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I went through puberty at 10y/o, by the time I was...

I went through puberty at 10y/o, by the time I was in my last year of high school I was a F cup-ish (I was still struggling to find a bra that would fit properly) wearing 2 or 3 bras at the same time; that was when I first had the idea to have a breast reduction. I played every sport I could and they were just always in the way. I thought more about it and decided to wait to see if they would grow more.

My second year of college, I was glad that I did wait because I had grew another cup. But I still had the idea in the back of my mind because I was feeling mor and more objectified because of them; it wasn't the greatest feeling but I didn't dwell.
Then life shot full speed ahead and I put it off indefinitely.

Years went by and I started getting tired all the time, gaining weight uncontrollably, my memory was completely shot, not to mention a slew of other symptoms, I was feeling like a fraction of my former self.
After many doctors laughing in my face and several doctors who didn't believe my symptoms, I was finally referred to an endocrinologist.

Though I started my treatment after 2 years I was still no closer to being back to my old self. My endo then referred me to a plastic surgeon, the chief of plastic surgery no less. His thinking was that my excessive amount of breast tissue was creating more hormones then necessary in my body and therefore getting in the way of my treatment.

That's when the idea of having a breast reduction became a more concrete reality.

Consultation - April 4, 2013 - Montreal General Hospital

After an hour wait, I was finally ushered into the office where I met a resident. He asked me some preliminary questions about my general health and then checked out my breasts. He concluded that I would be a good candidate and left me saying my PS would be right in.

The door opens, not my PS but yet another resident who asks me a lot of the same questions and proceeds to check out my breasts as well. I ask him a few questions about post op shape and areola reduction; he assures me everything will be proportional. He also tells me that my PS would probably be doing a single vertical line incision, to which I was like, "I thought when they were this big you have to do an anchor incision?" He replied that it's a newer technique that they were using that would scar less. He then leaves and says that my PS would be right in.

Finally, my PS walks in, with the two previous residents and a new one. So I now have 4 sets of eyes staring at my tits, thank goodness I'm not shy and used to people gawking at my boobs. Anyways, she takes a look at my girls over, under, sides and weight all the while only addressing her residents. She informs me that they're going to have to do an anchor or T incision (should I be worried that I know a little more than her resident?) and was turning on her heels to leave before I could ask her any questions. I get her to stop for just long enough to ask if it would be covered or if there would be any fees I would have to incur...It's covered. And, what kind of wait time there would be before I could have my surgery... Years. Gulp.

So not the best consult of all time.

If it weren't for the fact that I had seen many breast reductions on some TLC or Discovery show and that she was the chief of PS that specializes in: mastectomies/ reconstructions, maxillofacial reconstruction and various hand surgeries I would have sought out another surgeon.

I was confident in her skills and after reading her RateMd ratings knew that her bedside manner was a little "unorthodox."

Anyways, I have years to wait so...

The Call - May 8, 2013


I get a call from my PS's secretary, "your surgery is booked for May 26 at Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital, you have to stop smoking and someone will call you for your pre op."


I quit smoking cold turkey the very next day. I was worried because I had recently crossed over the 200lb point and I was holding at 203lbs but I really wanted to lose some weight before the op. But mainly, I was soooo excited. FINALLY!

Pre Op - May 17, 2013

My pre op was pretty straight forward saw a nurse and a general practitioner to talk about meds that I was on and should stop taking, if I had quit smoking (which I so proudly had) what to expect, and so on.

Then I had to speak to an anesthesiologist, who told me I had a tight throat? and that because I was previously diagnosed with sleep apnea, that I would have to be incubated and stay overnight in observation after my surgery.

Ok, not so bad. Still very excited : )

Whaaaa? May 20, 2013

" Dr. Lessard has an emergency case so your surgery has been postponed. The next available date is June 24th."

Wait, what? Just like that? Fine.

That's what you get for having the chief of surgery as you PS, I guess. : (

Surgery Day!!! Yay? June 24, 2013


Sitting in a cold waiting room with several other people stark naked as the day I was born with 2 of those silly robe things between me and sin. My bf and mom dropped me off with these terrible looks of sorrow in their eyes before going to the waiting :room.

Thanks guys. Way to lighten the mood.

A nurse takes my blood pressure and an anesthesiologist comes by to check on me. He looks at my chart, asks the nurse a question and pretty much starts laughing in my face. NOT IMPRESSED.

He asks me about my sleep apnea, which I thought I had gone over ad nauseam before hand but apparently not. He goes on to explain that I was booked for day surgery and because there was a question around my sleep apnea I needed to be observed overnight but they didn't have any beds. So I may not actually have surgery.



I wake up to my name being called, the once filled waiting room is now empty and I see my PS looking at me like, "let's go, come on!"

She sits me down and explains that she has to postpone my surgery because get this, they didn't know about my sleep apnea. And, has an irritated tone in her voice none the less.

After explaining how many time I explained the situation to anesthesiologists, residents, interns and basically what feels like the whole medical community, I then explained the situation to her once again.

I was obviously annoyed because something just seemed wonky about the situation and I guess she realized that the problem was definitely on her end and with more understanding told me to set up another appointment with her secretary and they would make an appointment for me to see yet another anesthesiologist.


After 5+ hours of waiting my mom and bf were obviously shocked to see me walk into their waiting room.

Arg, what a day.

Plastic Surgeon, Anesthisiologist and ANOTHER pre-op oh my! (July)

Busy month... After cancelling my surgery for the second time in a row, my ps wanted to have another appointment with me, during which she brought up no new info but instead referred me to an anesthesiologist and booked another surgery date for July 25.

New breast for my birthday? Oooooo. Exciting!

At my appointment, the anesthesiologist seemed just as confused as to why I was referred to him as I was. Everything he thought to ask, he realized was already in my chartm he was even more dumbfounded when he realized that my surgery was going to be at the Royal Victoria and not the Montreal General (where we were).
He left instructions in my chart that I would have to be admitted into same day, so I could be monitored overnight because of my "sleep apnea."

Pre-op cancelled because... Surprise, surprise, surgery cancelled yet again.

The saga continues...

Pre-op (September 23, 2013)

So my surgery was re booked for September 30, 2013, this time at the Montreal General Hospital (my hospital), however at this point I have no faith.

At this point I've quit smoking 3 times and this last time for approx. 3 weeks - I'm convinced I'm going to die on the table.

I talk to the doctor during my pre- op turns out I'm a drama queen but those who know me, know this to be all too true. I'm not going to die, in fact I apparently did better than most. No pride in that fact.

Things are so much different at the General where this pre-op is being done. The nurse that takes your initial info, is so nice and really understanding and reassures me that they do things differently at the MGH than at the Royal Vic (the surgery might actually happen!).
The doctor, who assured me I wasn't going to die went through my details carefully and I felt he was really listening instead of trying to hurry me out. And this time I don't need to talk to an anesthesiologist, because let face facts, I had already been down that road two times too many.

I'm booked for a Same Day, which means I'll be admitted to stay overnight for observation.

Things seem to be coming up Gayle!!

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