Hetters Peel - Montgomery, AL

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Very pleased with the new skin that is replacing...

Very pleased with the new skin that is replacing the old skin. Happy that the vertical lip lines are smoother than before I had the peel, although one of my reasons for doing this was to get rid of them forever. My crows feet that really showed when I smiled before the peel are practically non-existant. I think they want be back for a while as long as I wear the sunglasses and stop squinting. However, there are still a few short crow lines around the corners of eyes but that is ok. To get rid of them was not at the top of my list. I will keep you updated. I have more healing to do.

Chemical peel

26 days out. Still very pinkish, but the pink is fading and my normal skin color is seeping thru. A little worried about the outline of the pink against the white. But it gets better everyday. Keeping it moisturized every two hours with Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream and Sunscreen. Will return to doctor in 3 weeks.

Chemical Peel (Hetters)

4 weeks out. Very worried. Lots of discoloration especially where the pinkish/brown color of face meets the white skin surrounding the eyes. Mega wrinkles under eyes. The under eye wrinkles were there before the peel but are more visible now. Also, my neck has discoloration from the few spots were coated with the peel solution. Keeping face moisturized every two hours during the day and using a heavy moisturizer at night. I have not use the camo makeup much. It drys my skin out. People are still asking what happened. The 2 major issues here are discoloration and the wrinkles under the eyes. I wished I had gone with the C02 laser resurfacing and the other doctor who had done my sister's face and the under eye area. I have spent a lot of money here and nothing to show for it. That is the bad part. Got to remain positive, go forward and put it behind me. I have a follow up appointment today.

Chemical Peel (Heeters)

Wow! I am amazed at my skin. I was finally ready to go out in public after 31 days. My last posting was not so positive or complementary of the doctor. I was totally freaking out. I started using the lytera by Skin Medica. The hyperpigmentation on my neck and face are fading quickly! I use the camo makeup by Color Science to help hide the hyperpigmentation on my neck. But it is going away! I also use a under eye concealer to even out any color difference between my under eye area and cheeks. I returned last week for a followup. Doctor said I still had some healing to do. I did get some filler to help the under eye area. Wow! Restylene, works so good underneath the eye. Especially, when you have a doc who knows how to place the filler. My skin is looking amazing. Still have a few wrinkles. Those very deep ones will require a laser. My doctor already has someone in mind for me to use when I get to that point. This is procedure is rough. Lots of itching, lots of peeling, the smell of dead skin in the mornings, applying moisturizer every two hours, etc. But I would do it again.

Hetters Peel Post Op Picture - 6 wks out

I am liking my results

3 months out

What an experience! But wow what awesome results.

5 months after peel

Some pigmentation problems still remains in the neck and cheek area. Currently using Lytera brightening serum.

6 months after hetters peel. An old scar has become more prominent. What is a girl to do?

I am happy with my results. But this scar line on the left side of my face has become more prominent since the peel. Especially with the last three weeks. Notice the scar starts an inch above my brow and runs along the side of my nose. The scar above the brow was caused by hitting my head on the corner of a car door some 10 year ago and the lower portion of the scar came from an old chemical peel some three years ago. That area around the nose is in a triangular shape and starts at my lower eye lid where skin is dry. Would arterifill help?
Roanoke Facial Plastic Surgeon

Everything I expected. Excellent.

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