Tummy Tuck and Thigh Lipo 42-yr Old Mom of 1 Post Weight Loss - Montreal, QC

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Hi everyone! Jumping in here, as I've been...

Hi everyone!

Jumping in here, as I've been reading and learning from all the wonderful ladies' reviews. I'm a bit gun shy, but here goes!

I'm a 42 year old mom, one beautiful daughter, almost 10, and a wonderful (yet perplexed of my need to do this) husband of 20+ years. I've been the overweight kid since the first grade (of course, looking back, I was healthy, not fat)! I gradually yoyo'ed all the way up to 230 pounds a few years after giving birth (I'm 5'3) and managed to lose 85 pounds through old fashioned nutrition and exercise.

I love my new body except for my flabby tummy...it flops up and down when i exercise, and although I know most people won't even know I did this, it bugs me I never really had a flat stomach. I've worked so hard but that skin is not going away. In the beginning I was looking into a lower body lift but surgeon suggested thigh lipo and full tummy tuck. I have the usual worries and concerns which I saw many of us share...here are my top three...

1- I feel selfish and a bit crazy to be doing this willingly. I go between being really excited to worrying I am putting myself through almost a year of not being myself just for a flat tummy...?

2- I am a workout freak. I love the gym, and my Crossfit-type classes. I started over a year ago and I go 3-4 times a week. On top of that I like to weight train once a week and run 1-2 times a week for 4-5 miles. I know I will miss it and I am worried it'll seem like forever until I can get my fitness level back. Of course worried that I'll put on weight as well, as my weight is stable but my exercise routine allows me to indulge in the things I love...

3- pain...I am a wuss. I have had a charmed life in that the only truly pain I've endured has been self inflicted (!)...childbirth and running three full marathons. My doctor has only prescribed dilaudid and I am a bit envious of all the gals with pain pumps and prescriptions galore. Will that be enough? I am not opposed to be in a semi-state of consciousness for a few days if it means not going through the pain!

So that's me for now. I am 4,5 weeks away and starting to nest (making lists, trying to plan meals, being worried a out missing work...)

I may get up the nerve to take pictures eventually...

Some pics

Allrighty...a couple of before pics!

Waiting for pre-op clearance...

Not much happening...three weeks away. Had my blood test and ECG Tuesday. I asked for a copy of my ECG and it has some warnings on it. About t-wave abnormalities and sinus bradycardia (second one is low heart rate, which is normal for me). Did some googling, and apparently ECG are notoriously unreliable for middle-aged women...yikes, am I now middle-aged?

I tried to reach my doctors office...I am not worried about a heart condition AT ALL but now I'm worried I'll have to jump through more hoops to get cleared for surgery. Getting anxious that the date will have to be moved when I have everything set for march 6th...and the assistant called me wednesday that she was waiting to see the doctor yesterday, but no news yet. I hope I'm set before the weekend.

So that's all. A bit of a speed bump but I hope it's only that! Have a great valentines day everyone.

Flat side!

Back home after surgery. I feel amazingly good though I know that won't last! Was in the room by 6:00 and out the door at 10:30! I haven't looked at anything yet. Planning on staying on meds around the clock for a couple days. I will post pics when I can. Did not get sufficient drain info so hubby will call dr office later. Tks all for the positive vibes.

Hubby mixing me a smoothie, daughter is at a friends house for a couple of days. Even the dog is at the sitter! Lol hope this lasts a bit! All I remember from before passing out was feeling cold and hungry!

1 day postoperative

Oy. Soreness really kicking in today. Yesterday I was flying high,hardly any pain or fatigue. I slept really well in my own bed, awake every two hours or so to take meds. Really hunched over today and starting to feel some muscle spasms and pulling at the incision and new bb. Still all wrapped up - want the scar to look better before I see it!

So far pretty good - not as bad as I expected. Not taking pics yet, but I'm very excited to see what it all looks like.

I had lipo but so far no issues or any discomfort (I had outer thighs done). Just some oozing from the four holes.

Very happy to have this website...making buddies and not feeling alone!

Day 2 so far

I feel absolutely blessed to be getting such great sleep! I napped twice yesterday for an hour each time, and last night slept from 10pm-2am (alarm woke me for meds), after that slept till after 8am. I think thenadvil PM the doctor said was ok is really helping.

I do have a whopper of a headache this morning, but not sure if that's related to sleeping position or lack of water - bathroom breaks are quite the expedition so I may not be drinking enough...

Hang in there tt sisters! We've got this. Thank goodness for rs, keeps me busy reading about lovely courageous women!


Ouf. Just had a nice and easy BM. What a relief. Took some correctol this morning and ta-da! I am off the dilaudid, trying to tough it out with Celebrex and Tylenol from now on, but will see how night time goes. Pain is very manageable, just getting b-o-r-e-d! Watched an Extreme Couponing marathon on TLC...

One more day...

Allrighty, day 3 or 4? When do we start counting?

Anywho, slept pretty well again. I had spent all of yesterday with Tylenol and Celebrex only but chickened out at bedtime and took my dilaudid. My daughter woke up at 4am (she's been on an extended sleepover since my surgery) demanding cuddles. We all went right back to sleep till about 8.

Feeling pretty good this morning. The belly dressing is getting kinda grungy. My ps only sees me Friday but I may call and see if we're allowed to at least change the bandage. I managed to wash my hair by myself with the detachable shower head (I'm not allowed to shower...) and that made me feel goooooodddd. Don't have the stamina to style it properly but at least it's clean!

Any idea how to relieve the boredom of it all? Oh my goodness...I thought I'd somewhat enjoy being the couch queen but it drives me insane! Hubby has been wonderful, but I feel guilty having him at my beck and call

I know I need to let time go by a bit!

Have a wonderful day rs friends. It's so nice and sunny here, I wish I could go sit outside but there's way too much ice and snow here. Maybe in a couple of days!

I can't wait until I can take off some of the dressings and take pictures. Right now I can't really tell what it all looks like...soon!

Monday monday...

Well, this keeps going well! Had another good night (tks to Celebrex and dilaudid with a dash if Advil pm!) and decided this morning to get my bandage changed as it hadn't been changed since the surgery.

Hubby called the ps office and we drove down to get it changed. First outing for me! Yay! The medical assistant was amazed at how straight I was standing (huh?) and that I'm recovering very well.

Saw my belly for the first time...wow. It looks nice and flat but is still swollen and completely numb. I'm happy about the scar but the nasty looking staples still freak me out. Ill change the bandage tomorrow and take some pics then.

Hope everyone is healing well! Happy monday!

Comic relief...

Oh dear...my hubby trying to sort and fold laundry. Although he's very helpful, he's never done that! So now he's asking my ten year old daughter to help him figure out what clothes/socks belong to whom...too sweet! Trying not to giggle on the couch!


So this is going all right so far. Last night was...interesting. I can sleep at a flatter angle but the stitches are starting to bug me, and I had this really stretchy feeling in my tummy all evening. So I slept on and off even after taking dilaudid hoping it would help. I'm thinking it didn't do a lot ofgood so I'll stop taking it now. Plus I always wake up with a headache...wonder if our room may be too dry?

I'm standing pretty straight this morning but still feeling very swollen. Back pain hits mostly at night. Trying to eat right but as I get my appetite back it's difficult to not eat too many treats.still doing ok so far.

Still, I'm happy and this is easier than I expected. My drains are dwindling down to nothing...last 24hr was under 30cc combined,so I expect they'll both come out Thursday.

Hoping for an un eventful day! My daughter has piano lessons after school so I'll be alone till 5pm. It's nice until I get lonely! I'll log on to work and clear a few emails, hopefully that will make my return in two weeks easier.

Have a great day everyone! Hoping to change my bandage tomorrow and have the guts to snap pics. The first time I saw my tummy I felt nauseous. It was not a Kodak moment! Felt like I was looking at someone else's stomach. Very strange!

Wednesday...day 6?

Ok, today is a strange day.

Slept ok, a bit on my side but the incision was digging into the mattress. Woke up with the same headache but. It as bad. Washed my hair (shower tomorrow, SHOWER TOMORROW!), folded some laundry, worked for an hour on the laptop annnnnndddd...crashed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I am in no pain, only a tiny bit of passing discomfort around the bb area, but I am WIPED! Exhausted, like the freight train hit. I had visions of going for a short walk outside (but there's a foot of snow coming, of course) so that's not happening. I was gonna make a nice dinner...nope, not happening either!

I am listening to my body. I am on the couch. Asking for hubby to get me things (he thinks this is WEIRD because I only had his help part of my surgery day). Days of our lives is on (that bad!)

Tomorrow is a big day, drains and some stitches coming out, lunch out and SHOWER! So I'll rest up for that

Thinking of everyone going into surgery today, go 3/12 -ers!

Drains of our lives...

Ok..any one who still has drains in should proceed with caution...and all ended well but it was a 'fun' adventure there for a while...

We get to my ps's office, for my appointment where I am told 2/3 of the staples along my incisions will be removed, along with my drains which have barely been draining 25cc combined in 24 hours. As we're waiting, hubby asks if he can come back with me. He's never met my ps, and I guess he's curious? He's been a bit squeamish around me, but sure? What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Dr assistant comes and gets us, gets me to disrobe, and dr comes in. Hubby asks if he can stay, to which dr jokingly replies 'if you're not gonna pass out its all good'...

Dr starts with pulling out the staples, and although a couple of them pull a bit at the skin, no big deal, and the 'boys' are chatting, why did you become a PS...bla bla bla. Now he gets to a drain, cuts the little stitch rope holding it together, pulls, and.....the tube BREAKS. Wtf. Ps says 'well, that's never happened before'. Ok. Noone is panicking. Should I panic (not yet...that came a couple minutes later)

He moves to the other side, removes the other drain effortlessly, and goes to get some kind of instruments in another room. He's flustered...hubby is sitting in a chair...ok...

He comes back, and starts, for lack of a better word, fishing around the hole with his scissors (?)...I promptly start hyperventilating and seeing black spots, doctor lowers the chair to a lying down position, hubby comes around and holds my hand. They get me breathing, and he continues to FISH for this thing around my belly through one hole and the other, but obviously the little sucker has escaped and is nowhere to be found.

I start imagining him having to rush me to a hospital to OPEN ME BACK UP and I start cursing that things had been going SO WELL...FML. So he's still fishing, seems more flustered, and all of a sudden hubby DROPS my hand and says, in a weirdly calm tone, "I'll just step out for a second, ok?"... and BOLTS OUT OF THE ROOM. Yeah. So that happened.

PS asks me if I can feel the tube somewhere...wtf, I am so thankful I can't feel anything but some pulling at this point. A few more minutes go by, and he finds the little sucker on the other side, and pulls it out from the freaking incision! End scene.

He tells me it's out, seems sooooo relieved. I'm nervous as hell but, hey, it's out, ok...asks if I'm ok and I burst out laughing, and ask if maybe he should be checking on my husband...lol.

Wow. So we make our next appt to remove the last of the staples, they tell me how to protect the incision, shower tomorrow, etc etc, the drain holes will bleed for a couple of days. We leave, hit the pharmacy where hubby buys bandages and I beeline for the Gatorade fridge and down the freaking bottle in like one minute (definitely needed the sugar).

. We were meting a friend of mine who is going through breast cancer chemo. We had lunch with her and came home.

Poor hubby keeps apologizing, this should have been about you...poor guy tells me he ended up in the bathroom splashing water on his face, that all along he was freaked that the doctor looked freaked...yeah.

In the end all is good. I am a bit sore but free of the little f@&$ drain that wouldn't go, and standing straighter. Also exhausted...

Sorry for the long description...but we were having a good chuckle about it over lunch...although it wasn't funny at the time!

Happy healing everyone!

Its ok to feel blue...

Wel, after yesterday's fun filled events, it's like I just crashed. Whether its the stress of the last seven days, the relief that everything is ok, the fact that I still have a long road ahead to recovery, thatvthe winter just won't go away or that I'm not sleeping well or have my period...I just felt "off".

And it wasn't tragic, and it wasn't funny, but after a few hours I just stopped fighting it and gave myself the permission to mope and cry a bit. For no reason at all. Even though I'm lucky, my surgery went well, results look good, had no complications, I have a great husband and daughter, good friends and a good job. Yup, I was just mopey!

And it made me feel a little bit better. I think we don't give ourselves the right to do that a lot, between family, work and social activities. So I'll try to embrace this literal 'downtime' and give myself permission to just feel. I know I may sound bratty or whiny, but right now that's how I feel.

This community is amazing, and I thank everyone around here. Everyone is supportive, understanding and unfailingly polite even when small disagreements occur. So I'm grateful for that!

On the up side, first shower this morning was great! I was gonna wait for hubby to be home with me but just went ahead. I handwashed my binder and it's now drip drying while I wear fake spanx. And now I'm just gonna take it easy today!

Happy healing everyone!

I feel good!

Just some toes pics for now! Today is a great day, i slept soooo well!

Normal day!

Yay! Today was the first normal day. Slept BEAUTIFULLY from 10:30 pm to 9:00 this morning...yayyyy...Drove for the first time with my daughter to get our bi-annual pedicure (we usually go in the spring but we needed a sedate activity!). After that we grabbed some subway, and spent the afternoon at my friends house (the ones who babysat her for three days last week). We ended up staying for dinner, my daughter had a grand old time with the kids while we chit chatted...it was great. We drove home, hubby came home from his first day back at work and they're going to bed.

I had to find pants that I had kept that we're too big (pants are size 10...pre surgery I was a 6, sometimes 8). That made me see if I have to work in my binder I am in trouble as it is not dress season here yet at all. I'm hoping spanx will be ok...or they'll see a whole lot of those pants, since they're the only pants that size I still own. Once I lost the weight I lost the clothes, as I had started from size 18 two years ago...

I hope everyone is having a good day. I promise as soon as the last of the staples are removed I'll take decent 'after' pictures. That should be Monday...yay!

Here come some pics

I am having a hard time snapping a decent pic but I'll post some in a few minutes. I still have a lot of swelling, I think, but even if this was the best it gets I am very happy the jiggle factor is gone! beware the lovely staples

Took a nice thirty minute walk today in cold winter weather (I'm talking snow pants, boots, scarf, hats and gloves). Felt real nice. I will try and start walking more and more every day. I have seven days till back to work.

Happy Sunday everyone!



Today is a good day!

Went to the doc to get my staples removed...yay! His assistant actually did it and was much gentler. Hubby stayed behind this time in the waiting room...lol. Read up a couple of posts if this doesn't make sense! When we left we saw the doctor, and he purposely looked right at my husband and asked "and how are you feeling today?". Lol...

Went to my fave little Italian place and splurged on minestrone, pizza AND dessert. So good.

So I am steri-striped now. Next appt in two weeks. Not allowed to exercise other than walk (boo). I really don't feel like exercising but was hoping at the 21-day mark. Oh well. Went for another 25 minute walk today and was a bit tired. I feel like a caged horse. My upper body telling me to slow down as my legs just wanna gallop! I was working out 6-7 days a week pre surgery.

I go back to work Monday but ps suggested only doing every other day (my leave time is not paid, so it's up to me, really). I've decided to take him up on that. I wanna make sure I recover, this is a hopefully once in a lifetime occurrence after all.

I'll try and snap more pictures tomorrow morning, as I'm having a difficult time seeing progress though I know it's there.

Happy Monday everyone!

Day 13

Well we are more and more back to normal. I went shopping today for some sort of support garment since I can't stand that binder under work clothes. I bought a jockey and another one - cant remember the brand - they both felt tight enough, and are much slimmer than my binder. I also took my half hour walk outside.

Ps did say the binder stays on for 4 full weeks. After that it's another month wearing it night or day. I have a new routine though...after dinner binder comes off while I deflate! Lol. I put it back on before bed. My skin all over is so dry, I think it's because I ve been housebound for a while...lol. And it's still very much winter here...

Someone asked about my lipo...it was only to outer thighs and so far I have to say I don't really see if it truly did anything. I guess I'll have a better idea when I put on tighter fitting pants and the swelling has gone down. It did add a couple of thousand to my surgery bill so I do plan on asking how much he sucked out of there. I was quite heavy for a long time so it may take a while for my skin to settle. Regardless...I'm done with major surgery I think. I can't wait till I can take this new body out for a spin at the gym and at the beach.

I've also not weighed myself. I had my period and that sends my weight up three to four pounds. And in the end...doesn't really matter to me...much :)

Happy healing everyone.

Just some pics

Overall happy. Still a bit poochy below the bb.


Well it's becoming quite uneventful. Energy is back, swelling is minimal though I am hoping the pouch below the BB goes away in time, and I fail to see many changes on my thighs where lipo was done. But I still am happy with the results overall.

I've noticed a lot of people with all different kinds of recoveries. I think it's great that we all share, not to brag about recovery, or perfect families, or whatever, but that everyone can see that no two women's experiences will be the same. I've had a pretty good recovery, but my husband hasn't jumped for joy and my daughter hasn't been exemplary every single day...but that's ok. For the first time in a long time a lot of us are putting ourselves first on the list.

Isnt' that cool?

Added some pics above. My incision is really itchy under those steristrips, especially the drain hole where the surgeon had to rummage through to recover the lost drain.

Are you guys replacing lost steristrips? I am not sure if I should put small bandaids. I only see PS next Monday (the 31st) and I'm pretty sure the strips won't make it that long.

Happy Saturday everyone (about 6 inches of snow fell here today...so I walked the dof in the snow...spring my a$$) ;)

Itchy update...

So I accidentally tore off the steristrip while scratching the itch...turns out it was a renegade staple! I guess when the doc had to root around the drain hole the staple went in hiding. So I pulled a John McCain and removed it myself (ow!). Recoverd it in steristrips I had purchased at the drugstore. No more itch!


lol! Yippe-Kay-yay guy, not presidential hopeful guy!

Looking back a bit

Well, almost three weeks and not much new. Back at work, I do office work, the hardest part is how tired I am at the end of the day. Swelling still there a bit, but no pain. I usually take my cg off for dinner and put it back on before bed (my ps says four weeks 24/7, I figure 21/7 is ok.

I thought I'd make a list of things that were just as expected, things that were unexpected, and things that pop in my head...lol in case it can help someone!

1- I expected much more PAIN. I experienced discomfort, especially the first 2-3 days and while moving to/from bathroom, bed, et . Pain pills were stopped within 2-3 days, Tylenol after 6. Fiber pills and stool softeners rock! And day 1-2, even peeing was interesting! Didn't wanna force the flow!

2- used my walker for four days. It helped save my back.

3- slept in bed from day 1. I was weepy and didn't feel like being alone, and even though I have a great hubby he wouldn't have slept on the couch close to me. Man loves his bed. I managed fine with pillows. Slept great until night 7 (after the drain debacle), and days 9 onward

4- drains were not as gross as I expected. Annoying, uncomfortable, but I thought seeing tubes coming OUT of me would freak me out. They didn't.

5- not showering for a week was fine. Wetones do a good job.

6- first time seeing my belly made me nauseous. Ugh. Frankenstein

7- first shower was fine, but it was at seven days. Anytime before would have been too early for me.

8- exercise restriction is ok. I miss working out but am definitely not up to it. I miss the way I feel during a workout, but can't imagine stressing my abs now.

9-'everyone is different. I used realself to comfort myself, but tried not to compare. And, doctor's advice trumps the Internet.

10- give it time! I am very impatient. I wish I could see 'me' in 6 months. I'm overly critical of myself. Could I be doing something now, eat better, rest better, drink more water, less soda, less sugar, more fiber...oy. We all need to give ourselves a break. Relax, take the time to heal, keep laughing!

Almost four weeks appt

Allrighty, it's funny I find there is less and less relevant info for me to share as time goes on, but here goes!

Saw my ps today basically for a farewell unless I have questions in the future. I had hoped to get his blessing for two things: take baths and hot tubs, and resume exercising. I got one out of 2. He is adamant in his practice that a full six weeks is required to heal. Sure, he says you can tempt it, but why? Most studies show maximum healing at six weeks.

So in the grand scheme of things, even though I am disappointed, I will,follow his advice. I can walk, which I do everyday, and taking stairs is also ok. What's 17 days? It seems a lot, but my biggest challenge honestly is that I'm a bit worried about gaining weight (I used to eat more, since I worked out 60-90 minutes a day), and I am having difficulty sleeping (lack of physical tiredness). But I won't risk needing another procedure if I overdo it.

I can take baths and have decided to book a doctor-approved spa date with my hubby. I'll need a new bikini too!

I still have quite a bit of swelling middle of my tummy below the bb and he's not worried at all, and it may take a few weeks to subside. He asked how the lipo areas were (saddlebags), and I told him it wasn't very noticeable, and he assured me they were still,pretty swollen, to give it time. I knew that, but hearing it helps.

I have a prescription for two scar things (pads,or strips?) I will do some research online to see which is preferable. What do you guys use on the scar? I still have some scabbing (around the drain from hell area) so it'll wait a couple of weeks.

I have a couple of small bumps below my skin and he says those are absorbable sutured which will 'melt' I guess within a couple of weeks.

So that's that! I'll be bathing suit shopping Thursday ...maybe I'll post selfies!

Almost six weeks!

Well, not much new. Swelling seems to be under control. I wear my binder half the time as instructed.

I never did to bathing suit shopping. I guess a side effect of a flat tummy is that now I focus on my big butt and legs...lol, sad but true! But I truly love my tummy. I was noticing how much is gone in my bathtub, when I used to have so much skin floating around. I just can't wait to exercise properly (I have started treadmill walking and a tiny bit of running and I feel good, but of course nothing hard core yet...some squats, arm weights). I feel like I am coming out of hibernation.

I am avoiding the scale as I know I probably put on a couple of pounds. I know they'll come off easily once I am back in a normal workout routine, so best not to stress. I am a bit disappointed my pants are not much looser. In particular the lipo doesn't seem to have taken care of much. But again, in the grand scheme of things, that's ok.

So all in all, I'm happy I did this...but it's a slow process!

Back to real workouts

Well today I am sore and very happy! Went back to crossfit classes, and it was soooo hard, but the abs did not limit what I could do. I had given myself two full months, but I decided today was the day (6 weeks 5 days). I was really happy to see my gym crew again.

I had no problem with ab movements but we did not have any crunches-type exercises, only a few stabilizing moves (like plank), and that went fairly well.

Tonight I am a bit swollen but it is all so worth it. I feel like a million bucks and I will sleep like a baby!

Traveling = swelling!

Well eight weeks PO and I had a business trip this week...four hour flight.

Anyone fly yet? On a normal day, flying makes me retain water...but wow did I ever swell up. Ugh. Could barely get my cg on to sleep. I guess it doesn't help that I ate out for three days after, hellooooo sodium! Lol. I was good and did not overindulge, and I ran three miles every morning, but still...

It was just getting back to normal...of course I had to fly home...lol. I still feel like a balloon!

Nothing else to report. Still not thrilled with the lipo...I think my skin is too loose to bounce back. But that's not a huge deal. I could consider a thigh lift but honestly think I'm done. I don't wanna get in a mode to try and be perfect. I'm a 42-year old mom who was overweight most of her life...and now I'm better than ever!

Have a great weekend!

Some pics

Happy Mother's Day! Just back from a 5k run with hubby and daughter in tow - on her bike. Took the pics before I left. I think my scar is ok but angry-red looking!
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