Complete & Honest Pros & Cons Reviews After 1 Fraxel Application with a 24 Y/o Male. - Montreal, Canada

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___ About Me___ I'm 24 years old and decided to...

___ About Me___

I'm 24 years old and decided to do Fraxel as it seemed to provide overall skin benefits and wanting to stay ahead of the curve in terms of my looks. I'm a performer and so to me this is a form of investment.

___ About doing the procedure___
I went in, and the nice lady at a local beauty salon recommended a number of things that I could do to rejuvenate my skin. I had undergone a major weight loss in my teens and so certain things like fillers & a lift could also be helpful in my case. That said, I decided to go with the Fraxel laser as it seemed to be an easy overall procedure.

She began at a lower setting. After doing about an inch or two of my face she said that I was really good and decided to increase the strength of the laser to a medium.

___ After the produre___

I had the typical week of reddish peeling skin. I had 1 red blister on one eyelid that peeled off but is still visible a month afterward (going away though). My eyes kept tearing up for about 4 weeks and just recently came back to normal. My cheeks are still numb to this day, so I'm guessing that the "deeper" effects are still rolling in.

My skin itself feels better. The consistency if it makes any sense, is a little stronger, and I feel like my face is more rigid. When I touch my face it is smoother to the touch.

On to the worst part of this procedure: I have some scarring on my forehead. The typical holes that are mentioned in many of these reviews, as well as tiny little horizontal "lines" / wrinkles. I know these came from the laser because when I had done my 1 application, she had skipped holes here and there, and my red spots were a little bit like a checkerboard all over my face, with untouched skin here and there.

If I had to describe the changes briefly: the skin itself is stronger and healthier -- but damaged at the most external layer. My skin shines better in pictures -- but in person in a brightly lit environment, a close examiner might mistake my face for snake leather boots.

So here are my departing questions:

Given that usual scars (mosquito bites, etc) usually take a long time to heal: how long would it be before the procedure completely stops to alter my skin? (I'm guessing that it might take a couple of months before my cheeks stop feeling this numb?)

What are other procedures / products for me to consider in order to resurface the utmost external layer of my skin? If I pinch my forehead a little bit, all of the lines and holes disappear; leaving my skin looking great; so it almost seems to me like the damaged has "shrunk" my skin into itself? My guess is that there is a layer of dying skin on top and I'd love for it to shed, but I can't say that I see this happening at the moment.

Thank you for your time.

I have abstained from uploading pictures as of yet given that the results look very similar to most other uploaded pictures.

A bit of a timeline

Lol, I've shed alright. A long time ago.

The real issue is that there's been some seemingly permanent damage done to the skin. Allow me to demonstrate with a couple of pictures:

- before the procedure, (taken before going) (2 months ago)
- 2 days after, the scabs had peeled
- 5 days after, the redness begins to go away
- taken with lighting to show that fatty deposits around my nose & eyebrows have changed as result of the laser. (positively) also redness had cleared up
- this last one taken up close with red light to show the little holes and lines that have happened as a result of the laser.

Overall I shy away from mentioning this procedure to people just in case someone ends up with little holes on their forehead because of something I said.

I'd personally value a demonstration of this kind of scarring going away, otherwise it has the be said that with this many negative impressions the Fraxel procedure really does look like a dead end deal.

One improvement I've noticed is that for a while the eyelids had thickened and loosened, but it seems that they're slowly coming back to normal. That said, there are a lot more little white dots.

Eyelid Ridge??

I've added one last picture for today. You can see that 1 eyelid has a "ridge" and the other eye doesn’t.

.... That was never there ........ neither do other family members have that.

But yeah as I said it's coming back to normal slowly, so this particular issue I'm not paying much attention to.

Also yes I do need a haircut -- but I work from home and the weather only just got warm around here, so do please forgive me.

3 Month Update !!!


First of all Fraxel is more of an extreme measure than I had previously imagined.

Let me explain:

Once Fraxel began taking effect, the "chemistry" on my face changed. Sorry for the lack of better terms, but basically I noticed that my face started drooping, and feeling numb, and had texture changes and new damage. It was HELL.

1 month and a half in, despite a major feeling of depression I decided to "go with it". I started drinking water like this was war. I started using creams religiously. I started working out in different ways. Heck, I changed a number of my body language habits to lower my overall stress. This was a challenge.

3 months in? Wow. How can I explain. I'm a healthier person overall because of these indirect change, but get this: my skin both got damaged permanently, and improved significantly. My skin thickened in a way that looks healthier. I'm more flush. Certain parts feel tighter. BUT, when examined closely, I now have tiny little holes and scratches......

I don't know whether I can recommend Fraxel or not, given that there was a 3 month downtime. That said, I think I can explain why there are so many negative reviews.

Fraxel is something that should be included with a number of other procedures and lifestyle efforts. This isn't something to try casually.

Also, if you already have larger pores (larger than say, your pores in your late teens) then the downsides aren't that big of a deal.

I look healthier. I look older / tired. It is a good procedure. I do NOT recommend it. Let an experienced and proven doc be the one to recommend this thing.

Also sorry for the messy room cause I'm sure that matters....
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I tried to sell myself on skin procedures to undertake prior to walking into her office but have found myself quickly outwitted and outsold once she had begun offering different services. She is very knowledgeable & polite; and although the clinic itself is humble I would recommend it.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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