Upper Lip Lift. Montreal, QC

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I've always hated how thin my upper lip was,...

I've always hated how thin my upper lip was, especially in comparison to my moderately full lower lip. I am small and have more petite features (for the most part...), so I'm not looking for huge, blown up massive lips. That would look ridiculous as my mouth is quite small/petite as it is.

But I never understood why dark lipstick colours never looked good on me. The second I'd put on any coloured shade beyond nude- be it mauve, red, coral, dark pink, you name it.... I instantly look tired, angry, and it adds about a good 25 years to my face. Not the look I'm going for.
I tried getting Volbella injections, but those did NOTHING. Just gave me trout mouth that last 5 days, then just disintegrated.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I actually realized that an upper lip lift was actually...a THING! I went into the closest facility to me, walking distance, and put my deposit down.

I finally got it done today. I was really nervous and just wanted to get it over with! I didn't think I could lie there awake with just local anaesthesia, so I asked for light IV sedation, but the effects of that worried me too, from past experiences. I was expecting the procedure to be 45 mins long, but after popping an Ativan they gave me, I finally began to relax mid-way through the procedure (the freezing needle was BY FAR the WORST part). Everything else after that was a walk in the park. But the entire thing felt like it lasted 10 mins or less. I knew and know I'm in good hands. I relaxed reclined on a bed for maybe 15-20 after while they gave me water and my post-op info.

Before I knew it, I was well enough to get dressed and head home. Thankfully I live 5 mins walking distance from the facility! Lucky me indeed! So grateful for that convenience!

Since coming home, the area has stung a bit intermittently, but it's seemed to have stopped. I won't be taking any painkillers til I absolutely have to, probably right before bed. I'm trying to keep my head elevated and using the ice packs intermittently. Not sure how I'm gonna get through a week of "hiding away" in my apt (I live solo), but I'll make it work, I guess! Time to catch up on TV, movies, reading and other not-so-fun stuff... I won't have an excuse, so this time off will force me to.

How do you think my wound looks for day 1? I am pleasantly surprised and am looking fwd to seeing how it evolves throughout the next week. I reallllly hope I can get my stitches taken out by next Friday morning, because after a week of not going out, I will have gone crazy. Have tickets to see a show with friends out of town, so I'm praying I can get the stitches out within a week's time,...so far the answer is up in the air.

We'll see. I'll post more pics of my recovery as the days pass!

Day 2.. feeling a bit swollen but no pain!

It's Day 2, about 26 hours post op... I slept well, but the Ativan yesterday did make me a bit loopy and thrown off, and i had slept during the day and only felt the need to go to bed at 3am :O I have not taken ANY pain meds (no Tylenol, not the Codeine Rx), because I haven't had to! Hopefully this will be the case. I'm impatient and just excited to see the final result once the swelling goes down and can't wait to see what it looks like with makeup/lipstick. I think the biggest challenge is getting through the next week, waiting to heal... without being able to go out and see people and be seen, especially with the weather getting warmer! I have to take it day by day. I'm feeling a bit swollen today... maybe slightly more so than yesterday. I'm using the ice packs here and there and just trying to relax.

Day 3

Today is Day 3 and so far so good. I'm realizing how swollen my nose has gotten- the tip of my nose and nostrils are so wide and bulbous compared to before! But I guess it makes sense. I just hope the swelling goes down soon, I'm going to place ice packs on my nose more today.

Other than that, the healing's going well, I'm happy with what I see so far, and just can't wait to get these stitches out. I'm curious to see what the scar will look like next weekend.

It does hurt when I laugh, grin and smile, which is unfortunate! but a small price to pay I guess! Hope my smile will be back to normal by Friday which is when I will be resuming my social life and activities!

Day 4

Definitely less swelling today, although I noticed that it's pretty swollen when I first wake up! I guess that's common.

I switched from using Polysporin ointment to just regular Vaseline. I figured it was the safer bet since I have extremely sensitive skin, and my post-op instructions state to just use Vaseline. There's still an intermittent tingling/burning sensation, on top of stinging. I've also noticed slightly increased redness under my nostrils. My scars normally fade pretty well, so I hope this remains to be the case.

I have my first Post-Op appointment later on this afternoon. Normally they schedule it 24 hrs later, but since my surgery was on a Friday, I had to wait till today. I am HOPING I can have the stitches out this Friday... but so far it's scheduled for Saturday. *Fingers crossed!!*

I'm eager to resume to my normal everyday tasks but have had to remind myself that I'm still healing, and that it's ok to take time to relax. Relaxing over the weekend was one thing, but since it's Monday, I feel like I should be doing more! :) I've left my apt a few times already and have gone out in public, but in general I'm still keeping a low profile til these stitches come out!

I have a fear that every time I laugh or grin or take a big bite out of something, that I'm stretching the stitches. Ugh!

Day 5

Not much to say other than the swelling's gone down quite a bit, and the results look natural, which is good.

Had my follow-up yesterday evening and I do have to wait until Saturday late morning to get my stitches taken out, unfortunately, versus Friday morning, which would be exactly 1 week. He said Thurs evening was otherwise an option, but that it's risky as the wound may re-open. I def. don't want that happening.

This recovery period feels like forever, I'm so antsy and just want to get back to my regular self and get out and see people!

Other than that, my dr. is really pleased with the results and said it's healing well, etc.

Stinging and itching seemed a bit more intense today than previous days. Starting to get a little freaked out about the stitch removal but hope it's relatively pain-free and swift.

Day 7

Here are pics from this morning.

I'm a bit paranoid because while I was putting vaseline on the wound just now, I noticed one short end of the stitches just sticking out from my skin on the left hand side of the incision (show on the right side in the photos, but it's blurry). Don't know if in my sleep the knot came undone, but all the other "ends" of the stitches are tied up... I'm just scared this will come undone or get stuck under my skin! I really hope not.

Also, I'm contemplating taking a Gravel for when I get the stitches taken out.

Any thoughts? thanks.

Worried because removable sutures are being absorbed into skin

So, my skin is slowly growing over some of the stitches and I'm worried. I want these out ASAP.

Day 8 - Sutures removed this morning - so eager to resume social activities!!

So I guess I had freaked myself out by observing the sutures too closely. They were taken out this morning and I'm so glad it's over with. From 2 posts ago, autocorrect changed "Gravol" to "Gravel". Gravel is basically dramamine. Yup I'm that squeamish that I needed to take something to make me drowsy while my sutures came out :/

My results are really quite natural, with about 4 to 4.5 mm excised in the middle. It doesn't look overdone, thankfully.

Now I'm just worried about this weird scar. I'm going out tonight and really would like it covered up... am I jumping the gun by thinking that I can cover this up with foundation? I hope not... I know I need to give it time but I really want to resume my social life and activities.

I wonder if I can get IPL laser treatment once the scar has fully healed?? Anyone know? I forgot to ask.

Also, anyone had good experience using Aquaphor vs. Vaseline on new scars?

Sat. Night

So I spent a decent amount of time applying foundation with a small fine bristle brush to the scar. I'm not sure if that was ill-advised, but I did it anyway... went out, and had a great time.

As you can see, it's not flawless and perfect but that was the best I could do, and no one noticed or said anything.

My scar is a horizontal line that's indented... I guess that means it hasn't fully finished healing yet. I hope the indent goes away eventually and becomes flush with my skin... it's like a horizontal creviced line. It was challenging to cover up with foundation, as I had to apply a lot to fill the crevice in order for it to not look noticeable.

Anyway, I'm alternating Aquaphor, Vaseline, and Polysporin ointment and cream on the scar.

I included some shots of my mediocre makeup job on my scar. Even though it wasn't perfect, it was dark out and it felt so good to be able to get dressed up and put makeup on again.

13 days post-op

I haven't worn make up to cover it up :) The scar has felt tight today since I woke up. I have been sleeping with polysporin ointment on it and Vaseline or Aquaphor during the day. I'm optimistic about the healing, just have to be patient... all of my other scars have healed quite well in the past.

1 month post op

Here is my 1 month post -op update. The scar is still a bit dark, but it's not that bad. I'm going to post pics of how it looks when I cover it up with foundation.

I'm pretty happy, again it's very natural. With my features, I'm not a candidate for big blown up lips.
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