21 Years Old, 140 Lbs, 5,6'' , Don't Know if a Have Tuberous Breasts but I Know They're Not Proportional! Montreal, QC

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As said in the title, I think my breasts are...

As said in the title, I think my breasts are ''tubular'' or anyways they don't look the way I wish they did! The shape is really ''cone'' like, they are asymetrical, there almost no space between the fold and the nipple, absolutely no cleavage whatsoever ... In fact I am pretty depressed when I look at them! Also, I'm not a thin small framed girl... I'm quite big and my frame is somehow rectangle, so I must admit that I really don't feel feminine!! That is one of the reasons why I'm starting the process to have a breast augmentation. I wrote to a lot of doctors in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, but only a few answered back so I suppose I will have to call them... I am quite shy about it for now, but my choice is done so I will deal with it. I'm also looking if it would be better/possible for me to go somewhere in the US (up to Florida), because there are so many reviews from doctor there compared to the canadian ones.... still another point to make choices.... I want the most natural results possible, so I think the best would be under the muscle (submuscular) or I have seen another technique in Miami (or at least in Florida) that is supposed to be even more natural than submuscular... I don't tend to scar really well, and so I would prefer throught the armpit.... but also that seems more complicated because when the dr don't do a lot of those kind of incisions, I feel (from what I've seen yet mostly on this site) that the implants look quite fake.... so there it is for now!! I will update soon when I schedule more consultations!

Some consultations, finally!

I booked for consultation with 3 doctors in Montreal for the month of September! I start there because it is only 2 (2 and an half sometimes) hours from where I live (Ottawa). There seems to be a lot of really god surgeons in Toronto too like Martin Jugenberg but Toronto is 4h30-5h from me, so I figured I would look closer to start! I'm ready to go to Florida if I don't find one surgeon that I completely trust (I've got some friends with vacation houses in Daytona)
But first, Montreal! The first one I'll see is Dr Leblanc. He got a really detailed review on realself by a member named NewYearsNewBoobs and she got results that are amazing in my opinion!!

The 2 other ones (that I could manage to put on the same day = less travelling for me thank you) are Dr Brassard and Dr Chen Lee. Dr Chen Lee seems to have a lot of skills or at least fans because there are a lot of reviews (good ones) of him here and mostly on ratemds, but I know I can't rely on it completely, so I will go and see by myself...

The thing is that I would really prefer trans axilliary incision (armpits) because I don't scar well and that I rarely wear tops that ''show'' my armpits because I've got some stretch marks on my arms :(
The results can be horrific (= absolutely not natural looking) using this type of incisions so I really want to find someone that is an expert with this technique. That is why I will probably go to Toronto to have a consultation with Dr Jugenberg because he seems to do it quite often with good results.
If you know any surgeon specialized with breast augmentation through armpit please let me know :) anywhere on east coast I can go!
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