8 months post op! :D 400cc mod+ round silicone unders

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Hey everyone! :) I'm going to be getting breast...

Hey everyone! :) I'm going to be getting breast augmentation. I'm not sure when because my mom wants me to do a lot of research first..

Anyways to keep this short, she wants me to not go too big, and neither do I, but i dont think she understands the size I want and I dont think she's very supportive of my choice.

I want to be a full D and I think she wants me to be a small D or average C.. I'm paying for them, I know she wouldnt really have a say, but part of me feels STOPPED because I'm afraid I'm making the wrong choice.

What should I do? Should I stick with my true feeling of going for a full D? I dont want to have to get surgery a year from now because I might regret having gone smaller.


So me and my mom discussed that the best time for me to get my surgery would be on christmas break, right after the holidays!

I can't WAIT!! I've been waiting for this for 8 years.

I feel so relieved!!

posting my before pic today before i forget! lol

I'm already a new person just knowing that im getting this done!

before pic!

posting my before pic before i forget! lol

First consultation

I'm BEYOND excited for this friday! I booked my consultation with Dr. Benoit Leblanc. He had ALL good reviews for breast augmentation on ratemymds .com. I'm literally in shock! never in a million years would I have thought my mom was going to be okay with this.

SO my consultation is THIS friday and they told me to bring a T shirt im guessing to try on sizers. SUPER excited!

Im weird!

I know on friday when i go to my consult the doctor is going to show me the sizes.. and he's supposed to be really good. I guess im just nervous because I really want to make the right decision for the size.

I put about 325 cc in a 32D bra i bought and it fills it.

Does anyone know if this sounds about right? I ALWAYS expected for it to be around 350 and i just dont know if its too much..

can anyone help me out?

I have a question!!

Will my implants always look really fake?

im getting silicone under the muscle but in scared im gonna look super fake.. Im not getting huge ones but does anyone have any thoughts on this?

What the Doc told me

Hey everyone :)
So i went to my consult a few days ago! It went soooo well! The doctor made me feel super comfortable and he was so great for answering my questions properly.

He showed me a bunch of sizes and me and my mom actually agreed on 400cc round moderate plus profile. quite a bit more than i thought i was going to choose!

The doctor DID mention that depending on my muscles ( whether they are too tight or not) he might not be able to fit the 400cc. He said most likely it would be fine, but he is going to put temporary implants in when I have surgery, and if it doesn't, he's going to put 350cc. I REALLY hope the 400cc fits, but at least I know he's going to try.

Call me crazy.. but I've actually been trying to massage my muscles so that they loosen up and arent as tight. LOL

I guesssss its a little MUCH to do, but I'm going to do everything I can to try and make that 400cc fit comfortably!

I havent booked yet, because I plan on getting it done after the holidays, which is perfect because it gives me some time to get the money together.

I CANT wait!

And im SUPER thrilled that I can fit the moderate plus implant because I really want the fullness of the implant to be at the bottom.

I really think he's going to do a great job!.



My doctor said Im going to need to loswer my breast crease?? have any of you done this??

i trust my doctor very much but what do you guys think?

posted a pic with 400cc sizers!

so the dr said it SHOULD fit. but he said depending if the muscle is too tight, he might have to put the 350cc. i dont really mind i thin they look pretty darn big :) thats what i wanted..i dont want balloons.. but hey im getting it done.. everyone says to geo big or go home :P

thanks everyone for the nice comments :D

just posted a wish pic from someone in this forum!i

dont remember who's but i just hope mine look like this i hope its ok im using this

Has anyone changed their crease????

I asked this before but I'm so nervous about changing the crease.. I rly trust my dr though because he said that the implants should last over 10 years and all so I think he knows what he's doing..


I really want the 400cc!! sooo bad ive been testing them and the doctor said he will put 400cc if my muscle allows.. did anyone do a massage or something to help the muscles allow?

added wish pics :P and MAYBE bad news :(

I probably wont be able to get to this size because im starting out really small.. but we will see what happens!!

Bad news is i might not be able to get them during christmas break.. :( i hope that will change i think ill be ok but theres a small chance it wont happen.. im gonna do everything i can to avoid that!


i might get a job so that means i dont have to worry i can get my surgery when i want :D and POSSIBLY even earlier!.. wowwwwww like you dont even know how happy i am!


i guess everyone goes through this.. at first I was worried the 400cc wouldnt fit.. and now I'm doubting whether or not i should just tell him to put 350cc .. i think im going a bit crazy because im over thinking what people will think.. like i dont CARE what people think.. but i dont want to look like i have balloons either you know? oh gosh..

I have this one friend and i feel a bit bad for her i think shes socially awkward but i was talking with some friends and her about it and she was like. oh ya theyre gonna judge you.. everyones going to judge you.. like gee thanks, right? :/ it was really rude and not sympathetic at all.. shes actually really getting on my nerves lately, because shes making me doubt myself..

im just frustrated and dont know what to do :( I guess when i go in for another consult i'll double check what I want.. go big or go home right? lol


So the office is closed until monday but I've decided to go on January 7th :) hopefully it wont be booked already because i havent called in 2 weeks! But I doubt it. :) Anywaysss if all goes perfect: my date will be set for January 7 2014. My own late christmas gift lol!

Going with 400cc if it fits but if the doctor sees too much stretching of the muscle he's going to go with 350cc to be sure i dont get the dreaded UNI boob.

Anyways I CANTTTT wait!!

Any tips or recommendations for me before my big day? or for after?

Love you all

Worries about ANAESTHESIA

Hi everyone. Im super nervous and I know everyone gets this but I was wondering if theres an alternative?

New BEFORE pics :)



Hey beauties

Wish pics and my body

Went to confirm the size!

More Wish pics! I hope they arent too "sexy" for this page hahah! But I just found them from google loll

Example Pictures

My profile and front view full.

wish pic.

I dont know if 400cc will get me fuly at this. but honestly if its even anywhere near this i'll be super happy!

41 days away and counting!

Maybe some think this is still far away// but i am soooo unbelievably excited! I tell my boyfriend every day how much i cant wait! Im so confident in my doctor and our choice of size and profile that I would do it today if i could!

I also had the option to do it in december, but I have 5 family birthdays and my younger cousins are super hyper and I dont want to get a punch in tha new boobs lolll!! Which has happened before! But it was ok since i wear about an inch and a half of padded bra haha :D SO still January 7 and 41 days away! the way i look at it is a month and 10 days :) so im counting down to 30.. and then its december.. so much holiday shopping and parties that i think it will FLY by so quickly!

I hope i dont get too nervous a few days before.. Im really doing my best to try and relax and not over think everything. Apparently if you get a rly bad cough or cold they cant operate on you so im literally taking a week off from work bEFORE surgery, and maybe 2 weeks after.. lol Maybe more Im going to try nd get a doctors note to take more. Im sure if im not feeling up to it he will send me home with a note.

so I got my meds, i have a bunch of pillows, although im thinking of buying some sorta special pillow haha.

I will also have 2 surgical bras because my doctor insists i wear it at all times. So when 1 is in the wash i have another. getting one in whie and one in black.. I figured id take black since it'll be easier to hide under clothes.. maybe pull it off as a tank top lol

ttys! :)

pics of me with sizers (400cc)

ME with 400cc sizers

wish boobs

39 days tonight and CANT WAIT

Im soooo excited. I've been counting down to hit the "30's" so I officiallu have a month and 9 days of waiting.

The way I see it.. 9 days is a bit longer than a week... and then christmas shopping passes.. then christmas passes.. then new years and BOOM. 6 days later BOOBS! haha

So excited for all of you getting it done and having just as much fun counting down the days ^_^


bras and bikinis i love that wont fit me :(

these bikinis and bras cost soooo much! these are just my favourite from my collection that im sooo upset that i wont be able to wear.. im hoping maybe a couple will still fit even if i wear them as super push ups lolll!

Cruel people who JUDGE and make RUDE COMMENTS

Hey there lovely ladies!

I just wanted to talk abit about people judging because of boobs.. I was SOO worried that when i got implants i would be judged by men and women all the time..

I thought to myself after that and remembered that girls already judge me.. and call me a slut as i walk away and its so rude and disrespectful not only because i dress appropriately and often wear loose baggy shirts that dont flaunt anything.. and 2 because WE WOMEN should stick together.. whether i want to show off my boobs or not.. who cares !? as long as you feel confident and beautiful. what does it change in our lives???

And for the men that start insulting to your face or as you walk away... listen up : a man that doesnt like implants WILL NOT COMMENT and call you a slut.. men that CANT HAVE YOU will call you a slut.. men that know they can never have a woman that looks like you.. will call you a slut.

I once walked passed an italian 30 year old man.. im also italian.. and he used an italian word to call me a slut.. i quickly turned around and said GOOD THING I UNDERSTAND ITALIAN. they started giggling and he said woops.. uhh.. call me?

what a pathetic JERK.
I was wearing a completely loose t shirt.. plus im flat.. and jeans and cute wedges..

i dont know? does my face make me a slut?

Thats why i know this man had nothing better to do. Sorry to insult. and i usually dont.. but lets just say he was NOT attractive.

Once again im here to tell you all to NOT CARE and brush it off when someone insults you and tried to make you hear it.. you are better than that person and at the end of the day, they are so jealous they feel the need to try to make you feel like less of a beautiful person. share this message with a woman who needs it.

You are beautiful and anyone who says otherwise is jealous of what you have.

Let THEM suffer in silence. dont let words hurt you.. as the classic saying goes.. sticks and stones may break my bones but words cannot hurt me.

They want you to feel bad about yourself.. and when they see that you HEARD their repulsive comment and walk with your head up even higher.. Believe me, they will slouch even LOWER.

If you see a girl and feel insecure around her.. just remember. we are all human. she probably has insecurities too.. and maybe instead of thinking bad thoughts.. throw in a complement.. wow she has great style.. her shoes are gorgeous! she has great boobs! she has the perfect body!.. she has a beautiful eye colour. when you spread good comments.. you will feel more beautiful than ever.

Have a wonderful day ladies

It all feels surreal

I can't believe theres only 31 days left. some people might think thats a lot but for me its really close! and i cant wait to be able to say FINALLY that the day has come :P Im tired of uncomfortable tight bras I feel sore every night because of these uncomfortable padded bras.. i just want to have a nice size .. Btw girls im not worried about the cleavage gap.. and also if i wanna wear a push up for a night out i also dont mind that.. Im still looking to stat on the "natural" big side.. anyways so excited for the day to come. Did any of you who had barely any breast tissue before feel like your skin was going to rip? ive heard of that happening?

26 daysssss

wow .. im obsessed. i cant stop thinking about my boobs! less than a month to go.. Im a bit worried about getting sick before surgery since its winter and a lot of people around me are sick. what happens if i get a cough or cold??

All before photos

20 more days! This is random..

But for 9000 bux i hope my BA turns out GREAT lol!! Im sure it'll look good though, on RateMDs dot com he's rated in the top 10 with a 4.8 out of 5 and the only complaint about him was that he was expensive so that person didnt go with him.. and everyone else had a good experience. So I'm counting on those reviews being right. I did ask someone I know with implants, and she went to this other dr and i looked him up and he had horrifying reviews... thankfully she had a good experience, but many girls complained they got infections and he wasnt sympathetic at all. Anyways I'm sure i made the right choice. everyone was nice and the Dr. made me feel super comfortable and made sure I liked the size I was getting. I really cant wait :) I think im just over thinking now ( s we ladies always do!) and making myself worry for nothing since its getting so close :D I cant wait!! 3 weeks and for valentines day my amazing bf already made reservations for us a couple months ago to be sure we got a spot. He made reservations at this amazing sushi restaurant and they have these private rooms so he got us one :D Im soooo happy lol:) And I have this really gorgeous LOW cut shirt im going to wear with my new tatas! lol :) Yayy boobs!

January 7 is getting closeeee

18 days left!

It's starting to really hit me that really soon i'll have my boobs.. Im starting to get a bit worried.. so far I havent gotten sick! Which is good! But at the same time makes me worry about what if i get sick! lol Christmas is coming, and new years! Im just hoping to stay away from germs!!

Ive been trying to get a good amount of sleep, I told my work that I'll have to work a bit less ... and i've been having a tall glass of orange juice every day to make sure i get a lot of vitamin C.

On the more POSITIVE side: I bought myself this ADORABLE pink victorias secret robe. the big comfy one! oh my gosh i put it on and i was in heaven. My mom will bring it for me the day of surgery so if i feel cold i can put it on right after.

I'm kind of nervous about the pain.. worried to feel that stretching feeling. especially since im going for a pretty large size and im starting with veryyy little tissue!

DOWNSIDE: i'll be on my period during surgery D: like i needed more pain lmaoo :P at least i'll have some lovely pain meds. which btw i never take medication for any pain but im not risking it with this. Im not going to try and be a smarty pants cuz i know its going to be a rediculous amount of pain otherwise. /

HOW LONG did it take you guys to recover from the SEVERE pain? How many days????


WIsh picture from another realself girl.

14 days left!

omg im so nervous but im soooo excited. Im so afraid to get sick but im doing y best not to stress about it and im having a lot of vitamin C every day to make sure i dont get sick but oh gosh it just keeps hitting me that " I " am getting a boob job. so so so so nervous and excited. BLAH i dont even have anything to say. most of my posts are just my inner thoughts lol

OH YA. so i have my super comfy robe.. and now i ALSO have that crazy looking pillow a lot of girls get.. you know the one with the two arm rests.. :P Its pretty darn comfy. And i hope the pain is tolerable. I think i will have a lot of pain though becaus eim flat as a board and going for 400cc.. and ive heard of some people getting 400 with more breast tissue than i have and they feel like its terrible. OH WELL. i honestly dont care about the pain because its so worth it for me. im so ready for this change :)

12 days left

im so excited my grandfather was coughing kinda neaar me im so paranoid that i get sick.. and my work gave me the worst and latest hours to work an clean :/ im so annoyed.. but anyways. heres to the holidays! and hoping everything goes well!

10 days the countdown begins! STATS

Hey ladies! Holyyyyy poop. I'm a nervous wreck! I keep thinking am i doing the right thing.. do i rly need these.. and its so expensive.. its all freaking me out. I want them so bad though and I've wanted them for so many years!!! since i was 14 i just knew i wasnt getting any bigger and at around 17 i started to rly want implants I was tired of feeling masculine.
sorry thats so random but letting the thoughts go helps me :P

Anyways here are some stats:

Before 32A
Going with 400cc Mod+ silicone round unders
Height: 5'4" and a quarter lol
butt 37"
waist: 24"
bust: a pitiful 30" - 31" on a good day lollll

Oh boyy!! 7 days!

So im kinda freaking out cuz i have some questions about my meds that i have to take BEFORE surgery.. and also they are supposed to let me know a few days before surgery WHEN the TIME of surgery is.. so i have 7 days and they are closed today and pobably tomorrow too so im actually praying they will be open on thrusday or friday because i rly dont want to wait til monday for answers.. im freaking out now because i feel like its so close and i want to prepare myself!! oh gosh. :(

5 days!

Im repeating myself but im so excited and i hope all goes well.. im a bit nervous for bottoming out. but overall im so excited to finally fill a bra. ive been wearing extra padding in my bras when i see my family so they get used to seeing me with boobs lol



I hear some girl say that they actually put a catheter in her so she wouldnt pee during surgery! Do you guys know if they did this to you?


omg sick people all around me with just a couple days left before my surgery. im so nervous if i cant go through with my surgery i think i will cry. breathing in and out trying to caml myself.. at least i dont work tomorrow. so i can relax!!


1 more day!!!

omgomgomgommg Im so excited.. so as some of you may have read.. the office has been on vacay for the past 2 weeks so i dont even know my time of surgery yet im so annoyed but wtv at least i can get up early and call tomorrow! Im so excited!

I asked some doctors on the forum and they said i would be about a full C cup. SO im actually really happy because I feel like on my small frame.. that is a nice size. I wouldnt mind if it was bigger, but I wont complain if im a C.. but i work at Victorias secret and I checked the C and i think its pretty much my size or I might have to go to a D... anyways I guess i'll find out soon :D yayyy :)

Day 2

Wow it's like 3 times I try to post this and it didn't work because of my internet! Anyways day 1 and day 2 awful because it turns out I'm allergic to penicilyne and so I've thrown up 3 times :(

The hospital was great though the whole staff was sooo nice as I even got heated blankets before my surgery and on to surgery bed. I felt so wonderful there and I dot even remember falling asleep :p sl

Right now I'm feeling a bit better just really tired and waiting for my surgeon to prescribe me the new antibiotic! Other than the nausea the pain is like a 5 on 10

Day 2 pic

Feeling much better!!!

Wow today I'm feeling so much better! I've been able to move my arms more easily and I'm less hunched and less sore! :) I'm still being careful because I don't want to hurt myself. My boobs haven't changed much but they have gotten fuller on the sides:) again I got 400cc mod plus under the muscle smooth round silicone with incision on breast fold. I'll post a photo when I go see my doctor for my 1 week post op apt. I'm so happy I listened to everyone's recommendations and thanks to everyone for the lovely comments it really helped me stay motivated and not feel discouraged :) posting a pic soon !! :D

Day 6

Oh. my. gosh.. what a week. first my penicillin im allergic to causes me to throw up.. then slight nausea til day 5 because apparently this pain med ive been taken is causing it. AH! Hopefully... no more nausea.. SO ive been with my mom everyyy day because ive been so sick and she doesnt know i post on this site :P so THATS the reason i havent posted much! so heres a quick look :D tomorrow hopefully i can get some with no top on. its kinda hard because my bra attaches in the back and has like 4 or 5 clips.. so if i accidentally can get it on.. my moms going to wonder why i took it off :P heres what they are looking like so far! Not swollen much anymore and the shape is very round :D

nudies :o

heres some pics one week in :)

Bikini shots!


Still cant believe it!!

Im just still so surprised that I did this.. Im starting to feel the feeling of.. did i really need to do this.. part of me says " you couldn't have just continued the way you were to be happy?" and then i get sad... and the other half of me says.. "No i'm sick of being flat and why should I have to look at myself and feel that way" UGH i hate this.. :(

On the plus side: They're doing great.. they look great to me and starting to get more and more squishy :) which is so exciting because i dont want to feel like they are fake even though they are :P its still so weird never would I have thought in a million years I would have breast implants.. Its confusing me so much

new pics :)

12 days post op pics :)

Day 13 post op :)

I feel lovely today. I went out with mah new girls and they feel great :D They are squishier today and i just feel so amazing with them.. I hope I dont get that feeling of regret again but right now.. all pain is gone and I feel awesome..

The only thing I still feel is when I lift something heavy they do the crazy boob moving thing people talk about.. it feels so creepy.. but i guess ill get used to it :P Anyways id rather have that than no boobs haha!

WEEEEEE :) Heres some pictures day 13 post op in a bra I bought PRE op hoping i was going to fill it.. IT FITS :D So far I'm a 32D I dont think they'll get fluffier though.. im not sure :P i guess i'll have to wait :)

3 weeks post op pics :)

hehe :) i still dont get why they look smaller in pictures and in clothes :/ lol oh well i love themmmm

25 days post op

really squishy now :D omg i took off my steri strips.. and wow... wow wow wow.. you can barely see a LINE from my scar.. and its an inch long!!! i even took a mirror that shows extra close up because i wasnt sure where the line started and finished!! im so excited :) I LOVE my results and my surgeon even said im healing faster thn most people and thats why my gap between my boobs is very small.

I'm fitting a 32D but i noticed that in a shirt you can see a bump coming out of the bra.. so im thinking i might be a....a..... DOUBLE DEE.. AHH DD??? we'll see :P im going to wait for the famous 6 week mark and then maybe try on a DD.. but wow .. i wasnt even sure if i was going to make it to a D.. let alone a DD :) heres a couple pics :)

again i got 400cc silicone under the muscle smooth round mod plus

4 weeks post op :)

so everything is great! :) i noticed one bottom is kind of getting fluffier i think.. i noticed i can feel the implant much more on that side.. the other one hasnt changed.. hopefully they become the sameee D: but you really cant tell much of a difference for now at least.. LOVING them though! they are starting to bounce and very squishy! I hope they get more squishy though :)

here are some pictures!

still cant believe it!

i justt looked at my old pictures of me FLAT.. and i was like. wow.. i cant believe i was so small.. its such an amazing feeling to have not feeling insecure about my breasts anymore..

OH i noticed one has dropped a bit more... i know its not bottoming out because it looks like it has "fallen" into its pocket.. i just hope the other catches up! lol :P they dont look uneven from the front but i can tell one curves more on the bottom.. not a major concern though .. just hoping everything gets even again! :P still looking good though and feeling so confident.. its like a silent confidence that i didnt have before :) hehe

almost 5 weeks!


bikini shot:)



omgggg. so i tried on a 32 D.. and... it was... SMALL. I'm currently wearing 32 DD... DOUBLE DEE.. AHH I dont believe this.. Im in love and my new bra is sooo pretty :D GOt it at victorias secret and its the Dream angels demi. I did notice i got a little red mark on the side of my boob.. but I just looked at the DDD and it was like a HAT loll i jsut knew it wouldnt fit because the 32DD just sat perfectly :)

Thanks for all the lovely comments

SOO happy :) 6 weeks post op

hey lovely ladies :) just a quick update.. the boobs are fully jiggly and bouncing now :D they feel so real now and they feel like part of me now. im loving that i'm a 32DD and i still get cleavage in non padded bras ^_^

I feel so good about my body now its amazing. They are very round now and i got the exactly results i was hoping for!


Woww was it ever hard to find a nice, well fitted beige bra in a 32DD.. some stores dont have every model in DD.. i was pulling a sweat in the stores trying to find a beige bra that i liked and fit nice.. i actually found myself getting veryyyy frustrated.. but then i stopped and said.. hey its better than not fitting into ANY bras like i did before ! loll omg i thought it was soo funny :P


my favourite bra at victorias secret is the dream angels Demi . i loveeee it.
I havent tried any push ups yet but soon i might.. i guess i just feel like i dont really need it haha but im sure if i have a party maybe i'll consider it.. Ive always loved the dream angels collection though so im sure i'll love the push up too.. i highly recommend that bra i recommended it to a girl on this forum who got implants.. and she was looking for great cleavage.. and she LOVED it :)

Pics 6 and a half weeks



pic 6 weeks


Hey girls :) I decided to let you guys know how i got the gap between my boobs to be SMALL. My doctor gave me this specific massage.. again, for the record, i suggest that you follow only your doctors instructions and i WOULD NOT do this if you are under 2 weeks post op.

i WILL post photos of each step.

*******BE GENTLE. I do not take responsibility for any damage done, NOR am i a doctor. This is just what MY doctor told ME to do. Follow YOUR doctors instructions if you are afraid to do this. *******

1. Take your right hand, and place it on the SIDE of your LEFT breast ( be SURE its on the very outter side of the implant, or the implant will not move properly.
2. Now, push the breast inwards, moving the implant to get as close as it can to your RIGHT breast. BE GENTLE. DO NOT OVER PUSH IT! Even if you only can move it a little, do NOT force the implant and hurt yourself, because if you do it too much you may damage something or hurt yourself.
3. HOLD this for 3 Mississippi's.
4. REPEAT this 10 times in the morning, 10 times at night
5. Now for the other side. Basically doing the same thing.
6. Take your left hand, and place it on the SIDE of your RIGHT breast.
7. Now, push the breast inwards, moving the implant to get as close as it can to your LEFT breast.
8. HOLD this for 3 Mississippi's.
9. REPEAT this 10 times in the morning, 10 times at night

AGAIN be gentle. I hope this helps some of you on how to get a smaller gap if that is what you want. Again i am not responsible for any damage and this is just my opinion i am not a doctor.


Everything is still great hehe :) Not much to really update on!

about 4 months in - Still love my new assets hahah :) 400 cc mod + silicone unders

So it's been a while and i guess thats just because I sometimes forget that I even had anything done. I mean I know i have them done, but i guess I'm getting used to them now :) They are soooo soft and jiggle so much loll! I mean i thought they were really soft.. but now theyre extremely soft :) Lovvveeeeeee it :P

So anyways everything is great, I love them. I still havent slept on my stomach although i did get a lovely massage but i made sure i had a very soft surface. near the end though i felt a little uncomfortable :P

ANYWAYS hhaha here are my side view and front view pictures at about 4 months :)

photo of before and after

before and after (at 4 months)

7 months post op! Loving my girls!

7 months post, and everything is looking great.. i've never been so confident and felt so good about myself.. seriously.. i feel like this is the body i've always wanted. I don't regret it one bit.. i will update more soon... so sorry its been a long time :(

Before i talk more.. just wanna say that soon i'll post a pic in some bikinis i bought that I'm lovinnnnggggggg :D

i will post a longer update soon, i actually just typed so much but it got deleted cuz i accidentally pressed BACK :( loll.

Anyway, thank you everyone for the kinds words and if you have any questions you can always message me here or inbox me. its actually great when you do because it reminds me to update my profile lol :D


more pics for 7 months post op

8 months post op

Hey everyone! so everything is still great ^_^ actually my sister has considered getting implants now that she's seen mine lol! she's like " don't forget your dr.s name!" to be honest i'll never forget him because i don't intend on ever going to another dr... he's so amazing, i can't imagine having gone to anyone else! from start to finish i was comfortable even though before getting there i was SUPER nervous!

anyway! here are a couple shots as requested ^_^

Amazing doctor. So nice from start to finish. Never makes you feel like you are asking too many questions. Takes all the time you need.. KNOWS WHAT HES DOING. so meticulous and organized. He was late the day of surgery but thats because the city has unpredictable traffic.. enjoyed everything from start to finish. highly recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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