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Surgery is in under two weeks. I'm excited,...

Surgery is in under two weeks. I'm excited, thrilled and a bit anxious. I had a D cup in 6th grade, and it just got worse as I hit puberty. I'm now 25 with a 38L, and I've been self conscious about it my whole life. My only worry is that they'll still be too big after the surgery. I'm hoping for something great. I don't need them to be perfect, I just want it to stop hurting all the time.

I had my last consultation a few weeks ago and everything went great. I've been waiting for this for over a year, and it's so exciting that it's finally happening!

12 days to go

This reduction is actually all I can think about.

11 days to go.

The secretary called me yesterday to tell me there was a cancellation on the 19th and my heart dropped. I would have loved to but I can't because of work.

I've been planning everything out though and it would have messed everything up, so I guess it's good that I actually can't before the 26th

Counting down the days!

10 days

Well kind of. It's currently past
Midnight but I can't sleep. Just so worried about still being too
Big after. I'm finding so many people with that issue that it just scares me. Ugh.

9 more days

Almost 8, it's getting late.

I bought a huge hoodie so I could comfortably snuggle into. I bought gauze and bandages in case the hospital didn't give me anyway. I kept the receipt in case they do.

My best friend is coming to stay with me for 3 days after surgery. So I'll have some company when my boyfriend is going to be gone to work.

My chest seems to feel heavier everyday now that I know surgery is so close. I can't wait!

6 days

Last few work days coming up.

Had my pre-op blood test this morning. The irony is that I was more afraid of that than the actual surgery. The nurse reassured me when she said she didn't think there was any way the PS would leave me with anything bigger than a DD.

Off on a tiny road trip to go pick up a huge lazy boy recliner from my parents so that I'll be able to sleep comfortably.

I was also told I would just be wearing a big wrap around my chest for two weeks, NO bra. Not sure why but the PS knows best.

Everyday that I put my bra back on or take it off I'm reminded how excited I am and how I just cannot wait. This is going to change
My life!

3 more days

I'm so incredibly ready to just have it done already. I'm not worried anymore and all there is is excitement ????


I'm so incredibly excited and I can't wait!

Post op

Just woke up after surgery, feeling a bit woozy, but I'm already in love

First evening

I'm pretty woozy from the pain killers, and taking gravol to help with nausea. I'm not in any kind of pain other than my throats hurts from the tubes. I've been hanging out with my cat in my lazy Boy and falling In AND out of sleep. I can't even begin to explain how amazing it feels looking at myself with a smaller chest.

As soon as I had gotten up, I felt my back spring backwards and I was finally walking straight. Even when sitting up I don't slouch automatically.

I'm already eating again and hanging out with a few of my friends watching Netflix.

This is the best thing I've ever done!

First night again

Here's a better picture :)

Day two

I feel a lot better than I thought I would. I'm having to force myself to stay sitting down and not doing anything because I feel so great. I was expecting to feel more nervous about having a chest so much smaller and that I'd look more overweight. But I'm completely at peace with myself and I'm just so incredibly happy.

I have a torso now. And my clothes are going to be like a new wardrobe. I'm excited to get to go to the gym eventually and finally be who I've wanted to be for such a long time. The amount of anxiety I've felt about my appearance for so long is just completely gone. It's a strange feeling to explain. And I'm sure so many ladies on here will understand. That desire to just feel normal. It's overwhelming. And i finally feel like it.

Day 3

Just got my Victoria secret sport bra I was waiting for in the mail, since I couldn't find a 38DD anywhere and I was so scared my chest would still be way too big after. Turns out even just looking at it, I can say FOR SURE I'm smaller than a DD and I'll have to return it. IM SO HAPPY

Day 3 after dinner

The itchy bandage struggle is REAL

I also had to put a bed sheet on my leather recliner, I was starting to get a heat rash from spending so much time in it. Little thing to remember if you'll have one. :)

Pain is still really really low, and I've started spacing out my morphine more!

3rd day again

I think worse than the pain (there is none really) is the fact that i actually can't go out and do anything. I typically work on my feet 10 hours a day, and the thought of being at home for another two weeks seemed amazing at first, but seems crazy to me now. There's only so much sleeping that i can do, and my sleeping pattern is seriously messed up. I'll try to see if my boyfriend just wants to go for a really short walk or something tomorrow. Staying still is killing me.

Day 4

I figured out how to put a t-shirt on without raising my arms over my head, success!

Just the fact of getting changed seemed to help my restlessness a bit.

I've still kept spacing out my morphine. I'm about 4.5 hours between pills now, which I started out at 3. I've been taking another one when the pain starts coming back, but it's really nothing crazy at all.

This is surprisingly a lot less difficult and painful than I thought it would be!

Helpful tip

No matter what you do, DO NOT consume more milk of magnesia thinking it'll help you.

I'll spare you the details, just taken my word for it


Day 5

Just got my bandages off, everything looks great! I'll post a picture when I get home!

They took out even more than I thought, just over 7 pounds! I'm so happy

First pictures without bandages

SO SO happy

I'm allowed to wear a sports bra now!

I'm officially a 38D for now, might end up a C, who knows!

A few close ups

Ive been taking arnica Montana everyday, and I'm a lot less swollen and bruised than a lot of people's reviews I've seen.

Maybe it actually works!

Day 6

I took my first shower this morning since surgery, and I did it alone too! I haven't taken any pain killers since yesterday afternoon, and I feel really good! I'm not against taking more if i start hurting, its just that it feels really nice not feeling groggy from the pain pills.

Showering went without a hitch, I was able to wash my hair, and used the unscented soap I had bought before surgery. I tried to rub off all the tape residue, Theres a little bit left where I didn't feel comfortable scrubbing too hard, but I'm feeling human again! I forgot how great showers were.

I went into my room to find a shirt to put on. I decided I'd wait till I was dry before putting my sports bra back on. I put on the shirt and caught myself In the mirror and just bawled for like...20 minutes.

I've wanted this for so incredibly long and I'm so so so happy and I just let it all out. It's a shirt I used to have to wear as a crop top with a shirt underneath because my chest took up so much of the shirt. It looks like an actual shirt now. A normal one. It's amazing.

I also took some pictures of an old bra I used to wear, compared to my Victoria secret sports bra for comparison. It's crazy!

Also, my cat has been keeping an eye on me while my boyfriend is at work.

Okay first minor panic

I have this weird swelling that wasn't there this morning. I don't know if it's swelling inside that's making it look like that on the inside, but I'm hoping me sleeping it off tonight will make it go away. I'm getting pretty paranoid.

Panic averted

Woke up this morning A LOT less swollen, it must have been the sports bra rubbing.

Found some cuffing material I had and created an extra wide band on the sports bra. SO MUCH MORE COMFY

Figured it's time for an update :)

Everything is healing really well. I have a spot on my right nipple that's a little angry at me but I've been putting polysporin and it's slowly getting better (which is a whole lot better than getting worse!)

I went around town today (all by myself, and I took public transit!) and I went shopping. It felt amazing to look at everything with fresh eyes and to pick things that actually made me feel good, instead of just picking things because they fit.

Walking. Walking was amazing, it's incredibly THE DIFFERENCE that 7 pounds off my chest made. I walked around most of the day and felt amazing. I didn't even have to, I just really wanted to.

I bought a bralette (NO underwire) from aerie, and a t-shirt bra (NO underwire once again) and they're both incredibly comfortable.

I went to Walmart yesterday and bought two stretchy bandeau bras.

The sports bras i bought all fit, but they rub on my incisions and It hurts.

Im already A LOT less swollen, and my incisions are all closing up really well. I'm amazed at how great I feel and how well things are going!

A few things I should have done and gotten before hand:

(These might not be as applicable if you have someone taking care of you, which I did, but I realized a lot of these things as I went)

Things I should (and shouldn't have) gotten:

Shouldn't have gotten:
An expensive sports bra, or anything that goes on your breasts that's expensive.

Good things to have:
Gauze, surgical tape, polysporin, anti nausea meds, MILK OF MAGNESIA, extra strength Tylenol, an extra long phone charger cable, snacks (healthy, and less healthy), an oversized hoodie, oversized shirts that button up at the front.

A recliner (Im a week and a half post op and still sleeping in it, If this isn't available to you, have LOTS of pillows.) the coziest blankets I have, entertainment (laptop, PlayStation, phone, Netflix, etc)

Things to prepare:

Before surgery, have your little nest ready. Where you'll be sleeping is probably where you'll be spending your first few days. Make no plans whatsoever, DONT even promise people that they can come visit, i slept most of the first few days. Set up your phone charger, a few water bottles, have your meds nearby (including anti nausea ). Have pillows, blankets, and a puke bucket. I didn't end up needing it, but I was sure I was going to.

Day of surgery:

Have a really nice big meal then night before, You probably will feel too sick to eat after surgery. Wear a button up shirt and comfy pants, you don't need to look cute. BRING A PILLOW IN THE CAR, and a bottle of water. Or make sure who ever is picking you up brings them. You'll be putting it between the seat belt and your body and it will be a gift from the heavens. (Make sure it's not a mushy one, it'll lose its potential). If you bring a purse, Empty most of it, it'll be in a fairly unwatched room and I'm pretty paranoid. I hid my phone in a hidden compartment, emptied my wallet other than my debit card and my health card (if someone somehow stole your wallet, they're not gonna get very far with a debit card) and brought a book.

Looking back, I didn't even need my phone, I could have just brought a piece of paper with the phone number of the person picking me up. So if you're worried about someone taking your things, there's a solution for you.

BEFORE you leave the hospital, ask the nurse for something to help with nausea, the car ride feels like a boat at sea during a hurricane.

That's all I can really think of, sorry this was so incredibly long. But if it helps just one person, I'll be really happy.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions. :)

I'm amazed how fast I'm healing


I bought an incredibly comfortable wireless bra the other day

I waited until the incisions were closed up, and this bra rubs a lot less than my sports bras.

This whole not having cleavage spilling everywhere feels amazing

Bra before and after

I looooove it

First day back at work today

Went out without a hitch.

Was really careful with stairs, and made an assistant do all my shampoos (im a colour specialist in a hair salon)

I'm not in any pain, and made sure to take time to sit down a bit through the day and took it easy.

Incisions are healing extremely quickly, the only tender part are my sides, but it's really nothing dramatic.

Just realized I've only been posting my bottom incision

Here's the rest.

I contacted my PS about the one dark spot and he's instructed me to keep putting polysporin and putting gauze on it until my one month post op. So that's what I'm doing. Other than that, everything is healing fantastic especially considering it's only been two weeks!

3 weeks now!

Everything has been doing really good! The spot on my right nipple dried up and now I'm just waiting for the scab to fall off. Everything else seems to be healing great

I have a really tender side that seems bruised and swollen and I'm not too sure what's going on there, but it's not getting any worse and my one month post op visit is in less than a week so I'll just inquire at that point.

All in all, it's pretty great! I'm able to do pretty much whatever, its just twisting my torso isn't a good idea, I did it once a little too far and it hurt.

I also have one SUPER sensitive nipple, and one is receptive to cold and all that, but has completely no sensation whatsoever. Hahaha

A month tomorrow!

I have my one month post op appointment tomorrow, and I've been healing GREAT

I'm two weeks in back at work and I've been fine. :) looking forward to talking with my Ps tomorrow!

About a week ago my t zone on my right breast had opened up a bit

I've been babying it and it's healing really well!

Still a little concerned about the spot on my nipple, it's not getting worse, but it's not getting better tomorrow

My one month post op is tomorrow so I'm not overly concerned :)

Over a month now!

Went for my one month post op on Monday

It's crazy how time flew by! Was told everything is fine and healing great and to just let my body do its thing :)

I'm about a month and a half in!

Everything is healing great. I rub bio-oil in the morning and silicone gel at night. I have to massage my breasts in the shower to break up scar tissue.

The stitches are sticking out in certain places. The only spot that hurts a tiny bit is the closest stitch to my armpit on each side. I think it's kind of poking into my skin. But it's a really slight sting when I touch it, kinda like touching a paper cut. No biggie.

Almost two months!

Everything is healing great, the angry part on my nipple is just a really slight scab that it has. So happy!

Just past 4 month update

Everything is healed great
Life is great
I'm still so happy
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Amazing surgeon. I don't have a single bad thing to say. Straight to the point, friendly, extremely skilled and fantastic at answering questions and reassuring any worries.

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