HELP !!! LIposuction in Montreal Canada or Columbia? - Montreal, QC

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Hello, I am finally doing liposuction on my back,...

Hello, I am finally doing liposuction on my back, arms, and stomach. I am not a big girl i am 5feet and weight about 118 pounds. I am debating on doing the surgery in my city montreal canada or going over seas to columbia. I know in columbia I will get the results I want because the doctors know exactly how to sculpt the perfect body. I rather do it in montreal because i get anxiety just thinking of going to far to get surgery. I guess my question is, would I get the same results if I do it in montreal because I will spend more than triple the money if I dont go to columbia. Another question I had is the doctor in columbia says you have to get a special type of massage after your liposuction, and the doctor i spoke with in montreal told me I dont need to do any massages after the surgery. I just want to make sure i make the right decision!!!

Columbia: lipo for arms,back, stomach, and fat transferred to my butt total cost $3000US
Montreal Canada: ONLY back and stomach $8,500 CAN

Colombia it is !!!

Hey guys so I finally decided to have the surgery in Columbia. I'm so nervous and scared but I will be going with a friend so I won't be alone and the doctor is amazing there, 4 of my friend went to him and the results are just amazing, I was very sensitive when I did rhinoplasty in May 2013 the pain was just awful so I hope that liposiction is not that bad. I will be saving $4000 by doing it in Colombia. I honestly can't wait to get it over with, we go a nice suit and we have a lady that will come to give me a massage twice a day. anyways I will keep your guys posted and send out some pictures really soon :)

Change of plans

Ok so I found a great Colombian doctor here in Montreal Canada , I decided to do the surgery here in Montreal, I'm very relief that I am not going to travel for this, I'm so excited I'm doing my whole abdomen, back, sides, and fat transfer to butt. Super excited but soooo nervous!!! My surgery is January 13 almost 2 weeks to go, I can't wait to post the before and after pictures!!! My doctor said I will be awake for the surgery I hope I won't feel pain since I'm going to be awake!!!

Surgery in 4 days

My surgery in 4 days I can't believe how soon it is, I'm so nervous!! My doctor told me the surgery will take about 4 hours, usually lipo surgery is done in 2.5 hours at most but he said he takes a longer. I can't imagine the pain I will feel after 4 hours of getting fat sucked out of me!!! Im not big to start with I'm 5feet and weight 120 but I do have a stomach that pops out and folds behind my back on the side, can't wait for that to go away!!!

1 month after surgery

Today has been already 1 month since my lipo on my abdomen, back, flanks, and BBL I was in so much pain for a good 2 weeks, I'm still having a hard time walking and I'm still swollen. I had a lot of back pain for about 3 weeks as well. The garment helps the pain since it puts a lot of pressure on my stomach but it's so tight so it hurts, when I take off the garment I have to walk so slow because it feels so weird. I can't wait to feel 100 percent better but apparently it takes about 3 months, I didn't think the recovery would be so intense. My results looks amazing but my stomach still looks a bit weird, I've been doing ultrasound massage to help the swelling and pain.

Pictures before and 1 month after my surgery

I'm still very swollen, it's not my final results yet.

Bumps on my stomach

I develop fibroses on my stomach, it's been almost 5 weeks since my lipo and my stomach is still swollen and I develop fibroses which is bumps on my stomach, I've been doing the massages but my stomach is getting worse :( I'm going to go see my doctor this week, he said he will have to inject a shot in me to kill the fibroses, not sure how many treatments I will have to do but I'm getting worried, I'm scared my stomach will stay looking like this. It doesn't even look human lol i need to know that I'm going to look better soon, and I think this is why I'm still in pain, I'm still wearing my garment as well!!! Why is this happening to me

I have to do another lipo in my stomach area

Hey guys it's been a while since I updated, I went to see my doctor 2 weeks ago and he told me I have to do another lipo in my stomach area, I have lumps and bumps which is called fibroses :( he aid the surgery won't hurt as much as the first one I did back in January, he will smooth out the skin and make it look nicer, in a way I'm happy I'll get a free lipo and loose more belly lol


3 months since my second abdomen lipo

It's been 3 months since my abdomen lipo. I had to do it a second time, the first time was in January and the second time in June. I had to do it twice because I developed bumps from my first surgery!!! The second lipo was 85% less painful then the first time!!! I still had bumps and lumps on my second lipo until 2.5 months after!!! I'm still not 100 percent better yet but I love my results !!! My waist is much smaller now because of my second abdomen lipo!!! I'm a size 24 now in pants I can't believe it, but I still got thick legs and a fat butt!! It was a very hard journey I've been healing and in pain for 7 months now ever since my first surgery in January!!!

6 months since my last abdoment lipo

Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doctor he totally transformed my body !!! I strongly recommend him

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