Lip Lift Scheduled for October 24

I have been reading several reviews here in the...

I have been reading several reviews here in the past few months and this has inspired me to schedule a lip lift with Dr. Samaha in Montreal. Another reviewer had this same procedure performed by Dr. Samaha and her results are beautiful.

I am 47 years old and have always felt that my philtrum is too long, my upper lip is thin, and upper teeth do not show in resting position. This seems to be getting worst as I age. The current length in the center Philtrum is 18mm to 19mm. Dr. Samaha suggested we remove 7mm which sounds logical to me. I do not want anything too dramatic. He will also correct my Columella which is 'hanging' from a prior Rhinoplasty.

I have done alot of research and I do feel that the results will outweigh the effects of the scarring, however I cannot help to feel very anxious ;). I will keep you all posted on the results of my procedure.

5 Days Pre Op

I wanted to post a few before photos as the others are very dark. I have been super anxious this week....yikes! I wondered if any of you went thru the pre-anxiety as well? It is very nerve wracking to make a commitment that could change your face forever, but I am hoping it is for the better :o)
Montreal Facial Plastic Surgeon

Very good experience so far. Staff and Dr. Samaha are very kind and professional.

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