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I'm starting this review with some wish pics! Will...

I'm starting this review with some wish pics! Will add more about me soon!!

I've saved up almost all the money and have had my first consult with Dr.Chen Lee however we ran out of time! I'll be going to their office next week to finish the sizing consult. Like many other ladies here, I've wanted this since I came to the conclusion that puberty was over and I didn't get boobs!!

More to come shortly!


So after my second consult and me explaining how much of a natural look I wanted, we narrowed it down to 265cc or 280cc. The lady told me that the 265cc would be too small for my 12.2cm frame as they were 12.25 and the 280cc are 12.50. Anywho, a lot to think about but I have a date set. I just have to commit. A little nervous about that step!

More photos of consult

Deposit has been made!!

I'm excited to say I have paid my deposit! My date is set and I got my blood tests done this week. Seems crazy to think that in less than a month I'll actually have boobs! I went shopping for clothes to cover up my post op boobs but unfortunately was not able to find anything that I liked...I guess I'm not used to covering up. I've been wearing a super padded bra for the last two months so that my colleagues are less privy to the change once it happens...So curious to see if I'll be able to cover it up or if it'll be too obvious. I just scheduled more time off as I decided that 5 days is just not enough. So I'm going to be off for 7 with the possibility of working from home for the following 4 days. Getting excited!!


This is me without a bra, just to give you an idea of the difference!

2 days Pre-Op

Getting everything ready as I'm 2 days pre-op! Took some before pictures to see the progress and difference!

Will be getting 280cc unders through crease incisions with Dr. Chen Lee on Oct 12th.

It's done!!!

I think the operation went well! I'm home now and just relaxing and watching friends with my boyfriend!! I got sick the second i walked in the apt but i feel much better now!!

Happy that they aren't looking too crazy!! I had expected them to look intensely weird straight out of surgery but I'm really happy with them!!

My boyfriend bought me a surprise gift card for LaSenza so that I can got buy a bunch of new bras!! I'm really spoilt!! I cried from happiness or from the drugs, either way I'm really happy for his kindness!!

Post Op day 2

Quick picture update!

Still swollen and sore, but no longer on any meds!

Post op day 4


Quick photo update to show the progress! I have my first post op consult tomorrow! Hoping my scars are looking good! I really can't complain about the recovery and pain i got... It's really not nearly as bad as I had expected! I just can't wait to sleep normally (not on back) and be able to move without fear of pulling something lol!

Post Op day 7th!!

Hi guys,

Quick update, i went to the doc on monday for my post op check up and the doc va impressed with my progress and healing. Even saying i'm in the top 10% in quick recovery/ barely any pain or limitations.

The implants are looking good and I'm overall satisfied with the look. I have lost feeling in the lower pole and nipple of my left breast. Really hoping it's going to come back as I feel that it's slowing down my comfort levels.

Implants identification card

Post op day 9

Everything js going well! I went back to work on day 7&8 and it wasn't painful. I wore a bit loose shirts and the bra I bought for work (very large and stretchy and opens from the front) and no one seem to have noticed. To be fair I think they look the same size or close to what my super padded bra gave me.

All in all I'm happy with the results so far :)

Post Op day 11

Round implants


Just a quick update! I've noticed that when my arms are down, the shape of my boobs look very natural (Yay!) however, when I lift my arms, you see the roundness of the implant! I'm not really bothered by it, it's just funny to see!

I'm slowly getting more feeling in my left boob, the nipple too but it's just mostly sensitive! I wish it felt like the right one! Everything is going great with righty!

Post op day 13

Post up day 18 update

Things are going good! My left breast is getting better and i'm really feeling less and less pain everyday/movements! I can now sleep on my side comfortably.

Day 2 Vs Day 18

Post op week 3

Post op week 4

It's been a while!!

Hey! I haven't updated in a while, so thought I get quick snaps in! They are feeling great and not hurting at all. Nipple feeling is back. The scars are healing really well! Overall I'm really happy with the results. Sometimes i feel they are a bit small but other times they are more than enough!


Pics are not adding right..

2 month update

Hi all,

It's been a while since my last review! Since then there hasn't been much change, I've started working out again which feels good! My nipples don't hurt any more and I bought my first bra since the implants. I was sized between a 32DD and a 34D. The one I bought is a 34D ( see picture below).

Please feel free to ask me questions, i'm happy to share my feedback/ experience!

Almost 3 months post op


Quick update! All is going well with the new girls! Feeling good and no pain, loving the size! Although i do get some moments of worry I went to small. That being said in a bikini I think they are quite big!

Comparable of before and 3 month post op

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