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Ive been wanting this surgery since i was 15. It...

Ive been wanting this surgery since i was 15. It has always been something i was really self conscious about and it became a real problem to the point where i was thinking and obsessing about it everyday! So about a month ago i decides it was really time for me to do it so i saved up some money and started to search for doctors. I found a surgeon and read some reviews about him and almost all the reviews were positive! So i decided to take an appointment and meet him. Dr. Sinno reeeally made me feel comfortable and explained to me everything even though i was really informed since ive been reading everyday about this surgery. So today i had the surgery done and everyhing went pretty well. In the beginning i was really stress and the part that hurts the most was the anestesia. During the surgery i did not feel anything! After the surgery walking was okay so i went to buy the painkillers he told me to. After i got home i took the painkillers and slept for about 2 hours. When i woke up instarted to feel the pain!! Ouch! It was kinda really burning and i took another painkiller. When im peeing im putting water on it at the same time, it helps for the burning sensation. I cant wait to see what its going to look like tomorrow!

Day after the surgery (day 2)

Still swollen but doesnt hurt that much. I tried not to take painkillers and i feel wine without them for the moment. I woke up during the night because it was a little bit burning but went back to sleep after an hour.


Hey guys ! So this morning i woke up withh no pain again and im really happy about that since i expected to be in so much pain for at least 2-3 days! And i am also no longer taking the painkillers since yesterday morning. I decided to tell you girls what i have been doing to get ready for this surgery since i was really a freak about it and wanted to make sure i am healing really well.
So the first thing thats like THE most important for me is eating well! It may sound crazy but i started eating super healthy one month before my surgery and i am still doing it to make sure that my body has the vitamins and everything it needs to heal well. I have also been taking vitamin C + D3 supplements since it helps wound healing. U also need to make sure youre eating foods containing vitamin A, B3, C, D, E and of course Fiber, calcium etc.. What i suggest you to eat is to drink almond milk!! There is many many nutruments you need in it!
Then i also made sure everything was clean in my room. I washed everything and cleaned up my whole room to make sure i get no infection.
I bought everything before the surgery like vagisil, small towels, pads, big panties, etc.
Also a good thing is not getting out of your bed !! Of course only going to the bathroom yes but try having someone bringing you your food and everything to your bed. Thats what i do since i really dont want to make no effort at all so it can heal properly.
Some girls may need to put ice, since the area is reslly swollen. I did not need to put ice because im kinda scared to touch it. I am not touching the area at all and after i wash i let it dry naturally. I wash every 3 hours and i put polysporin on it.
Make sure you get at least a week off of everything!!! Some doctors may say you can go back to work after 3-4 days but no!! Dont take that risk! Take a week of and just stay in your bed taking care of it, watching tv, etc.
When youre peeing pour some warm water on it at the same time (helps for the burning sensation)
Every 2-3 days i also have my mom washing everything of my bed.
But most important of all.. Make sure you REALLY want and need that surgery! Dont get it done just because somebody said its ugly or because you heard mean things about it etc. I really suggest to girls to get it done only if it becomes a real issue and you cant get over it. And if you chose to do it make sure you are ready for it and i wish you the best luck xoxo

Day 5

Okay so its gettin really really itchy! Yesterday morning i woke up with this itchy sensation and i didnt really know what to do since i dont want to touch the area! So i just decided to wash it and put some polysporin again but nothing really helps. Its not that bad but sometimes its uncomfortable. My clit is still pretty swollen and really sensitive. Today i got out of bed for the first time and i didnt really want to since i dont feel like putting underwears or pants yet ( ive spent all my days in my bed with no panties or pants ) . Felt really unconfortable walking and i know i still need 2-3 days to lay in bed. I still wash it every 3-4 hours and a shower a day. Pretty happy with the results for the moment and i cant wait for the swelling to goooo awayyy:) haha!

Ughh:( day 6

Still swollen:( i feel like the swelling in the same as on day one and im getting really sick of staying in my bed! Whenever i wake up to walk after 15 min it get even more swollen and a little bit of blood but not a lot comes where the stiches are:( i tried putting ice but the area is still too sensitive and i cant touch it with nothing! Anybody has tips to make the swelling go away? Plus theres a little part thats reaaallly swollen like a little ball on the bottom of my labia!! On the left side! That part is pissing me off when i walk idk what to do to make it go down quicker! Amlost a week and i have to start work again and school and i really hope its going to get better because i cant stand up like that:(


Did some of you experienced white discharge during the healing? I am at one week and theres a white discharge coming out of my vagina and i am kinda scared that i have an infection or something. Its not itchy or bothering me and i have also been on antibiotics but didnt take them on time and they probably didnt work against a possible infection! Im getting reaaalllyyyyyy tired of alll of this i feel like its never going to end

Day 7

Yeay so this morning when i woke up the swelling was so much better! Yesterday i had a big day many things to do for school so it got so swollen i couldnt walk normally :( when i arrived for after the long day i washed it really well and tried to put some ice on it. So today is saturday and i am nooooot getting out of my bed:) haha ! I have also been applying polysporin all the time to make sure it is moise

Day 10

So fresh so cleann!! Just took a shower and im so happy with how it look! Yesterday i went back to work and i thought i was gonna diiiie !! It gets so swollen and theres blood coming out when im standing up:'( so i had to leave work since it was hurting too much! Didnt make a lot of efforts today and ill try to do the same tomorrow! Aaaaaahhh cant wait for the final result :) oh and i forgot to say theres also some stitches that came out so yeah i think its going to start healing properly!

2 weeks!

Yeayyy so im at the 2 weeks mark! Im actually not that happy since i realised i have a yeast infection! Yes what i thought was just a discharge due to the healing was in fact a yeast infection.. I am so pissed off ive had it for about a week and im sure it affected the healing process.. Im at a point where im really tired of all of this my vagina still looks ugly and not normal my clit looks huge so yeah i have no hope that it will look good one day so i think ill just start by accepting that i have a ugly vagina and that this was my destiny lol. Theres parts where the incision is like open like a slit i dont know how this will stick together or if ill heal with a slit on my labia.. Whatever it is im just way too sick of it and all i want is to effin heal and not hurt anymore. Ugh im so desesperate

3 week

So this is a picture i took in the morning! It always looks good in the morning but after a long day it doesnt look as good as the picture! Anyways i am kind of happy with the result until now i am reaaaaally happy so see how much better my clit looks and it still has some swelling to go down so i really hope it will look a little bit more normal and in the same size with my labias. I can finally wear panties and wear a pad all the time too. I can also fi ally close my legs together and walk normally! Overall everything is great still putting my ointment everyday on it just to make sure its always moist so there wont be many chances to have an apparent scar:)

One month!!

So today is a reaaaaally bad day for me. I am so upset with the way it looks my vagina is just a total mess i cant deal with it anymore. First of all i had a small bump on the bottom of my labia that was really swollen in the beginning but slowly went away with time. And just to make me really happy YESTERDAY IT CAME BACK! Not only its horrible but its so uncomfortable walking with that god damn bump wich i dont understand AT ALL why i have that it went away why does it have to come back like why??? second of all theres a part on my left labia right jnder the clit where too much skin has been taken off and now my clit is just sticking out i cant explain how horrible it looks in real life. I feel like screaming and crying. Plus im all irritated because of the shaving. I dont know what to do anymore i thought i would be okay by the end of the one month. I am scared for my life since i am leaving in 2 weeks to see my bf and i havent talked to him about the surgery and hes going to want to have sex thats for sure.. Ill hit the 6 weeks mark when i leave but im really sure nothing will be healed or just okay since this horrible bump came back. The left side of my labia is horrible. Im just blaming myself since I KNEW my clit would look too big after the surgery and ive said it so many times that it had to happen. Im gonna hide myself for the rest of my life i swear i have the most horrible vagina in the world. The only thing i tell myself is at least its better like that than having the flaps.

9 weeks

So now 2 months and a week passed since my surgery.. I left the country and went on vacation on the 6th week so i didnt have that much time to update in here. So.. At week 6 i finally had sex with my bf! Biggest mistake ever! The bottom part of the incision ripped and there was blood coming out and the whole thing i was scared to death! I finally put stopped the blood and put some polysporin on it. It was hurting but i was okay after.. I tried having sex again and it was okay but after a week the same part ripped again. I am dumb as fuck i know. My opinion is to really wait 2 months before having sex... I know doctors say 6 weeks and some of us feel like we are co pletly healed at the 6th week but we are not... So over all beside that now having sex is okay theres some positions that i cant reallt do because that part hurts if i do but the rest is okay.. My labias are still sensitive i cant wipe after using the bathroom. I have to be gentle and cant put too much pressure on it. I also started wearing jeans and feeling comfortable after 2 months. I can say that my labias are not totally healed. Around my clit the skin is still swollen and really hard.. The worst part of it is that i didnt heal well and i have a little piece of skin sticking out and i dont know why i the world i have that im going crazy over it. I am still on vacation and as soon as i go back ill go see my doctor and see if he can cut that skin because i cant stand it anymore... Yeah so my vagina is not that good looking and really sensitive i still have some bad thought about it but at least i thank god i dont have these lips sticking out anymore... Like i said before i dont recommend labiaplasty unless it is really starting to be a serious and mental issue

8 months??

Hey guys! Havent updated in a while! i thought about letting you know how I feel now, months adter the surgery. First of all I am so thankful for not havin to worry as I used to. I remember how ALL I could think about was my labias. No matter what guy would like me or tell me im cute, I would automatically think ah he may think im cute but if he sees my vagina he will run away from me as fck. I couldnt enjoy sex in any position that involved my bf seeing my vagina. Anyways, I can say that now its almost as if the way i am now is the way i was born and like ive never had what i had before. I feel like it was just a dream!! I dont really like the way my clit looks, but I am more than happy about the way it is now. Every change I get I look at my vagina and admire it loll! I would never tell anyone to get this surgery done but is its something that bothers you so much dont hesitate! I am sure you wont regret it.
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