37 Year Old Getting an Upgrade! - Montreal, QC

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I've been reading real self everyday for months...

I've been reading real self everyday for months now, and I guess its time I start my own review. I'm having a BBA tomorrow morning in Montreal with Dr Fouda Neel. He ordered both 385cc high profile and 345cc moderate profile for me, and I still don't know which ones I want to go for. I'm a mother of 2 with a slim athletic body. Before children, I was a medium B cup, but now I'm a deflated A. My goal is to get to full C, but my surgeon doesn't think that 345cc will do it. He thinks I will be a medium C. Here is where I am torn ... I really want a natural slope. And the 345cc moderate is the largest moderate that will fit on my chest. The only way to get more volume for me is to go high profile. And a few days ago I was sold as I saw some pretty amazing high profile pics (on here of course). But then ... I started to see more and more high profile pics with the rounded top of the breast showing, and I really don't want that (I realize its going to look like that for a few weeks, but I'm thinking about what it will look like in 2 months). So, that's my dilema. I think I'm going to tell my surgeon that I want a slope and as big as possible. So if he can make the slope happen with the bigger high profile, to do it. Otherwise, go with the 345cc moderate. My sister has her augmentation a few years ago and is telling me "go big" you'll regret it if you don't. But I'm more hug up on the shape than the size. Anyways, tomorrow is the big day. I will post the timeline as I go

Last minute downgrade

So today was the big day! Sugary was at 6:30am, and all in all it went really well. During the final measuring and discussion with my surgeon he told me that the 345cc moderate would likely not fit so my option was 330cc moderate or 385cc Hp. Because he couldn't guarantee no upper rounding, I chickened out and went for the 330 moderate. He said the pice of the women who had Hp with no obvious upper rounding had more upper pile breast tissue to start, and I didn't want to take the chance.

So, here I am several hours later in my hotel room recovering, and I'm feeling good. My chest feels more tight than anything. But I don't feel much pain. I'm sure that will change once I'm off meds. They are sitting really high now (as expected), but I'm happy with the size for now (hope I don't get booby greed and regret not doing the hps), but for now I'm
happy (well, tired and happy)

Day 2

So far today has been pretty good. Had my follow up appointment and things look ok Chest doesn't feel nearly as tight as it did yesterday, but its still not comfortable. My incisions hurt a little, but as long as I stay on top of my meds it really isn't too bad. I did feel I probably pushed it a bit doing things around the house today and I noticed a tiny bit of bleeding on my left side.

As expected, implants are high and nipples are pointed down. I can't wait to see how things settle. not sure how patient I will be over the next few weeks.

Day 4

Today is the start of Day 4 and I feel pretty good. Yesterday I only took Tylenol with Codeine at bedtime and got through the rest of the day with Extra Strength Tylenol. Still sore, but nothing unbearable. Today is also the day I got to take a shower. yay! Feels good to be clean. I'm also washing my surgical bra, so while that is in the wash, I'm temporarily wearing one of my old nursing bras. Boobs are still sitting high and are hard (as expected), but I have no bruising. I've experienced no additional bleeding since Day 2. Overall I'm quite happy. I can't wait to see how they look in the next couple of weeks.

1 Week

It has been one week since I got my breast augmentation and I'm feeling good. I'm still not used to them, and when I see myself in the mirror I'm always a little startled. I'm surprised how one minute they can see so huge and another I can make them disappear under a baggy t-shirt.

I like them, but they are still so firm and fake looking. I know d&f takes time, but I do have moments of thinking "what if they look like this forever?" I don't want to look like a stripper with boobs that don't move. What if they never soften. What if they never become squishy? Then I have to remind myself that its only week 1. They will get there. They already do seem a bit lower than they did 3 days ago, so I can't complain too much. I shouldn't be too impatient though. By the time my boobs do d&f my summer will be over and I will be upset with myself for squandering it!

3 weeks post op!

So today I had my 3 week post op appointment, and everything is going well. I'm in next to no discomfort. Still have morning boob, and some tenderness on my ribs but nothing that requires medication. I've started gently exercising. But I'm craving a good workout. I used to have a motto "sweat every day", and not having regular workouts is killing me. But I'm sure once I can safely "bounce" I will be back at it.

As many ladies out there, I'm itching to know what size I'll be. So, I'm going through my bras and seeing if I have anything I can compare with. I nursed both of my babies, so I have all sorts of sizes that I used during nursing and pregnancy. Most of them have a much larger band, but I'm using the sister size method to guess my cup size. I'm a 32 band now, so check the pics and captions to see what I've found out! My guess is that I will end up as either a 32D or a 32DD. Hard to know for sure, but its kinda fun guessing. The weirdest thing for me now is that I have no idea what my bra size looks like. You know, when you go to a lingerie store and you look at the bras and can zero in on an A/B cup and know that it will be close to fitting you? I know what that "looks" like. I have no idea what I will be looking for now. It's weird and exciting all at the same time!

My Kingdom for a 32!

Ok, so I know that many of the ladies on here are small in the underbust, and much smaller than me. I consider myself on the smaller side of average. So, why is it that I can’t find bras with a 32” band? This is a consideration I never thought of before my breast augmentation. I easily found 32A and 32B bras. So, why not 32D or 32DD or 32DDD? I did not know that these were “special” sizes. I did know I was eventually going to get a few high quality bras from a specialty store and get properly fitted at some point. But I didn’t think my bra drawer would be exclusively filled with those bras. A 32” band is pretty common, no? I actually asked the lady in the lingerie section of Sears if there were any 32” bras, and instead of just saying no, she said “let me measure you”, and she said I’m between a 34 and a 36. That’s ridiculous. I could do up a 36” bra, and step into it and pull it over my whole body. like a hula hoop I’m really annoyed at the bra industry. I keep hearing that most women are wearing the wrong size bra. Well, make our sizes available, and we will wear them! I ended up getting two bras that were 34D and 34DD today, not because they fit, but because they were the closest thing I had to fitting.

On a more positive note … my boobies appear to be dropping! Compare this photo with my Day 4 photo and its quite remarkable!
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