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I can't say enough about how much I love...

I can't say enough about how much I love endermologie and why I would highly recommend it. And if you are in Montreal, I definitely recommend Studio MMV in Cote des Neiges for stellar service. First, let's talk about the results. Does it work? YES, without a doubt. This treatment helped re-shape my waist area. I saw major improvement after 10 sessions and from then on, I have been doing them just once a month to maintain the results. Is it permanent? No, the firming effect last about a month, but that wouldn't stop me from recommending it for two reasons. One, if you are heading to the beach, this is a quick, pleasant, painless, and risk-free way to refine your contours. Second, seeing the improvements greatly boosted my motivation to keep working out. Nothing is more de-motivating than going to the gym week after week and barely seeing any change. Endermology will turbo-charge your workout results. The results you see in my photos are the combination of 12 treatments and 5 months of weight training and HIIT cardio at the gym. As you see, my love handles have been disappearing while I have been packing muscle onto my back and shoulders.
Here is the other, and greater, reason why I love endermologie: it has tremendous, noticeable health benefits. Having the treatment on lower half made that heavy feeling in my legs a distant memory. I used to feel like I was literally dragging myself around. This increased energy and better circulation made it much easier to get off my butt and go to the gym. LPG, as they call the treatment, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, and you can definitely feel the effects.
LPG also greatly improved my sleep. I have restless legs syndrome and I had better nights for the week I had a treatment. I started to forget how bad my RLS could be until I started going a couple weeks between treatments and had some rough nights.
LPG improved my overall evergy levels. No doubt! I started feeling like I had the energy to keep going all day instead of getting that 'crash' by 2:00 pm.
LPG rescued me from my winter months depression. It totally carried me through the winter on that level. I think it would be a good treatment to get when you are going through any kind of bad stress.
LPG gave me more stamina. I have a pretty severe sensory processing disorder that makes it so I have a low tolerance for certain sounds, lights, touch/clothing, and even for social input, as in just talking to or being around people too much will drain me, even though I am quite social and like people very much. LPG has made a radical difference for me on this end. Going to the gym and using a water massage bed will help for a few hours, but having LPG gives and effect that lasts nearly a week. Thanks to that, I have been able to tolerate things like shopping malls, coffee shops, church, and even just being around my own family without feeling like it's a strain because of the sensory discomfort.
It has been radical for me in so many ways. I feel like it has helped me even more on a health level than on a beauty level.
Studio MMV is a nice, clean place with a friendly atmosphere. The staff is kind and professional and I have never gotten anything but 5-star service. They are a small clinic and sometimes they were booked for the next week, so I had to wait a few days longer to get my next treatment. Book your treatments in advance to make sure you get them when you want. Because it is recognized as an alternative medicine treatment by Health Canada, your insurance may cover it, and the government will even cover one treatment. It cost $675 CD for a treatment package. Totally worth it!

After a Maintenance Treatment

If you are wondering how much difference there is from one treatment to another, I just had one today, which is about two days from the previous 'after picture'.

Before and After

My before shot next to my shot after the last maintenance treatment today. Huge difference!

Lovely Olga at Centre de Sante et de Beaute Montreal (formerly Studio MMV) is one of the sweetest, kindest and most pleasant people I have ever met. She has a background in nursing and naturopathy and puts her heart and soul into her work. She does an excellent job and you can really see that she cares about her clients and does her best to get them the best results and if she doesn't think a treatment is suited for you, she will tell you honestly.

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