25 Years Old. No Kids. Want to Get Rid of my Tummy! - Montreal, QC

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Hi everyone! Not even sure if anyone is going to...

Hi everyone!

Not even sure if anyone is going to ready this but here goes!

I've been on this website for a while - a couple of years to be exact. I have been researching liposuction for just as long and I think I'm ready to take the next step.

So about me. I'm 5'1, 25 years old. I'm about 130 pounds. I used to be 120 and was very happy with my body. Curves in all the right places. However, with the stress of work, moving, family issues, I put on 30 pounds. At my largest, I hit 150. I lost 20 pounds in the past year and the last 5-10 pounds just won't come off. I really do think if I truly applied myself, I could lose it all eventually. It's just become such an emotional and mental issue for me. Everything I wear doesn't look good. Every time I'm out, I feel embarrassed about my body. I'm a cute girl lol, but just need to get rid of this extra fat. I haven't been happy with my body in two years so I think it's time I do something about it. I totally understand that lipo is NOT a weight loss method. However, I do believe that this will be a huge motivator to get my ass back to the gym and eat better. I feel like lipo would change everything for me and motivate me to look and feel even better (especially because I'm paying thousands for this, taking time off work, and my pain tolerance is not great at all) so I would work even harder to lose weight and keep it all off. I'm just excited to fit into all my old clothes again. I have thicker thighs, and a small waist so I know that lipo will definitely give me that hourglass figure I used to have.

I've looked into a couple of doctors and I have a consult in a couple of weeks with a doctor here in Montreal. I met with him 6 months ago for a lipo consult however I just couldn't go through with it at that time. I had way too much going on during that time. So this won't be my first time meeting with him. He seems like a very knowledgeable and caring guy. His office is very nice and clean. The staff is great. So I'm not too worried about anything at the moment.

I do want to get my bra roll, full abdomen and my flanks done and I'm paying about 4250 CAD for this. I would do coolsculpting however I tried it on my neck and I promised myself I would never go through that again. For that kind of pain and money, I'd rather have lipo done and actually see results. But that's a whole other story... Anyway, I will be taking a week off work to stay home and relax and I'm going to have my boyfriend stay at my place and help me out for a couple of days.

I'm hoping to schedule an appointment for beginning of September, right after I get back from my vacation. I'll post before pictures after my consult in a couple of weeks.

If anyone has any advice, comments, questions, let me know!

Surgery Booked!

Hi guys!

Surgery has been booked for the 23rd of September. Coming up pretty quickly... I'm doing flanks, upper and lower abdomen, bra roll, and under chin. So much to do in so little time. I want to post before pictures but I'm going to wait till I get the professional ones the doctor took. Total cost of the surgery is about 6500$.

I still have so much to do. I need to go get all my supplies ready, clean the house, buy groceries, get my medication... Overwhelmed but super excited. I feel like this is the perfect time for me to do this. I'm starting a new job mid October so I will have a couple of weeks to relax and take it easy before going back to work!

Will update again soon!

Surgery tomorrow!

Hi guys!

So my surgery is tomorrow at 5pm... A little too late for my liking as I'll be fasting + nervous + anxious all day long. I just want to get it over with and start the recovery process. Hoping it all goes well.

I've purchased all my stuff and I'm ready to go. I've set up my living room space into a comfy recovery house! I have everything I need around me. My sister and friend will be staying with me for a few days to help with me around.

I have a job interview coming up in a few days. I know I'll still be sore, bruised, swollen but I can't not go. Really looking forward to it!

Anyway, I will post pictures Saturday or Sunday. My doctor will send me my before pictures soon. Also, I took out my belly ring. I've had it in for the past 5 years and I really don't want to lose my belly ring hole. Does anyone know how long after the surgery I can put my belly ring back in? I'll ask my doctor as well tomorrow.

Will update more in the next few days!

Surgery in 8 hours!!

I can't eat or drink anything until my surgery at 5pm. Surprisingly, I don't feel nervous or anxious. Maybe it's because I have a lot of little things left to do. I have my little bed side table all set up with everything that I will need. On my bed itself, I have some extra towels, my laptop and wet wipes.

I have set myself up in the living room. It's nice and cozy here. I have my TV, Netflix, and the kitchen right beside me. I really just want to get this day over with!

Will update soon!

I made it!

Surgery is no joke. I'm in quite a bit of pain right now. I feel sore and tight all over. I'm currently on strong meds but still feel pain in my lower abdomen and flanks. My back is really sore as well.

Yesterday's surgery went very well. The amazing staff and doctor were incredible and helped me through everything. I went in at 5pm and was out at 9:30. Surgery only took two hours but I was drowsy and tired from all the pain medication and anesthesia.

Doctor said everything went very smoothly. I'm excited to see my results! He told me to not remove my compression garments until I see him on Tuesday.

The worst part was inserting the IV. That shit was painful. And waking up from surgery was interesting... Couldn't stop shaking until they put a heated blanket over me.

By the time I got home, I was very sleepy but in no pain. I knocked out at 12am and woke up every 4 hours to take my pain meds. My sister and boyfriend have been amazing. Peeing is not easy. Standing and sitting is not easy. Rolling off the bed is not easy. Eating is not easy. Blaaah. Hoping tomorrow is a better day.

I'm really tired right now but will update soon. If you guys have any specific questions, let me know! I know my update is all over the place. The drugs really mess you up.

Oh, and I will post pictures soon. I can't take off my garment until Tuesday so that's when I'll take after pictures.

Forgot to mention

Forgot to mention that I am super swollen and bruised but not draining that much. I don't see any drainage through my garment. My lower region (pubic area) is extremely swollen and it's very uncomfortable. Really hoping it goes down soon. It's so ugly to look at lol.

Garment is SO annoying!

I think the worst part of this entire thing is my garment. It's so tight and so uncomfortable and it's chafing my body. Doctor told me I could add a tank top underneath after I see him on Tuesday when he checks my incisions and my progress. Two more days. I need to suck it up.

Pain is better today. I'm not taking my prescribed meds - sticking with Tylenol and it seems to be working fine. Eating better as well. And peeing isn't so painful anymore. I can sit comfortably with no pain. Laying down is still very uncomfortable and painful. Going from laying down to sitting to standing is painful as well.

I went to my boyfriends hockey game last night lol. He rented a wheelchair for me and I dragged my ass out there to watch. It was his finals and I could not miss it. It was painful but that didn't stop me from cheering. I came home around midnight and knocked out. Took a pain med and was out till 10am next morning. Definitely sleeping a lot better.

Just cannot wait to take this shit off. It's so annoying. I know this is just the beginning so I gotta get used to it but ughhh... And I just want to shower!! Can't even do that till Tuesday either.

Anyway, all good. I'm just happy I did the surgery. I really hope I like my results!


Post-Op Appointment Today!

So not even sure if anyone is reading this but it feels good to look back and track my own progress. Cannot wait to see the doctor. If all goes well, I'll be switching into a comfier garment and taking my first shower. Yayyy!

Okay will keep y'all posted as soon as I'm home. Will also be posting pictures soon! :)
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