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Im 22 yrs 5ft 5 146lbs. I love my body I have god...

im 22 yrs 5ft 5 146lbs. I love my body I have god curves and all but its just that my breasts didn't come in. unfortunately im flat chested... I have soo many things id like to do like wearing a swim suit to the beach wearing a normal bra and a normal top... and just feel comfortable in my skin. I have been thinking about this for about 3 yrs and I think I wanna get it done by nxt septmber


the months drag on. and i dread not being able to do what my friends do... so happy its coming to Christmas so they'll have to cover up lol.... i pray for the day i have the amount i need to get this party started.. i feel like im not a woman yet and it terrible cuz im super cute but im scared of getting close to someone and than they hurt my feelings.. #i wear a padded bra.. so they dnt knw i dnt have breasts.. its frustrating.. i never give my all because of it and i think i dnt get a persons all either because im holding back.. but i cnt give my all until i love my whole body. quite frsnkly im ashamed and i feel deformed... :(


its so nice here so many parties and all and as im in university its sooo damn hard. we had a water social and i cudnt even go cuz ppl were sayin they wud throw me into the pool... lol how embarrassed i wud be tho.. when my socks fall out of my bra dwl!!! imagine my shame.. thts wht came to mind so i stayed home while all my friends went n had a great time.. #its sooo unfair tho... but i dream on for the day ill be in pools too

new year,new determination

im still here coping with this.. but i had said his is the year i did it.... so im savingup for the big move n the big day


so im supposed to move to Montreal this summer in hopes of getting my boobs in the following 6-8 mnths... now my aunt tells me shes getting married so she cannot help me!!
thts so not fear right now.. im devastated dunno what to do to think!!! im lost for words and emotions.. id cry but im just at lost... just tht step and id have been tht much closer.... i cnt live here like this... i will surely die i knw it!!! ladies please hekp mi out here im abt to freak out

closer to summer

so its getting closer to summer and im getting my visa application together andi cnt tell ppl around me.. cuz i dnt want them to knw my business.. lol if you knw wht i mean... so i pray that the application is approved.. hello new boobies if it does get approved plz pray for me guys.. i really need this...
ps. i need a real life.. i think my boyfriend has another girl friend now.. but i think i actually let him go in my mind already since im planning to leave the country... new boobs new life.. hope i find a hubby nxt yr yup thts how long ill take to strt dating again 'a year'... just gna be myself and work on getting my boobs thts all i want right now

a little swollen

im a little swollen because my period is close. im normally smaller/flatter than that :( i hate it so much.. but i will see a brighter day

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