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I am at the beginning stages of fixing my teeth. I...

I am at the beginning stages of fixing my teeth. I have crowding and will need orthognatic jaw surgery to correct an underbite. I have started Invisalign (with 6 attachments) for my top teeth (dec 2013) and started ceramic braces for the lower (feb 2014) I also needed three gum grafts to fix receding gums which delayed the lower braces. Then I had my bottom two wisdom teeth removed (feb 2014) I already had my top wisdom teeth removed when I was younger. I am supposed to wear 32 trays of Invisalign (18 months) then will switch to ceramic braces on the top (and bottom) during and 6 months post jaw surgery. I am not a big fan of any of this but must do it. I am glad I wasn't talked into ceramic braces by my orthodontist for the top teeth after seeing my bottom teeth with braces. I'm so far pretty happy with Invisalign. The ceramic braces I definitely prefer over metal ones they are untouchable except for maybe pronouncing a few letters. But wow. Having braces is no cake walk. With food getting stuck in there and flossing, Invisalign you just have to brush your teeth more often and not snack but taking them off makes that pretty quick. I'm not that happy with Invisalign's claim to be invisible. The spit bubbles and attachments are pretty noticeable. But they definitely beat braces. Ceramic or metal. I actually wanted to get lingual braces behind my teeth but my orthodontist who is a lingual provider actually said he wasn't that confident in them, plus they are not a great option during jaw surgery in case a bracket becomes dislodged while your jaw is wired shut. So far I haven't told anyone I have braces, and seemingly nobody has noticed. I've been training myself to not show off my crooked teeth for so many years, so hiding my orthodontics is not much different. I guess that will change once I have ceramic braces on the top. It still seems like a long road ahead but I look forward to having a big confident smile.

7th tray

7th tray of 32 of Invisalign. It seems the most movement is with the back teeth. This tray never gave me the regular pressure and sore teeth other trays have when I first put it in. Visually I still don't notice any difference. The next tray is the 1/4 of the way mark.
I have not had my bottom braces adjusted since being put on in February. One bracket came loose. Got put back on.
My bottom wisdom teeth were pulled last month. Still need a jet to clean out the holes left.
I heard about acceledent on this site. A product that speeds up the time of braces by up to half! And my orthodontist is a supplier. (One of the first in Canada.) I asked him about it. He seems to advocate it. So I'm going for it. For around $1000, less time in braces, why not. 20 minutes a day of sticking some weird vibrating gadget in my mouth. Meh. I can deal with that.
My next appointment is in April, and I should have it by then.

Tray 13/32

I'm moving along with Invisalign. I actually received up to tray 17 my last visit. 16 will mean half way! I also started using accelendent around tray 8/9? I forget. Now I am changing trays every 10 days. The orthodontist says things are progressing well.
My bottom teeth with the ceramic braces are really a mess! There are expander and they haven't engaged two teeth yet. So everything except those teeth are really moving forward. Which because I already have an underbite is not that cool.
Still am a fan of Invisalign. It's so much easier to deal with than the braces on the bottom! It's a real mess down there right now, and not easy to clean.
The latest good news I heard from my ortho was that I won't have to wear braces after my jaw surgery! I will have to during the procedure and for a few weeks after but then can switch back to Invisalign again for the final stage which I hear is 3-6 months.
So right now I really have no idea when the surgery will happen. I will be done Invisalign in December? But I think the braces will take longer. So maybe February? I guess I should ask my orthodontist.
I'm definitely a little worried about the underbite surgery. I have seen pictures of people after and read reviews. And it looks crazy! They are really swollen and it takes a long time to be able to eat and talk etc... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself for that month or so. Become a hermit in my apartment? go somewhere south and relax. I won't be working. that's for sure.

So in summary. Things are looking worse than ever. I'm getting weird gaps in my upper teeth. And some real wild teeth on the bottom. But I guess things have to get worse before they get better.


Tray 17/32

Over half way there! I now switch trays every 10 days with Acceledent. My orthodontist gave me up to tray 23. So that is 3/4 of the way! I haven't figured out exactly when I am supposed to be done Invisalign but think it should be in November or December. That will be less than a year treatment, but then once I have jaw surgery I don't know how long it will take. I have no idea when the braces on the bottom are supposed to be done. I guess these are things I should be asking my Orthodontist? I forgot the last time I was there. They had put spacers on two of my bottom teeth initially on teeth 23 and 26, so the wire was not connected to those brackets. But at the last visit they had made enough room that they could now engage those teeth. I think with an underbite and bottom braces pulling forward my teeth I think it accentuates my underbite. Still nervous about undergoing the surgery, but I will deal with it when the time comes.
Dr. Paul Korne

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