Transwoman - SRS/GRS with Dr Brassard in Montreal Canada - Montréal-nord, QC

In October 12 2016 I will be going through sex...

in October 12 2016 I will be going through sex reassignment surgery or gender confirming surgery in Montreal Canada with Dr. Pierre Brassard.
Im hoping for a natural looking vulva... with a decent depth and sensation. Hoping for at least 5.5 inches depth. as im writing this, it is still 48 days away. So, i dont have much to say.

1 day before I leave for MTL

Im just packing everything I need for my stay in MTL... i cleaned the apartment as well and Im gonna go get meat to be frozen so when i get back i have something to eat... i have a roomate who will help me through my surgery... this isnt really an update cuz nothing has happened... anyway ill keep everyone updated!

I did it! 2 days post op

I was anxious going... but I had no regret... and one thing I'll say I won't sugar coat it... it is excruciatingly painful... ask for pain meds before you feel the pain don't wait for the pain ask for Ye pain meds right away! I did my surgery Wednesday morning and Wednesday night I was in a lot of pain... I would never want to go through that pain again... pain meds are there but don't wait for the pain... I know I sound repetitive... but yea.. Thursday morning was better... I took pain meds right away... I didn't really get a goodnight sleep... but the day after was ok... Friday was better blood drainage and catheter bag is out... peeing out of a hose with a lever is funny... it's so ironic that you have to pee standing up... there's a gauze dressin that is stitched on you and the gets removed 5 days after meaning Sunday ... the stent comes out Monday ... ill show you the pic of the dressing that's stitched on you
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

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