Transwoman - SRS/GRS with Dr Brassard in Montreal Canada - Montréal-nord, QC

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In October 12 2016 I will be going through sex...

in October 12 2016 I will be going through sex reassignment surgery or gender confirming surgery in Montreal Canada with Dr. Pierre Brassard.
Im hoping for a natural looking vulva... with a decent depth and sensation. Hoping for at least 5.5 inches depth. as im writing this, it is still 48 days away. So, i dont have much to say.

1 day before I leave for MTL

Im just packing everything I need for my stay in MTL... i cleaned the apartment as well and Im gonna go get meat to be frozen so when i get back i have something to eat... i have a roomate who will help me through my surgery... this isnt really an update cuz nothing has happened... anyway ill keep everyone updated!

I did it! 2 days post op

I was anxious going... but I had no regret... and one thing I'll say I won't sugar coat it... it is excruciatingly painful... ask for pain meds before you feel the pain don't wait for the pain ask for Ye pain meds right away! I did my surgery Wednesday morning and Wednesday night I was in a lot of pain... I would never want to go through that pain again... pain meds are there but don't wait for the pain... I know I sound repetitive... but yea.. Thursday morning was better... I took pain meds right away... I didn't really get a goodnight sleep... but the day after was ok... Friday was better blood drainage and catheter bag is out... peeing out of a hose with a lever is funny... it's so ironic that you have to pee standing up... there's a gauze dressin that is stitched on you and the gets removed 5 days after meaning Sunday ... the stent comes out Monday ... ill show you the pic of the dressing that's stitched on you

I think it's day 21 post op

Pain is constant... and I thought I was having hypergranulation... I've been taking mortrin every 4 hours to ease the pain and inflammation. 4 dilations, 3 sitz bath, 2 vaginal douches and a shower... one more week and I'll be down to 3 dilation and I'll be introduced to the largest dilator which is the orange one. The scar is there but it is covered by pubic hair... can't see the clit at the moment and hood/minora is a little longer on the left side.

6 weeks post op

Last week I had an infection not sure how I got it... then infection was in the incision top left incision. The ER doctor put me on anti biotic for a week and that did the job. I'm doing sitz bath 3 times a day and dilating 3 times a day as well... I'm not sure constantly anymore and also I'm able to sleep on my side now... discharge is still the same from the lube but no blood at all... I'm going back to work tomorrow... I'm comfortable sitting on a pillow or anything soft... that's all for now thnx

8 months after my srs

So pretty much everything is all healed... I dilate once a day my only problem is it's not very deep... I reach the third dot barely... Over all I am please with the result... I have orgasmed already in my 6th month... I thought I wasn't gonna be able to... I use panty liners daily...
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