27 Yo, No Kids, 5f9, 335cc, Natrelle 410 Anatomical Implants - Montreal, QC

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Hello. I thought I would share my experience with...

Hello. I thought I would share my experience with you and keep track of my progress.

About a week ago I had an appointment with my surgeon. I found him through ratemd. According to over 200 reviews he seems to be a breast god.

My appointment went well therefore I decided to book my surgery on June 9th (feel lucky because I didn't have keep the thrill for months since there was a cancellation).

I love my breasts and never felt shy or uncomfortable about them but I always wanted a fuller, feminine and natural bust. I did my research about types of implants and knew that I didn't want round silicone nor saline implants since I have a small frame and they risk to look like to football balls lost on a field.

I was happy to go with the Dr's choice and opt for Natrelle 410 anatomical implants specially that he specializes with them. I touched and squeezed them and was surprised that they felt like my own breast tissue.

The max that can get in is 320cc (moderate projection) or 330cc (high) I won't complain on the size.

In exactly a week I'll have my surgery. I'm already thinking what I'll eat after surgery.
The cost is in CAD.

2 sleeps before proceadure

My surgery is next Tuesday. I am very calm and confident. My mom and a close friend do not support me much but I feel that I made my choice and there is no opinion that can change my decision.
I know for sure that if I won't do it now I will do it later in my life.

Day of surgery

Surgery went very well. Felt cozy and comfortable at all time. Now am sleepy and have pressure on breasts and arms. Will update as soon as I can.

Sneak pic 335cc Natrelle style 410 hp

Since the surgery my breasts hurt a lot. It is like a burning sensation all around the implant and the areole. They are also very tender and my incisions are giving me some hellish time. Considering all of that I think they will look great no matter what and they already feel like my own. As if I always had them except the pain I hope it will fade soon.

Day 2 post op

I've been sleeping a lot. I usually sleep on my tummy but don't mind sleeping on my back... less wrinkles for me ;)
It takes me around 40 minutes to get out of bed and feels like my incisions will open, implants will shift to my armpits and nipples will burn away. Overall I feel like I always had them.
I am seeing Dr Papanastasiou this pm for the first time since the surgery. Him and his staff have been checking up on me since the surgery. Am really happy with my choice of PS.

Post op day 2

3 days post

Today I feel much better. I use ice packs in the morning and before going to bed which helps tremendously. I don't have much strength in my arms but I can move the quite well. I also notice the progress: it doesn't take 45 minutes to get out of bed because of pain and I can now take a shower and brush my teeth without any discomfort.
It gets better. Wish you all the best xox

No more pain meds

I forgot to mention.: I stopped taking pain meds since day 2. I try to control it with ice packs it is quite manageable. Thank goodness

Post op day 4

Feeling soo much better. Still get tired fast but there is less pain even in the morning. Most of the pain comes from incisions. It's a kind of a stingy burn sensation. Took a walk today and felt tired quite fast mostly from the back and the incisions area. Today my nipples are soft and I think that my breast are starting to lower. Here are some pics.

1 week post op

Today us my one week post op. My right breast began lowering. I have all my sensation in nipples but they don't contract when it is cold. There is still some pain in my incision area and lower bottom part of my breasts. There is not much strength in my arms but I have good movement of them pain free. Can't wait till all the pain goes away and I can sleep on my side.

Too week post op

Allais well incisions seem to be pretty but do hurt. Right breast is lower and skin quite tender and sensitive.

Two days ago while enjoying a walk outside I fielt that I had implants inside of me and did not like that heavy feeling at all. Am happy not to feel them anymore. They are also squishier.

1month update

So far so good.
No more pain. They are symmetric. Scars are red hope they with begin fading soon. I am using a gel given by my surgeon's clinic.

I find them perfect as if I always had them. Have no regrets and everyone loves em.

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