Not Satisfied - Montréal(Laval), Canada

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I had the treatment done in April 2011. It will be...

I had the treatment done in April 2011. It will be almost a year in 2 month. I literally feel like it didn't do much for my skin. I'm only 26, but I never liked my skin because the texture is non regular , I have black head, dilated pores, I had some acne before that is steel coming back once in a while, I also had some sun damage(but very little) because I use to go to tanning bed and finally some little acne scar(nothing too serious). So, I decided to pay 2450$(which I find is a lot compare to others) to get the Smart Xide dot treatment. After the treatment, I was red for a few days, but everything when away.

The thing that i'm NOT happy with is the RESULT. A few month after, I had my black head multiply by 10. Its so crazy how many black head appear on my face after I had the smart xide. Plus I went to vacation a good 7 month after the treatment and I was wearing 60 and 100 SPF lotion as recommended. Well, some brown spot started to appear badly on my face(some that I didn't have at all) like as if I have a light brow mask on my face. I don't know why but under my eye is white(like a racoon). Since then I went to see the doctor and he offered me a free IPL laser treatment. WTF????? I'm so mad I did the smart xide dot.

Now I can't tan my face at all when I go to vacation and I have to wear a lotion 100. Even thought I put a hi SPF lotion there is steel some brown spot that gets darker when i'm in the sun. Also, I didn't even see an improvement with the little acne scars I had before. :( If somebody would like to tell me why i'm reacting like that, I would be very happy.


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