Finally Decided to Go for It (Montreal, QC)

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I've been on here for years thinking about a...

I've been on here for years thinking about a breast reduction, and I've finally decided that I need to go ahead and do it. The problem I have now is that I've gained a lot of weight, and I want to get back in shape before I have the surgery. No sense in doing it now then ruining the result within a few years, right? Here's where i am now:
174 lbs (down from 190)
34J bra (average, depending on style/brand)
Before I go for the surgery I'd like to get back to around 140lbs, which is where I was before I got lazy and started eating badly. At that point I was wearing 32DDD bras, but I hadn't actually been fitted properly so that's almost certainly wrong. I was sized as a 32 band when I was around 165lbs, so at 140 I'd probably be a 30 band. As for cup size, I have no idea. They do get smaller as I lose weight of course, but they stay big and just get deflated and sad looking.
My plan is to lose weight by spring 2017, maintain that and let my body "settle" through the summer, then get the surgery in the fall of 2017. I'm already looking into surgeons and techniques, as well as making lists of questions, concerns and preferences.
I'm looking forward to being able to wear normal clothes without showing my giant bra straps, having my full-coverage granny bras sticking out of the arm holes of tank tops, or the four (hundred) rows of hooks showing whenever I try something with a low back. I want to not have to buy clothes a size too big then spend a fortune getting everything tailored. I want to be able to buy bras at normal stores instead of spending hundreds at the few stores that import specialty bras. I want to be able to go outside without people staring and making gross, creepy comments. Most importantly, I'm looking forward to my back, neck and shoulders not hurting all the time.
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