better. I stopped wearing my binder as of last Thursday and things seem to be good.

Honestly, i’m not as tight as i would like to be (and most of everyone I see) but my PS had told me that my skin had no elasticity and that i will still have a bit of loose skin.

I’m 5’5” and 155 right now, was 159 day of surgery and would really like to go down to at least 145 feel more comfortable.

I need to also work out...PS told me at 6 weeks i could start but since i want to try to do the intensity 60-day work out, i’ll wait til she gives me the go ahead when i see her April 3rd as its so intensive.

Ok i'm posting 3 new pictures that were taken...

Ok i'm posting 3 new pictures that were taken yesterday morning, I'm starting week 7 PO. As you can see, my stomach is quite round and indented at the BB, more so on one side than the other. I'm quite sad about not being flat.

Just thought i would add a before and after weight...

Just thought i would add a before and after weight loss picture so that everyone knows its possible to lose the weight, which i never thought i would be able to.

Starting week 8 PO and am so swollen today, was...

Starting week 8 PO and am so swollen today, was without my spanx most of the day yesterday just to test it out and guess i'm not ready for that yet. I put pictures of saturday morning vs this morning. I look pregnant!

I’m 9 weeks now and feel pretty much back to...

I’m 9 weeks now and feel pretty much back to normal beside the muscles still hurting if i strain, sneeze or cough..i can’t even imagine working out the abs yet. I will in a couple of weeks, i’m sure it will hurt at first but it has to be done, lol.

I’m not 100% happy with how flat i am, i still have a bit of loose skin above the BB but my PS told me she tighten me as much as she could and with my skin having no elasticity, she couldn’t make it any better. She said she even had nightmares that she had taken off too much and i wouldn’t heal, lol.

Honestly, i was hoping when i saw her 2 weeks ago that she would say that i have too much loose skin and will need a revision but nope...she was actually super happy with the results, lol.

I will see her again on may 22nd, she mostly wants to check my scar since i usually don’t scar very nicely but i have to say, i’m pretty ok with my scar and especially like my belly button.

I guess i have to learn to accept myself the way I am instead of never being satisfied.

Put new pictures taken this morning

14 weeks update

I am 14 weeks PO now and saw my PS this week and got cleared to do all exercise including abs but of course to use good judgement. She was happy with my scar but for my belly button, she thought it was a little more red than she would've liked but not enough for an injection yet. Will see her again in October and she will decide then.

I feel good otherwise, don't really have pain but a little when i sneeze or cough hard. I'm not as flat as i was picture in my head but i have very unrealistic expectations and still see myself as fat and will never be thin enough (maybe i need a shrink at this point, lol).

I wanted to do the insanity work out for exercise, a few people i know did it with great results but i've been having a lot of pain in my knees lately. I have no more cartilage in both my knees anymore so i always have a bit of pain/stiffness but lately, my left one is giving me a hard time...when i walk i feel like my knees bends too much the other way (like upwards) and feel like my knee is going to break (saw a specialist a few years ago that said can't have surgery as i'm too young and that was about that).

So if anyone knows of good exercise i could do, please PM me.

I put new pictures, at 14 weeks, that's probably as good as its going to get.

Btw, i know i really need to get my breasts done...very sad when you can use 2 fingers to cover up, lol.
Dr. Jeanette Pavlin

I search dr. ratings and she had the highest rating in my area and also worked with sending requests to medicare which not all PS do.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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