Mom of 4 (4 Csections) , Having a Drainless TT in Montreal with Dr Arie Benchetrit

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I am having a Drainless tummy tuck with muscles...

I am having a Drainless tummy tuck with muscles repair this week after years of frustrations about that pregnant look! Impossible to wear a bathing suit without beeing asked how many months pregnant i am, impossible to wear tight dresses...after 4 c sections i think it's well deserve;). I choose Dr Arie Benchetrit because of his reputation as beeing extremely meticulous and also because he is the only one in Montreal that uses the Drainless TT technique... Follow my journey. 5 days to go;)

One day away...

One day away.. Hard time to sleep. I am excited and honestly don't know what to expect as far as pain . I will keep you posted and hopefully try to give you as many infos as possible . For the ladies living in Montreal, i chose Dr benchetrit because he is the only one that uses the drainless tummy tuck technique... So no drains to remove !

Anxious . One night and thats it!

I cant sleep. Op scheduled at 9:15 am. I am wondering how come i went thru with this? Was that pilsbury belly really bothering me? Not sure of anything at this point!!! I will keep you posted tomorrow... Not much choice now then to go with it!

On my way

On my way ... I will try to send pics today. I am confident and seeing my big pregnant belly this morning i am happy i took that decisiob;)...catch you later.

Intervention- and the night after

I arrived at the clinic rockland Md and everything went very smothly and fast. I was asked to arrive at 9:15am and was in the operating room at 10:00. Of course as soon as i got in Dr Benchetrit saw me and made all his markings. He was calm and his confident just made me relax. In rhe operating room all i felt was the burning (5 second) from anaestesia. So intervention lasted two hours until 12:00pm and at 13:00 i opened my eyes and realized it was over. The first few minutes when i woke up it was hurting and they immediatly gave me pain meds that quickly started working . My throat was also hurting from breathing tubes they inserted. I stayed at the clinic until 4 pm and until i was able to pee. Dr came to see me twice at the recovery romm, which was very nice.
My husband drove me home and i lied down on pillows at an angle of 30 degree. The only bad side effects i had was some vomitting but quite honestly when lying down i feel NO PAIN! So i decided not to take any pain killers not even tylenol because i did not want to vomit and because pain is simply not there! ( can't believe i am writing that! Lol!) i just woke up now 4. Am to pee. Getting up is unpleasant but again manageable. The tighness is again manageable. I slept with compression garment on my legs as well to prevent any blood clote. I will try taking tylenol in the morning when in order to be able to walk a little. Hopefully the vomitting will stop.
I strongly believe te drainless technique used by Dr Benchetrit has a lot to do with the way i am feeling... Hope i continue feeling that way. I will post tomorrow;)...

One day post op

This morning i ate toast and had my morning coffee. Still no pain when lying down. Just a little discomfort . Feeling great and so relieved;)


I just received a nice bouquet of Flowers from Dr arie Benchetrit clinic... What a nice touch!

2 days post op

The second day i had difficulty moving around. Getting up wAs so painful .i have a pain inmy neck and back when i get up! I will try to take tylenol every six hours and see how it goes.

Day 5PO

Meeting the dr today. I am anxious to see under the garment .. I will post pictures later. Today i am on tylenol. I stopped the stronger painkillers since day 3 PO. I feel discomfort, tighness and back pain when i walk. Besides that in bes i am very comfortable!

Belly button off centered?

I went to fisrt dr Appointment today. Everything went fine. I just feel belly button off center... I am a little concern about that. Did anyone experience that? I am happy about the shorter scar. Now i hope it will scar nicely...

Belly button PO 5

Not too happy with the look of bb . I really hope it will improve. Can anyone share their experience on that with me? I am concerned.

Day 5PO

Today , 5 days PO i was able to drive. I am not taling any pain killer. The back hurts from walking bent forward.;(
I am scared to take a shower eventhough dr said it was ok. I just dont feel like putting water on the scar.

Finally went to my daughter graduation!

Day 5 PO i went to the graduation of my daughter . I was able to do a lot / drive/ shower/ fix my hair/ nails and go to the grad of my daughter!!! I feel exhausted now but i feel i was very careful not to pull any muscles. I showered with the gurdle covered with plastic bags... I dont want to wet the scar yet;)

No more tylenol

One week PO no more tylenal. Still cannot stand straight but much less tension in the back. Can't wait to walk standing straight;(

DR Benchetrit is calm and inspires confidence. He answered all my concerns and i feel comfortable of my choice. His staff is unbelievably nice.Especially his admin assistant Lynne. I will keep you posted as it goes... 5 days to go before the big Day!!!

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