300cc Hp, 5'4" 120 Lbs, 24 Years Old. Montreal, QC

Hello everyone , i was hoping for some support...

Hello everyone , i was hoping for some support from you guys! i booked a surgery for oct 10th . Since i was 14 i thought my breast were ugly and too small . I also don't like the shape. Ive been researching for several years and have backed out of the procedure 2 years ago but now its time to give it a try and give the benefit of the doubt concerning the safety and complication of breast implants. This is also a reason why im choosing saline. I'm hoping that some of you guys who already got the procedure could tell me if you regret having the procedure or not ? Thank you in advance !

1 day pre-op

Surgery is tomorow. I really hope its goes well ! One thing, i am not telling anyone except my boyfriend about this surgery since i find some people (even my family) are judgemental towards this kind procedure. Anyone had this experience ? Were you able to keep the procedure secret considering the use of small implants (300cc) ? Thank you so much. Here is my pre op pic . Ps : had to hide tattoos and necklace for confidentiality:)

Day of treatment

Went super well ! I dont really feel the pain and i can move my arms ... Bandages are taken off in two days.

1 day post op

I woke up in more pain then yesterday, i guess the analgesia shots wore off. Still doing ok, im gonna take it slow today . Can't wait to take my bandages off friday. By the way i got saline implants high profile 280 cc filled to 310cc and 290cc. I will update soon.

Post op day 2

Woke up and felr much better thab yesterday. I stopped taking pain meds and plan on driving tomorow for my post of appointment. Can't wait to see the boobs , i hope they are not crooked of whatever hahah

post op day 3

Kinda freaking out .. really big and fake ... Its only 290 and 310 cc .. anyone have that much swelling ???Is it going to go down?

day 6 post op

Still very tight though not painful at all! Hope the size will go down soon .

6 days post op

7 days

10 days post op

breast are painful, still waiting for them to look less globular and drop a bit .....
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