25 Years Old, No Kids, Labia Minora, Majora, and Clitoral Hood Procedures. Montreal, QC

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Pre-op: Like other people on here, I've been...

Like other people on here, I've been sensitive about the size of my labia since I was a teenager. It made me self conscious, and I've wanted to get labiaplasty for a long time. Finally, I saved some money, and found asurgeon. I saw Dr. Fouda Neel for a consultation, and he was very kind, understanding, and knowledgeable. He was very confident that he could perform all three procedures on me with good results. So, I booked the appointment. Waiting for the surgery, I was super nervous.

I was given a sedative through IV, as well as an antibiotic. The guy who placed the IV was very compassionate about my fear of needles. He managed to place the IV without trouble. Dr. Fouda Neel also let me choose some music. I asked for anything relaxing, and he turned on some classical music. This was very comforting.

The surgeon then applied local anaesthesia to different areas of the vulva. This is very painful. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I actually cried from the pain. They administered another dose of the sedative after my crying, and I fell asleep. I woke up nearly an hour and a half later, as they were completing the final stitches. Everyone was extremely caring and friendly. Altogether, I believe there were 4 people in the operating room taking care of me. They asked me to stay in recovery for an hour and a half after the operation to ensure that I was alright.

After I returned home, I threw up all the water I drank during recovery (I think it was a combination of the sedative and also not eating for 24 hours that put me over the edge). The anaesthesia wore off rather quickly, and the pain was unbearable. I recommend getting your prescription ASAP. After an hour of pretty intense pain, I finally got my medication. I took a combination of Codeine and Advil, and alternated between two bags of frozen peas all night. The codeine actually helped me relax and sleep, but I had to wake up every four hours for the next dose, which was kind of a pain. (my doctor prescribed me both Codeine and Oxycodone, and suggested that I start with the codeine to see if it was enough for the pain.)

Day 1 - I’d read almost every review on this site before my surgery, and I knew that this would be the hardest day. I did my research. Most women report regret for having had the operation, due to two things: Extreme pain, and the stitched up purple mess their vagina has become. So, I was mentally prepared. I knew that it was too soon to judge what I look like down there. Also, I knew that my period would be starting on this day (which is normally very painful for me), and my doctor prescribed me Oxycodone. I was determined to make the most of this day. I had a bunch of shows lined up to binge watch on Netflix, a ton of comfort food ready to go, strong medication, frozen peas, and a positive outlook. I had no regrets. In fact, I was relieved. Sure, I was in moderate pain. But the after pain didn’t feel as bad as the anticipation for the surgery did. As you can see, my vulva is swollen and bruised and stitched up all over. The pain is more of a burning sensation than anything.

If you’re thinking about having this surgery, I strongly suggest that you read everyone’s reviews about day 1, and be completely prepared. Have a water bottle ready, your frozen peas, movies or netflix to distract you etc.

Day 2 - I did quite a bit of walking around today. Mentally, I’m feeling pretty good. It’s painful, don’t get me wrong. But distracting myself, bed rest, and sweet, glorious frozen peas are really helping.

Day 3 - A lot of the pain is now lower, close to my perineum. This is where four rows of stitches meet, and it is still very swollen and extremely sensitive. I’ve switched pain killers, and am now taking oxycodone, and it’s not as effective as the codeine.

Day 4 - I went shopping today to brighten my mood. I walked too much and my stitches bled. The bruising has improved a lot at this point.

Day 5 - Spent the whole day in bed. Watched the entire series of The Mindy Project. I’m feeling a lot better today. I ran out of Oxycodone, so my pharmacist recommended I take 1.5 doses of codeine each time, and this has helped with the pain quite a bit. I’m a little more swollen today than I was when I woke up yesterday morning (I exerted myself too much yesterday).

Day 6 - The itch has begun. I’m not sleeping very well. I wake up frequently in the middle of the night as my ice pack comes to room temperature. My stitches feel warm, and the itch is almost painful. Swelling has gone down today, and the general throbbing is pretty much gone. However, I experience a sharp stabbing pain every now and then. This pain is more so in the remaining labia tissue, and not due to the stitches.

Day 7 - Today I noticed a lot of scabs and dried blood around my stitches, and I figured this weren’t helping with the itching. So I spent about an hour carefully cleaning with baby wipes. I’m supposed to start work tomorrow, I’m scared it’s going to be rough! Stabbing pain is still persisting.

Day 8 - Saw my doctor today, he said it’s healing well. He prescribed me some more pain medication as I ran out. Work was tough, after about an hour of being on my feet I started waddling again (I’d stopped waddling a couple of days ago), as my vagina started to feel hot and began to throb.

Day 9 - Took it easy all day as I had to work again tonight. Luckily I wasn’t as busy so I got to sit a lot. Stabbing pain persists.

Day 10 - I spent almost the entire day sleeping. Tomorrow I hope to get back to school, and actually get some work done. It’s been a fun vacation.

One month photos and concerns about a possible revision.

I wrote out a whole great big update, tried to upload pictures, and lost all the text. I'm going to come back tomorrow to write it 'cause I don't have patience right now.


The labia minora are still so big. There is a deep cavernous space on either side of my clitoris that I don't really like (At least before my labia majora and minora were close together at the top. Now there is a horribly unattractive space). Also, if you look at my right labia, you can see that there is a gap where it is flush with the labia majora, but then starts again closer to the vagina. Also, it's very, very asymmetrical. I'm sick to my stomach! While I'm happy that the labia surrounding the vaginal opening are no longer an obstruction, I feel like the overall appearance is completely unnatural.

Picture update (2.5 months)

Not completely happy with final product. I will be seeing my surgeon again in a month to discuss what I don't like. Always make sure that you go over everything before your surgery ladies. It's too costly to take chances. I expressed my feelings to my surgeon, and he became short with me. I told him that I don't like how it sits open, and he said "Oh, well that's only when your legs are open". Uh, yeah. The whole point of this surgery was so that I would feel comfortable with my body regardless of what position I'm in. Disappointed, and not looking forward to a revision. :(

The labia minora look very choppy. Dog ears everywhere. Very asymmetrical.

Also, the left labia has a gap in it. The labia is amputated right in the middle, and then starts back up again. Pretty embarrassing.

Three month pictures.

You can see above my feelings on the result.

Three and a half months. Decided to let my hair grow free.

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