One Selphyl Treatment Did Nothing - Montreal, QC

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I had a Selphyl treatment done in the summer of...

I had a Selphyl treatment done in the summer of 2011. I dished out a lot of money for this treatment in the hopes that I could maybe fix some of the damage that was done to my face after a horrendous and completely heartbreaking outcome following an IPL procedure. Getting Selphyl injected was painful. I had no numbing cream or anything like that -- not sure what the doc was thinking. It hurt a lot every time the needle went in. I had it injected all over my face. It made me swollen for 2-3 days and it made my forehead look lumpy. Thankfully all this swelling did resolve and the bruising resolved as well. In the end I did not notice any rejuvenation whatsoever. Granted, my face is very damaged from the IPL. I felt I should not go back for more due to the high cost and instead save up for a fat graft.

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