Butt implants 440 Cc - Montreal, QC

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My surgery is sheduled for Feb 29 2016. 7h00 in...

My surgery is sheduled for Feb 29 2016. 7h00 in the morning. I got all my meds and my house and sheets are clean. My bf will come and pick me up around 5 pm the same day.
Ps said that I need to lay down on my stomach when I'll be going back home in taxi. I don't know how it's going to feel like *(face down on dirty seats yuck) we will see I hopefully don't live far away from the clinic I've been thinking about buttock implants for at least past 6 years and I'm pretty anxious about the surgery and the recovery part. I read so much reviews about healing etc and I got a bit paranoid because some people have severe pain or complications. ..scar opening (I'm pretty sure it's fault of the client) . So I may gonna have to lay down on my stomach on my bed for 1 week...and the only way to move it's bathroom. In one week I can walk a bit and the Ps will take out the drains. I'll be posting post-op pictures ????

First day post-op buttock implanrs

I got to clinic at 7 am. Surgery started at 8 am. They wanted to put cateter in my neck but didn't find vein and stuck it in my arm. Operation lasted about 3 hours. Lokal anesthesia +sedative. It wasn't bad. I left clinic about 7pm because of nauseusness and pain. They gave me painkillers trough ivy so I had to wait when it's finished. They let my bf come in in post op room so he could be with me for a while. I had this terrible feeling of numbness all over my lower part. I asked for sheets for taxi so I could lay on them. It took me 20 min to go to second floor (because of the stairs) my bf supperTed me from the back. I lay down on my couch right away and started dozen off. My bf massaged my feet and gave me all bunch of meds that I had already prepared (painkiller, Tylenol, antibiotic, constipation, phosphorus, traumacare ) it was really bad to sleep on my stomach especially my butt part felt very tight and heavy +strong muscle pain. I woke up very nauseas and I couldn't stay up for more then 2 minutes. I went to the bathroom and it was hard to sit my butt on the toilet so I decidedon't to pee in the plastic cup. No appetite at all I only drank chicken broth and 2 scoops of cheesecake. I didn't go to the bathroom to poop yet. I don't know how it's gonna happen. Scared to sit. By 6pm I got light fever and I drank hot tea for the fever. Now it seems like gone. I hope tomorrow will be better day for me. I will pray. My butt looks good and curved. Not too big not too small but difference is obvious. Also my hips looks wider too (round implants) my friend visited me she said my butt looks great even if it's swollen. Here is some pics from clinic and my house.

First day post op pictures


First day post op pictures butt implants


Didn't eat 3 days feeling nauseous

Pictures 2 day post op

My friends taking care of me

Flowers and food all for me end of second day post op

Muscle cramps after buttock implants

What to do for muscle cramps? One leg starting from the buttock until feet part hurts very bad. (Other leg is fine though )
It's second night I can't sleep and massages doesn't help I think it worsen the pain. Will it go away? Does anyone had bad cramps?

Day 5 post-op buttock implants

Recovery is not a joke. It's painful and you can not do anything besides laying down on the bed. My hair is not brushed for 5 days. Bacically im going through hell....I've been constipated for 5 days and don't know what to do. I sleep all the time day and night. Cramps feels a bit more tolerable now. (2 days ago it was terrible ) nurse said that I need to lay down like that for 1 month. It scares me. Also that the only way I can get up my bed is toiletting. 5-6 min walk per hour. Here is some pictures of my swollen ass.

8 day post op butt implants

Feeling much better than first week. Less pain and I'm getting used to sleeping on my stomach and kinda loving it now. My feet always cold because of lack of blood circulation so I stand up in a bathtub and ran hot water. ..feels like paradise. Tomorrow is my appointment with the nurse. She will change the bandage and check how much blood is coming from drains . I got a list of dates and times and I had to drain them by myself and measure how much blood came out. The size of my butt change since first 2-3 days after surgery until now. Now it looks smaller. .. obviously the swelling goes down . I hope I still will have some butt left by the end of healing. Lolll. It doesn't look big at all . Here is pictures. At least I know that 5hose implants suppose to give me 5cm projection ...we will see.

10 days post op. Not happy.

I have seen my nurse today....she took off bandages and open the patch in my butt Crack to check the scar. She said that I need to keep drains for another week because I still have a lot of fluids coming out. I can't look at my blood it makes me feel weak but I have no choice... she said if I take out drains too quick the fluids might make a bubble in my butt or it could cause the scar opening. .and then she gonna have to poke it with a needle and drain it. ..so basically I'm waiting another week with those nasty two bottles of blood on my sides (not sexy) I took a pictures of my butt and I didn't like it at all. It's very ugly and wrinkly like 60year granny butt. My boyfriend laughed at me and I almost burst into tears. I asked the nurse about the size...it doesn't seem to be bigger. .and I don't see my lovely 5 cm projection that I was supposed to get..... I even asked her if I have any implants inside or not. She said that it is gonna take at least 2 more weeks to see the shape and that I do have 440 cc implants inside. I'm a very paranoid now..and I hope I'm just tripping for no reason. (When I had my boobs done I couldn't believe I get 34DD. I was freaking out too. But i actually did get 34DD. Poor surgeon I told him bad staff. Dr. N.Fanous Montreal ) here is my ugly pictures. Enjoy....:( :( :(

12 days post op butt implants

I shouldn't have smoked weed. ..my head is hurting me. I can't take painkiller because I promise myself not to take painkillers no more. I haven't taken painkillers since 10th days po-stop. My boyfriend is massaging my feet. My shoulders...my neck...my legs have lack of blood circulation and get numb fast. My feet always cold and I always wear warm socks but it doesn't really help. I have had my drains for 12 days and those 2 little bottles with blood make me sick. I heard that it is normal to keep them for 2 weeks. And that the discharge should be less than 25 ml or less than 15 ml. ..I don't really know exactly. So basically my left drain is clear-pink and my right is dark burgundy color. Nurse said it's normal. But today is 12th day and I had 50ml / 20 ml. Per 24 hours. I think it's a bit a lot. Basically I'm happy that I'm not in pain no more and day after day I feel better and I'm more mobile. My scar is closed tight and I am not swollen. .no fever. ..no signs of infection etc. That'd the good news. Also I lost some weight and my stomach look flatter now. Can't wait 4 more days to go for appointment to take off my drainage. ..here is some pictures from today. .....

13 day post op

I still have a lot of liquid in my drains.. 45/20 ml. ...isn't it a lot for 2 weeks postop?
It's been 3 days no painkillers. I'm planning to go outside for a 15 min walk with my child. My butt looks small to me but I don't care no more. I just want to be healed and go back to work and also have a drink :))
If I new that Buttock implants surgery is :
? 1-2 weeks of a constipation
?numbness of neck, arms,legs,shoulders
?be a vegetable for 1 week
?nausea and fainting feeling for 5 days
?bad not tolerable pain for at least one week
? take a piss in the cap
? paranoia about wound opening
?waste of money for food ordering
?not able to work for 1 month !!!!
? no cigarettes no alko
?3-4 weeks stay at home
?attached to bed for 3-4 weeks/neck pain
? 2 bottles of blood that hang on your sides and they need to be emptied and the blood should be measured /disgusting.
? ass will not be big...just little hump. ..very unnoticeable. ...
? most important...payment of 10'000$

Basically if I knew I will have to be through all of this. ...hmm I would have thought twice. Now I have another 2 weeks ahead before I can go back to work.

17 days..starting to love my butt

I had an appointment with nurse yesterday (16th day) and she removed 1 drain. She left the other one because I still have 40 - 45 ml per 24h. She said she will remove second drain when it will be 15-20 ml per 24h during 3 following days. So I'm being patient. ... I took a look at my butt in the mirror and now it looks smoother and less wrinkly than a week ago. Also she said that my incision is a bit open but nothing to worry about. She change the bandage and I took some pics when I was unwrapped. My size did change a lot and I smiled :) I started liking my butt I'm almost happy. Can't wait to get second drain removed. Here is some pictures.

3 weeks . Love it.

I went to a hotel paRty yesterday. With 1 hanging drain. Lolll. My drain is still releasing 40 ml per day. So I'm hoping it will go down soon. For now drain needs to be in. Yesterday I had 45. ..today 38. Tomorrow I don't know yet...hope to see 30-35ml. I took off my bandages on my own today (after Dr. Permission ) I washed the incision with soap and put some honey on it. I took some pictures of my buttock.

23 days postop, wound opening.

I seen ps today. He said at the top the incision is closed but the bottom is a bit open. I seen a bit of blood. I'm just try to lay down more. They say the opening is not bad and if it opens more or butt gets swollen -I need to call them right away. So I'm a bit paranoid now. And my drain is still here. Was 45-40-38-28ml. So I guess it's going down. I'll see tomorrow.

Day 23. Tired of staying home

I'm just gonna drop some pictures. My drain is still here. I hope they remove it in 2 days.

25 days. Wound split open.

Is it normal to have white shit inside the wound?

1 month.My new Butt anniversary.

I went to a party yesterday but i was very careful . I started walking more straight. Drain was finally removed 5 days ago. swelling finally went down.
The wound is still open I want to ask them if I can dry it out. ...because of honey the new skin on wound looks liquidish and looks terrible to me. Well they said that how it should be.

I can lay on my side now and I can try to sit a bit. And unfortunately I still need to keep the white tape across the Butt to keep it squished so wound won't open more. So I'm being patient :))

5 weeks

5 weeks of staying home. The white stuff from my wound was removed by nurse. Since then my wound got much deeper and worse. I found out that the white stuff was fibrous connective tissue / scar tissue. I m wondering why did she do that,, now the white stuff is growing back and I don't want them to touch it. I got a prescription for VAC machine. They said that with this machine my wound will close up fast.

5 weeks

The top part of the incision started to open up. I guess it's too much tension. Can't wait to get the VAC machine installed to the crack. Hopefully get it on this week. The healing it's too long. ...I'm trying to be positive. .at the same time I'm very impatient to see the closed and healed incision.

Top part looks closed now.

Yesterday my top of incision was cleary open. Today it's closed. I'm so confused. I'm just gonna let it heal. That's it. I'm panicking too much. BTW I get my bandages changed every day at local clinic...until I get the VAC machine. And the nurse from local clinic told me that I'm third girl that she sees from the same surgeon with the same problem - wound opening. She said that other girls were infected and wounds were much more bigger, so she kinda let me know that I'm must be lucky to have small opening and my wound is clean. So I'm waiting for the VAC. ...

Looking better

2 months post op

3 months post op.

My butt is big and people notice it. I'm shy to wear tights because it's too sexy haha.

New jeans

4 months buttock implants

Everything is good

8 months post op butt implants

Everything is healed up. I went back to my sport activities etc. Scar is not noticeable since it's in between the cracks. Here is some pics.

10 months post op butt implants

1.5 year post op buttock implants

It's doing pretty well. ...it's just one of implants dropped down a bit. Hope it will stay there lolll or otherwise I need to redo it. Not really noticeble unless I point it. ..here is pictures
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

This surgeon is literally the only one who does buttock implants in Montreal . I seen 3 pictures of before- after of his job ...looks pretty good. He only puts 440cc implants for clients because he says it is medium-large size that will make difference between before-after and make an S curve.

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