32 Y/O, 2 Kids, Waiting for Breast Reduction. Montreal, QC

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Hi all, After obsessing about everyone's BR...

Hi all,
After obsessing about everyone's BR reviews now its my turn :))) I have just started my journey. I went yesterday to my GP for getting referral for a plastic surgeon. He gave me referrals for 3 doctors. Now I have to call them and make appointments. yaayy. I need some suggestions from u guys..what questions should I ask the PS? Based on what & How do I choose one of them to do the surgery?

Got an Appointment :)

Gosh! 3 of the PS that my GP referred me, 2 of them were his choices and one is mine. It turns out that those 2 PS only perform private surgeries, meaning I have to pay out of my pocket ..what? (The BR surgery is covered under provincial health insurance in Canada). So I am left with only option. Thank goodness I came up with a name and did some research before going to the GP. I should have listed them and write down in a paper so that he can gave me referrals of my choice only. Only if I knew....I though it would be same like they refer me to the dermatologist or gynecologist by writing a general note on their prescription pad. Who knew that he will write their name, address & telephone number in the referral!! sucks
So I called the one & only doctor's office & got the appointment on January 4th first, in the morning, then I chickened out (getting it so fast, I think) and changed it to following week on January 13th @1:30 pm.

My youngest daughter is only 3 months old and we have only one car, so either my husband has to babysit while I go or he has to go office by public transport which is not feasible :( lets see, if he can take a half day off...

Currently I am breastfeeding....I told that to the doctor's office and they said its OK. You only need to stop breastfeeding before certain period when you know your surgery date. You can get the process initiated because its very long (3 months to a year). But other doctors' offices told me I cannot even take an appointment if I am breastfeeding because it would be smaller than now if I wouldn't have. Duh!...My normal size is 30G, now I am 30H....it would not go to A,B,C or D only by stopping breastfeeding!


Hi all,
So yesterday, it was my first consultation with the doctor. I went to Dr. Lee, he is a very very nice person. Unfortunately he is moving out of the RAMQ insurance, and he will be doing his last surgery in 2 weeks. I am still breastfeeding, so I don't have a chance :( I called 2 times in his office to speak with his secretaries and they both told me that even if I am breastfeeding, its OK to have a consultation with the doctor, so that he can put me in the waiting list. Listen up ladies, if you are planning to do like mine, do not do that. The doctor didn't even examine me, coz your breast volume changes so much before and after breastfeeding. I knew this but I still believed his secretaries....Gosh! But anyways, I want to take it as part of my learning process from a professional and gaining experiences regarding breast-reduction.

So now, I have decided, I would not make any appointments (now that I know it does not make any sense while breastfeeding) and wait for 2 months after I stop breastfeeding. I feel calmer today. Yesterday I was so sad and miserable. I cried a little bit ( I am a weeper). But I am settled down now...I will wait, finish the breastfeeding, then proceed. I might go for a surgery without insurance. I am so done with this waiting period. I might give it a try one more time after I am done with breastfeeding but only once. Then I am going for private.

I resisted myself from shopping for any clothes for so long...I was thinking I can buy them after my surgery....oh no I feel sad again ....No NO NO I am not sad, I cannot be sad. It will happen, one day!

Just looking at my boobs

Hi everyone, it has been long time I did not post. So, I have started doing my research again and booked 3 consultations. All are $120 (non-refundable)… ouch! Just to get the best surgeon possible.

So, I have appointment on:
August 3: Dr. Zelt
August 8: Dr beaudoin
August 11: Dr Gilardino

I am getting very impatient each time I m looking at my boobs or any clothing I'm wearing. I hate those I hate those I hate those. Sometimes I think, I should go for private, my husband is also encouraging me to go for private, he is saying we will take financing, if needed, go for it. I donno what is stopping me, lets see after the appointments. If I am not convinced about the waiting time, I might go for private.

I started exercising, i was tracking my progress, by taking photos of course, i am attaching here, see it is just hillarous, the hanging boob… like the cucumber in plant lol

First consultation

Ok so I had my first 'real' consultation on august 3rd with Dr Zelt. He performs BR with RAMQ (Quebec's healthcare). He examined me first then took pictures from 3 angles (front, side & 45 degree). Later in the other room he explained the BR procedure (he will use an anchor incision), recovery timeline, post-op visits and risks of the surgery.

He asked me if I smoke or drink alcohol, any allergies to any medication or latex, number of kids, breastfeeding history, any lumps in the breast etc. and then told me if I had any questions. My only question was how long is the waiting time (as I know from everyone's experience it is pretty long, specially in QC with RAMQ). He replied, you can ask my assistant Natalie regarding that. OK.

Then I met Natalie, and she explained whether I wanted to do a liposuction in the axillary area (because I showed my concern to the doctor during the evaluation and he told me it can be addressed during BR with liposuction)? It is $2800 on top of BR surgery. And she also asked me when do I need to do the surgery. Imagine my surprise, I asked her again, there is no waiting time? I can schedule my surgery? (Are u kidding me??!!) this was the only reason I was considering doing BR in private …yaayyy

I told her October 2nd week is the only time my husband can manage 1~2 week vacation. She noted that and said she is yet to schedule surgeries in October, and she will call me back soon.

surgery scheduled

Ok, so Natalie (doctor's secretary) called me and my surgery is scheduled for October 13th. Great! It matches with my husband's vacation as well :) But there is one small (!?) problem here. My husband got a job offer in the states yesterday (he was applying there for quite a long time, but no luck), joining as soon as possible when the paperwork finishes. Now I am in deep shit, I chose the surgery date based on his availability and now he is going, I could have done the surgery next month. Now how I will handle the kids alone after my surgery???? I do not have any family member here.F*** my life! I really wish he declines the offer and stays here, but we need money to raise two kids and for their future...f*** man! pray pray pray


Came back from a wonderful vaccation at cuba...awesomeee!
for 7 days, I left all the worries here, it was so good. Now back to reality, need to arrange a babysitter for post operative time. Never had a nanny, they go to daycare....but it gonna be impossible to lift my daughter (she is almost 11kg) to the garage and put them in the car seat, lets see if I can find someone.Who knew life will be like this.

File created

The nurse from Fleury hospital (where the surgery will be) called to create my file. MY pre-op will be done in sacre-coeur hospital. So things are moving.....I should be happy for that, but I am not happy, my husband will be leaving this weekend, this is first time I will be with the kids alone for so long....I am really trying to think this is nature's mechanism to balance my happiness after the reduction...so I don't be super duper happy LOL...

pre-op done

Had my pre-op at the sacre-coeur hospital. It's basically a blood test and giving you some instruction what you can and cannot do. I feel really scared now. You cannot lift your arms for four weeks, you cannot lift anything for 4 weeks, you cannot do basically any normal things for 4 weeks. Well, my husband will be with me on 13, 14, 15 and 16 morning....then what? I have to do everything by my own! Some reviews are saying you cannot even drive for 2 weeks. Holy crap! My daughter cannot walk yet...who is supposed to hold her??? Ok I won't think about these so much. There is no solution. Is there anyone who has young kids and NO HELP??!!! Please share your experience.

T minus 9

I am on single digit now. 9 dats to go. Really getting very anxious.

Some before pics

So finally I have some courage yo upload some pics

walmart shopping

Went to walmart today, I got 2 danskin sports bra for $9 (what?!). I found other sports bra too, but I just dont know what side I will be and the sales rep said it's not returnable. So I did not but other things. I hope the ones I bought will fit.


17 hours to go

Still waiting…

Still waiting in the room dressed up in hospital gown. The nurse already saw me & checked vitals, took pipi etc.

Did you know when you are under anesthesia you are actually dead? You don't breathe! I was just talking to my mom ( who is an anesthesiologist), and asking why they put tube down your throat. Did u know it is there to supply you all the necessary gases your body & brain (the mask on ur face) need to survive??? I never googled this, I just knew this from her. Holy guacamole! It blew my mind. And scared the hell out of me. Hope I survive this operation!!!

I am on other side :)

Hello RS sister, i made it on the other side. I had to stay in the hospital overnight, my BP was extremely low, & was throwing up constantly. Hopefully they will release me today. In lot of pain.

Small boobies :))

Hey beautiful ladies, came back home few hours ago. Thanks for all your support & encouragement. Uploading a photo of my ew boobies, my husband is saying you have nothing left, if this is the swollen version what will happen when swelling subsides??!! :D lol
But I am happy :))


I am very stiff in my chest. Not much in pain I would say 3 in a scale of 10. Did not take any tylenol from this morning. I have pain in my back, may be due to sleeping very high. It hurts when I sit from lying. I have a huge belly now, I hope part of it is swelling & gas & bloating… really hope so.

Ohh… I had my first bowel movement. Yaaayy

Post-op blues

I think I am having post op blues. I can hardly recognize myself in the mirror. I tried all the dresses & tops in my closet, all of them, the only thing I see is my tummy & absolutely no booby.
I want to give my kids tight hugs, lift them, carry them, play with them, jump up & high with them, go outside for a drive with them.… I dont like this doing nothing stage.

Just seeing old photos

Just trying to make myself feel better

Can't sleep

I am waking up several times at night. It so hot, I am all sweaty, anyone having this weird symptom?

Bandage removed

I had the appointment this morning @9:30 at Dr. Zelt's office. Initially it was @3.30 but Natalie called me yesterday if I was interested in taking it at that time.
I saw the Doctor, he removed the bandages, it was painful coz it really adhered strongly with my skin. He said everything is healing well. I asked if I can lift my children, he said its ok since nothing is done with your muscles. You will be fine. Just listen to your body. Wow thats a relief. I will try to avoid lifting then but thats really a nice thing to hear.

Boobs are looking good, in lovveeee :))
Lot of swelling & bruising on the right side, it was larger in the beginning, so more mass removed from this one. I guess arnica is not working for me :(

Uploading some photos. I forgot to ask the doctor if I need to put something on the incision. I was so happy seeing the boobs, when the doc asked if I have any question, nothing came to my mind :P


Although it's only 5 days after surgery, I really want to compare the results before and after. I know they still have steri strips on & swollen to the max, but still……plz bear with me
Others' comparison photos have helped & encouraged me a lot before, so I am hoping i can at least help someone in that way and also keep them for my future reference.

1 week update

7 days:

I drove my kids to the daycare today! Yaayy success! I put a kids blanket between seatbelt & the boobs, didn't really feel any discomfort. While driving back, I took out the blanket & closed my jacket zipper instead so it acted like a cushion. Driving was ok, but only thing is I feel dizzy all the time & this headache, oh man this is so powerful :(

8 days: Today

I woke up 2 times last night due to this headache, it is so much painful, I dont know why I am having it. Took a long shower & felt really great afterwards. Then again it has started. I really dont want to take tylenol again, because number one, its sort of numbing the pain a little bit, the pain is still there and number two my stomach gets all bloated from any pain medication I take.

I think I need to take the morphin (doctor prescribed), it will help me sleep but again it alters your judgement, Its not safe to drive, the half life of this medication is very long. And if I cannot drive, my kids will stay home & I can't sleep anyway. Man! What a life!
Any suggestions anyone?? Anyone having this horrible headache?

Bruising in the middle

I just noticed this bruising today. See in the middle between the boobies, should I be concerned?

2 weeks update

I haven't post in a while. Had been very busy with life & kids & work… bla bla

I think I hv accepted my new body with my BIG tummy. Whenever I feel low, I go inside my closet & wear the dress that used to look slutty before. HA!
Also, I am gaining confidence that I really can flat that tummy if I workout properly.

Each day I feel better. I had a ski jacket, I remember earlier this year I went to Costco wearing that, and the customer care guy was looking all that time to my boobs instead of my eyes. I was about to tell him dude my eyes are up here, here , look! But then I stopped myself. When I told my husband, he was like, ski jackets are shapeless, you cannot really differentiate boobs putting them on; you are paranoid. Well, now I wear the same ski jacket & there are useless extra space on my chest. So, yeah, it is differentiable who has boobs & who hasn't. K? (May be not shape but , boobs for sure)

On Wednesday, I peeled off the steri-strips while in shower. I soaked them & then put soap on. Then soaked again with shower. Then did the real peeling (I know I'm a chicken). It took me a long time to do the whole process. I didn't want to pull live skin from that area. Since I dont feel anything on my boobs (is it strange??!!) , its like dead skin, I was extra careful.

I ordered some clothes from RW, I received them today. The old self would never had tried those on. Well done Dr.Zelt! :D

Week-3 update

Went to aerie yesterday to buy a wirefree bra :D (now I can buy bra from the stores HAHA), I fit in 32C now, yaay. Can't control giggling when I tried the bra on :)))

Had a minor accident yesterday. My son was sleeping beside me and suddenly he kicked on my left boob (which was healing better than the her sister…ouch), and there was bleeding from the T zone. I saw blood in the morning too. I called the doctor's ofc, Natalie told me to put polysporin & bandage on it, and if it continues to bleed, to go in the ofc next day. Pray pray pray so that I don't have to go.…

1 month plus update

Life has been so busy lately, did not even remember that my 1 month boob-versary has passed :(

I had infections in two sites. I Called the doctors ofc, the doctor was out of city & going to ER is not an option for me (hate wasting all day for nothing). So I consulted Dr. Google and cleaned the area with saline wash & dried & polysporined …it has improved actually :))

I have one month post op on friday, so anyways the doctor is going to check the areas.

I do not have any photos to share :(((

2 months boobeversary

Happy 2 moths to me :))
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