22 Years old - 420cc gummy teardrop to 560cc Natrelle inspira hp - Montreal, QC

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Hi everyone :) I am 21 years old, no kids, 5 feet...

Hi everyone :) I am 21 years old, no kids, 5 feet 4 and 120 pounds.

It's been at least 5 years since I wanted to get a breast augmentation and I started considering it more seriously about 2 years ago. I went in for a consultation in Montreal and I decided to go with the teardrop gummy bear implants. It is a bit pricier but I think it's totally worth it. They are higher quality and look more natural too. I got high profile with 420cc (it was the biggest implant that could fit my breast). I feel that hey are really the perfect size for my body and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results.

I got out of surgery this afternoon and looked at myself for the first time at home. I was sooooooo happy you have no idea. They look better than what I expected and I really love them. They do feel heavy on my chest, especially when I lay down and I have quite some discomfort but the pain is really manageable. They feel very sore, like I had done 1000 push ups and I have to move around very slowly. They already look great, even though it's only been a couple of hours since I got out of surgery. Right now, they are swollen and rock hard. I cant wait for them to settle and see the final result but since they are textured implants, I don't think that they're gonna drop as much as smooth ones (which I dont mind because I already like their appearance).

I'm not gonna lie getting in and out of bed is a painful task and I really suggest you have a friend/boyfriend/relative with you that can take care of you at home and help you with everything (my boyfriend even washed my teeth because my arm was so weak lol).

So overall, the recovery isn't so bad and I suggest breast augmentation to anyone who isn't happy with their breast size. I also wanted to say that I really like the gummy bear implant and I highly recommend it if you plan on going with silicone. In then end, what is really going to make the difference is your surgeon. I have many girlfriends who've gotten different types of implants (saline, silicone, round and teardrop implants) and honestly they all looked good. It really is the work of the surgeon more than the type of implants that's gonna matter.
So my one advice will be to really take the time to research your surgeon until you find one that you are truly satisfied with his work.

I will be posting pictures soon :)
feel free to ask me anything

Post-op pictures day 1

So this is what my breast look like so far. I am really happy with the size and I am a bit scared that they are going to decrease volume when the swelling goes away. They still need to fluff so hopefully the size will be about the same as now.

I am 5'4 and 120 pounds, no kids, 21 yo.
My breasts were 32B and I got 420cc teardrop gummy bear implants.
Crease incision and below the muscle.

Day 2 !! Post Op breast augmentation with Gummy bear implants

Today I woke up with a bit more pain than yesterday. My breasts feel sore and I guess it's because I laid off the painkillers last night so this morning was more brutal. My right breast has already started to soften up. Since I am left handed and I use my left arm more, I guess this is why my left breast is still very stiff and aches more than the right one. It has less sensitivity too. But I love them very much!! I take 2 extra strong tylenols every four hours + my antibiotics + painkillers. Overall my recovery is pretty easy and I'm surprises at how mobile I am. If you want to get breast augmentation and are afraid about the recovery phase, I reassure you it isn't so bad. I was by myself from the second day and I could manage to do everything without any big difficulties. Of course, it took me more time than usual but I don't feel as disabled as I thought I would. Anyway, I am really happy with my implants, I think they look beautiful already. I say that because pre-op I hard a hard time deciding between anatomical and round implants and I'm really happy I chose the anatomical ones. I hope this can be a good baseline for women who are still not sure whether or not they wanna go with the teardrop gummy implant. Here are some pics of me today. I don't feel like taking the compression band off because I'm gonna have a hard time putting it back on afterwards. My breasts look a bit smaller on pictures cause when I look at them in the mirror, they look huugeee.

Day 3

I had my first post-op appointment today. The doc said my breast weren't very swollen so thats good news. My left breast is slightly bigger and stiffer than the right one. I also asked if my breasts are gonna change size during the healing process and apparently they won't. They'll just look more natural with time.

11 days post op

It's been 11 days since my surgery. So far my recovery has been very good. The 3 first days were the worse and after that it was getting better and better each day. Sleeping is a lot easier now and my breast are much softer than before :) but I do feel like they got smaller... or maybe i'm just used to their size now.

Week 3 ! and scar update

So I'm now at my third week and I feel great! My breasts don't feel sore anymore. I met the dr today and he said that there is still a little bit of swelling at the bottom of the breast and everything looked perfect. The scars are very clean. I still have to wait a couple more weeks till I can hit the gym. It feels like such a long time almost like torture lol. I can't wait to go back!

26 Days Post-Op !

So I'm almost a month post-op and my boobs are healing nicelyyy. At this point I have zero pain and I started very light work out at the gym. Just enough to work my metabolism a bit but not enough to be sweaty. After 3 weeks not going to the gym I felt like a real potato and I was kind of depressed. They are a lot softer than before and I am really happy :)

2 months Post op!

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I posted my last update.. so here it is lol I've been very busy with work (and also enjoying summer) so I haven't been very active on this site.

My boobs feel so much more natural now, they giggle when I jump, they move. I can sleep on my side. My surgeon aloud me to do it before but it was just not comfortable so I pretty much slept on my back the first month and a half. The size has not changed since the beginning but they are more defined now. I've always found them beautiful but now I like them even more. I'm back to my regular workout at the gym. I can manage to do every arm exercices I did before except for the chest. I can feel the implant moving when I contract my pecs muscle and it feels wierd. Plus I don't want to put any pressure on that area even if it doesn't hurt anymore. They feel like they are my natural breasts and love them so so much!! I am very happy I did a breast augmentation and I didn't know how much my breasts were an issue for me before I got them done. They made me very insecure. Now, my posture is straighter, I feel more at ease with other people and I see myself differently. It definitely was something worth saving my money for. I'm still very happy to have gone to Dr. Papanastasiou and I have a few girlfriends who are also planning to go with him :) I feel very blessed that I had an amazing surgeon and that I didn't have any complications after my surgery. I know 2 months is still early, but overall I'm very pleased with the results.

Thinking about a revision

It's been about 8 months since my surgery and I've been planning on having a breast revision. There are some things that I don't like about the gummy bear implants and since my healing is pretty much completed I know that what I have is the final result. My first issue is that my left breast still feels a little stiff. They are squishy but the base of my breast is not. It still feels uncomfortable to wear underwire bras and to sleep on my side. There is no way that I can sleep on my stomach. Secondly, when I bend over we can see the difference between my real breast and the implant. I really dislike that. Lastly, the implant isn't mobile at all. The top of my breast can be squished (where my real breast tissue is) but the implant itself doesn't move at all. Like I can't squish them together and that's why when I sleep on my side it puts pressure on my side boob and feels uncomfortable .

So I just want to switch to regular silicone and I'm pretty sure I have capsular contracture on both of my breast but more on the left one. Since they are shaped implant I couldn't massage them during the healing process and the textured surface didn't really help reducing scar tissue. It's not that bad like I can live with it, but I prefer having revision because it bothers me.

The only problem is that my surgeon only does gummy bear implants and won't do anything else. So I'm looking for another surgeon. My choice in the first place (before even getting my ba) was to go with Dr. Kim in beverly hills. He is quite pricey but I think it's worth it and since I'm getting my boobs done for a second time I might as well pay a little more and be sure that the result will be exactly what I want. Plus I didn't really discuss look and size with my original surgeon and I prefer more the round look than the teardrop look. My breasts look good but sincerely if I could do it over again I would've chosen a different type of implant and maybe a different surgeon with who the communication would've been easier.

So happy I had my revision appointment !

So today I had my appointment for the breast revision and everything went so well ! Even though I said that I felt like I couldn't communicate easily with the surgeon, today I explained everything to him and he was very understanding and a good listener. He is really nice. I thought he didn't do the smooth silicone but he does it. He told me that the problem of smooth implant vs textured is that when you contract your pecs muscles the implant moves and is pushed towards the sides and with time you can end up with a gap between the breasts. The textured ones don't move and are not mobile, so in the long run they keep their position better. He also said that if I wear a bra it was gonna be fine but if I go braless all the time the gap might happen.

I was very surprised too because he told me that I didn't have a capsule and it is just how the implant is. They do feel harder at the bottom because this is where there is no breast tissue to cover the implant, so its normal. I felt both type of implants and there is not much of a difference (of softness) between the two. So I have to think about which type of implant I should go with... but I'm probably gonna go with smooth since I really want my breasts to move more freely.

For the size I told him that I didn't want them to be wider, but I would like more projection and fullness on top. He suggested to put 560cc and the width of the implant would be the same. I am a bit scared since 560 sounds so big to me! Now I am 32D, so this would make me a full D. I'll wait for my appointment to try on the sizers because I dont want to look like a Pamela Anderson. 560 vs 420 is only 4mm more of projection except there is fullness on top too and not just at the bottom. My breasts do look a bit bigger on pictures, in real life you can't really tell I had a breast augmentation. My mom didn't even notice yet lol.

So for girls who had smooth silicone how do you like them? and did you experience a gap overtime?
Please tell me about your experience :)

I posted a couple of pics so you can see what my breasts look like right now. The swelling completely went away and they dropped a bit.

It is done!! I had my revision :D

So this morning at 8am I had my surgery. Everything went well and I didn't feel any pain. Dr P told me that everything was perfect and no complications. This time it was a different anesthesiologist and the anesthesia was really smooth with her. My throat didn't feel super dry like last time and I was able to pee lol (last time it took several hours before I could go to the bathroom). The nurse told me the anesthesiologist did a good job because I was able to wake up really fast. So overall I'm super happy. I didn't take any painkiller or tylenol yet. There is barely any pain. Just some discomfort where my right scar is but thats all !

For my implants, I have 560cc high profile natrelle inspira round smooth.
I am 5'4 and 125 pounds.
Before I had 420cc natrelle anatomical implants.

For the size, I'm super happy. It's not a big difference compared to before, they are just a bit rounder but not overly round like I was scared. On pictures it's a bit hard to see the difference compared to before, but in real life you can easily tell. They are also quite soft already.
The doctor is really I mean really good :) I am super happy.

One week post revision update

This is just a small update post surgery. For anyone considering revision, I tell you it is very easy. I had barely any pain, just some itching where the incision was. I am really happy I decided to do the revision and they are a lot more confortable than my other implants, its like night and day lol. They also look fuller on top which I like. I can already sleep on my side and I am satisfied with the results. I have to say I cant wait to go back to the gym cause its a bit depressing to stay at home. I also took time off work so I spend most of the day by myself at home watching movies and stuff. It's weird that I complain about having free time.. but it gets lonely after a while. The antibiotics kinda makes me tired and even though theres no pain I dont feel comfortable doing many things because I still have the stitches on the incisions and if I move too much I will feel lightly sore at the end of the day. Anyway, I cant wait to go back to my regular schedule and to finish healing.

6 months post op

They healed nicely and are very soft. The scar is still visible but not as much as the first time but I did develop some stretch marks around the scars. It's only visible if you look from inderneath so I don't mind that much. Was still so worth it overall !

Boob squishiness

It felt kinda weird to film myself jiggling my boobs lol. But here it is. As you can see they move a lot and I feel like they are a part of my body. Very bouncy and both are equally squishy :)
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

I only consulted with one surgeon and it was with him. I was already very confident with his work before meeting him in person because he did my friend's breast and they looked amazing. He had also done my friend's mother's breasts and did a really good job on her too. He has very good ranking and I liked his before and after pictures, so in my mind it was pretty clear that he was going to be my surgeon. I am more than satisfied with the results and honestly I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Dr. Papanastasiou. He's very sweet and gentle and so is his staff. Even though it's only been one day post-op, he took the time to call me yesterday night after surgery to make sure everything was ok. Plus one of his nurse called me this morning to check up how I was doing. They do a good follow up and I don't feel left out at all. I know I'm in good hands. If you want to get a breast augmentation, I highly suggest you go with Dr. Papanastasiou. Feel free to ask me any questions I will be more than pleased to answer you :)

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