21 Years Old! No Kids :) Small A Cup - Montreal, QC

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Hello everyone I am a 21 year old starting my...

Hello everyone I am a 21 year old starting my journey on the way to a breast augmentation! I have booked a consultation for March 2nd at 4:00! With Dr Chen Lee! Super excited :) I already have read a lot of reviews and posts so I am for confident! Going in hoping to get a breast augmentation of at least 325CC! But who knows what the Dr will suggest :)!

Wish boobs

These are some of my wish boobs that I am hoping to have in the future!

Before pictures

So I decided to upload some pictures of myself so others can get a look at my breasts for before my surgery and after my surgery. I haven't even done the surgery yet and I feel bittersweet about it all the time? Sometimes I'm all for it and sometimes I wonder if I will miss my small breast? Is this normal to feel this way? I have my first consultation Thursday and I have many questions that I hope I have enough time that he will answer all of them.

Consultation time

So I had a consultation with Dr Chen Lee and all went very well. He is a very passionate and soft spoken doctor. As well as very honest and gets straight to the point. Dr Lee and I did measurements and made me understand that I will probably have a double bubble if I got the surgery. He also made me try implants and see which size I like most. The nicest size that went with my body was 385cc they were really perfect for me but who know if that will be my final size. Going to see dr Chen Lee put me in a different view on getting my breast done. I wanted them so so so badly and it's all I think about and then I saw him and he put me at ease with the whole situation. He is such a smart doctor and really knows what he is doing. I brought my mom and she was very impressed with his line of work. All of his before and after picture of pre ops of BA's are absolutely stunning. Even the hardest case to do BA's on are drop dead gorgeous. I really felt a good connection with him and I must mention he does it for the love of the game and not the money at all. In fact he told me you don't need the surgery just wear a bra.. Which surgeon would say that? Only an honest one. He spent 2.5 hours with me and that's what made me see his honesty. Usually consultations run an hour long and he didn't mind spending more and more time with me. He answered all of my questions and also told me I could go back as many times as I want. He made me feel very comfortable being topless Infront of him. Good thing he told me that made me happy is that I have a good structure for breast implants and thick enough skin that I can go above muscle which would heal faster. Dr Lee really made me feel awesome. The whole time I was trying on implants he saw how happy I was that he made me keep them on until the very end. Dr Lee also told me about all the different implants and textures. I choose natrelle silicone which doesn't cause rippling nor ruptures and if it were to turn over in your body it would still look the same. As for the other textures and feels I wasn't to confident of them. I also do want the best of the best to go in my body at the end of the day. Besides that everything went fairly well. Dr Lee said I would be able to have surgery 6-8 months down the line once I am at a stable weight in my life. Therefore I will keep going back monthly until 6 months to try on the same size to see that finally when the time comes I will be ready and will have chosen the same size for 6 months in a row. Here are some pictures.
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