4 Days Post Op - Montreal, Canada

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I grew up flat chested and was always thin. Even...

I grew up flat chested and was always thin. Even after one pregnancy, stayed flat chested. I almost had it done when I was 21, but after having a consult with a nasty PS, changed my mind and never pursued until 20 years later. My surgery was on Monday and am really swollen and do not like the results so far.
I received 325 cc unders, saline.

Anxiously awaiting 1 week post op appointment

Monday is my one week post op, can't wait to see what he thinks so far....I see some improvement....they seem so big to me...hope they get smaller. Can someone tell me if it is ok to drive, my PS did not say much about that?

Post Op Appointment

Everything went well. He showed me how to massage...yucky feeling...He told me I was very swollen still and that it will get softer and softer each day. He only recommends massaging for two minutes once a day. I am still so shocked when I look in the mirror and still see how big I am and again how swollen I am. I still wish I went smaller. I am going to post a before and after photo...and see what you all think. I'm still hoping to drive....if my husband would let me!!! I'm only taking Advil once a day and Advil PM at night....helps with the soreness and sleep.

Before and After

Day 12 and counting. Feeling great today with no pain whatsoever.....ready to do some housework today and get on with life. My husband has been wonderful and taken on most of my responsibilities with our daughter...they are currently at dance classes this morning. I still have not driven, but hope to today. After taking some pictures yesterday....I'm not very good at taking selfies :-/

5 weeks in a few days!!

Wow...time flys whole your healing. I am still dealing with Mondors cord...mostly on the left side. I'm sleeping on my side now and not stiff in morning anymore. I feel pretty good on most days, but still sore by the end if the day.
I finally time some photos...still feel a little too big, but getting use to my new profile....most of the time.

3 Month Post-Op

Wow...what a great day. I had my 3 month post=op visit. My PS was very happy with how I healed and told me I healed very well. Said they look good and are soft. We then talked about exercise and I told him I could not do a push up anymore and he said you won't either and you should not do any pectoral exercises and that is for the rest of your life!!! I was like...really??? Did you tell me before..he said I'm sure I did....would not have mattered...I still would of went forward with the surgery. He then asked how the healing went and I told him about my Mondors Cord and he said that was normal and I told him...it was a love/hate situation for the last few months and he asked why...I told him I think I could of been a tad smaller...but I'm happy and I get more and more use to them on a daily basis.
I think my PS....Dr. Brassard is a perfectionist and an artist...he is an awesome doctor...with a great personality...I would highly recommend him.
His staff at the clinic and his office are very friendly and very attentive to their clients.
On the way home my DH and I stopped at a Swim Suit Boutique and tried on Bathing Suits for our upcoming trip south. I had a very attentive young girl help me pick out different styles and sizes. Amazingly enough...I am wearing a small top on most styles....I am so happy!! $600 dollars later and I left with three different suits...that looked awesome....I am so happy...I think I am the happiest I have been since my surgery.
Dr. Brassard told me I was going to be happy when the final result is here...I'm happy!!!! I still could of been a tad smaller....but I'm happy with my results...they are perfect in shape and they look awesome in a bathing suit and naked!!! Still conservative when they need to be ;-()
My next appointment is 1 year post op.

3 1/2 month post op Loving it!

Well here is finally one update photo in my VS sports bra.... Very supportive, make me looking bigger than I really am...I think!
Will try to do swim suits today too ! If I can get a photographer... Lol
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