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So my surgery is slowly creeping up! It's been...

So my surgery is slowly creeping up! It's been almost two months since I've seen my PS/had my consultation. I'm super, super ready to have this surgery! I've dreamed about it for YEARS. My pre-op appointment is next week. Oh, and I'm 5'4", 140 lbs, 34F cup... praying to be a C! Ladies, I need any and all advice/tips on recovery, what to buy, anything!! Thanks so much...x


On the way to my pre-op appointment. I'll let yall know how this goes!

Post pre-op

Well, that appointment was super fast! The nurse just asked me standard questions like if I have any allergies, smoke, etc. then I peed in a cup for a pregnancy test & then they drew my blood. Then that was it! I was hoping I would see my doctor but it was just lab stuff. Now the waiting game!

More photos before my surgery.

Surgery is TOMORROW!

I can't believe it's tomorrow! Only one more sleep (if I can even sleep tonight) it's like freaking Christmas lol. I have to be at the hospital at 6am. I'm soooo excited and scared, but mostly excited. :)) ill see you guys on the other side!

All about the surgery and one day post op

I had my surgery today! I'll tell y'all all about it from the beginning.
I woke up today around 4:30 am. I took a shower with dial soap, as I was directed. I have a rash between my breasts. I have for a really long time. Well, the soap irritated it so PS told me to start using another soap next time lol. Anyways, I arrived to the hospital at 6 and got admitted very quickly. Walked back to a room with a nurse where she took my blood pressure, temp, and put these sock things on my legs so I wouldn't get blood clots. She put the IV in my hand and gave me fluids. Then I hung out watching tv until my PS got to the hospital around 7:45. He marked me up with his marker and soon after that they started wheeling me to the operation room. I don't remember much in there except for it being REALLY cold. They put me on another bed and then "lights out". Now came the part where I woke up. I was in excruciating pain. I woke up crying. (I think the stuff makes you really emotional too.. I don't think I just cried because of pain).They didn't use morphine on me. They used Dilaudid which was supposedly better, but oh man it made me so sick. I got extremely hot. Sweating and feeling nauseous but I didn't throw up till I got home later on. I was ready to go home. The ride home wasn't fun. I could feel every bump and stop. I finally got home and got in bed. At this point, I'm really weak so I ended up sleeping for like an hour and then woke up and ate a tiny bit of soup and half a sandwich and took my meds. That's when the nausea hit me bad. Thank god for my mom being there for me and my sweet boyfriend. I literally couldn't do anything without them. I ended up throwing up all that anesthesia medicine and felt MUCH better. I had a stomach ache the whole time so that relieved me of that pain. The next time I took my narcotic and I was fine. I still have pain, but it's manageable. I can mostly use the bathroom by myself now but I still need help getting up. I'm also about to eat something other than saltines so I'm excited about that lol. I just went back up to my PS's office and the nurse took the bandages off and I had my first look. They are bigger than I want but I'm really happy with them! And my nipples are super sensitive so I was also happy to have sensation in them. Also, he took one pound out of my left breast and a pound and a quarter off of my right. And I didn't have drains. Guys, the surgery is SO WORTH ALL THE PAIN. And you guys probably won't have as much as pain as me. I'm really happy :)))) good luck to everyone having this surgery. I have to go back to the doctor in two weeks so I will keep you guys posted. I'm really happy I did this. I'm just ready to run with these small boobies :D

A couple days post op

I'm finally going to take my first shower! I'm getting up and around a lot better now. Not near as weak and I can eat whatever I want. There's still pain but it's more of a pressure feeling now. And Oh boy and do the incisions itch!!! But so far so good :) I think the worst is over now!

Only a few days post op and I'm so happy with my results!

I'm about to take a shower and switch bras.. Because as you can see there is blood on this one. This bra is actually too big for me (I have a lot of gauze in the bra) and I just couldn't be happier with them right now. So perky and beautifully shaped! I can't wait to see the tape come off so I can look at my nipples but so far so good, I think!

4 days post op

Hey guys! I'm gonna talk a little bit about yesterday. I decided to get out of the house and eat some chicfila but oh big mistake. Idk if it was because it was super hot outside (I'm from AL) or it was just too much, too soon. I got super woozy and after we went through the drive thru all I wanted to do was go home and lay down. But I was CRAVING frozen yogurt. So my sweet boyfriend went out and got me some and my god it was the tastiest yogurt I've had in my life. Afterwards I felt like a million dollars lol. I think I may have just had a little heat spell in the car even though we had the air on full blast. I have been pretty good today as well. The only thing I've noticed is that I'm not really that hungry that much. My mom practically forces me to eat and I eat way less than I usually do. Another thing I'm a little worried about (and TMI, I know) is that I haven't pooped since the morning of my surgery. Do you guys think I should get a stool softener?

Hey guys

TMI post, but I'm sure this is important info. Please, please, please start using a stool softener or laxative the day or day after your procedure. I took a stool softener yesterday and nothing. I took a laxative this morning and I finally has a bowel movement since the morning of my surgery. It was painful but my god, what a relief. So if you have a list of pre-surgery items, put that on your list!! Also I had a bath last night with the help of my mom. It was so nice :) nothing better than another person washing your hair. And I'm not gonna take a picture yet but I noticed my breasts are now a yellow bruise color. Hope that's a good sign!

Lots more pics

Just another day lazing in bed..

Laying around all the time. This is what I hate most about recovery. I'm tired of laying down most of my time. Sure, I've watched a lot of Netflix, HBONow, read a lot farther in my Game of Thrones books.. but still. I wanna get up and be active. But just taking a shower and blow drying my hair (with help) tires me. I stopped taking my narcotics three days ago and haven't taken anything except my antibiotics (which today is my last doses). I guess I could switch to Tylenol but the pain is only on the sides of my incisions and it isn't that bad. I guess I'm just bored lol. When do you guys think it would be safe to go out and do things? I can't exercise or drive yet. I'm just going a little mental :) this is all so worth it but I'm dying to go swimming.. Which probably won't be for forever, huh? :/ should have gotten this surgery in the winter time when all I wanna do is cuddle under blankets all the time :)

Update on boobies

Boobs are still very yellow at the bottom. Guess that's still bruising. I've been moving around a lot more. Still been watching movies a lot on the couch, but I've got out a lot too. The girls don't really itch anymore and I haven't had any pain. They're also not as hard at the top. But yeah, I'm feeling well and I think I'm healing alright too! I get to see my PS on Tuesday to get the tape off so I'm really excited about that!

Howdy (I'm not good at titles lol)

This is becoming more of a blog type thing than a review. But whatever :) so yesterday both my bras were dirty so while I was washing both of them I put on one of my sister's tiny tank tops to see if I could squeeze in it that I would NEVER have fit in before. My sister's boobs are like As and usually wears a small-medium. We have completely different body types - she's tall, I'm short etc. Anyway! I could fit in it and it was like one of those V shaped-no-way-my-big-boobies-would-fit-in tank tops. I barely even had cleavage. I just couldn't believe it. I didn't even need the straps for support and it just made me realize how much smaller my breasts are. It's an incredible feeling. Truly. I started getting a little emotional over it lol. This is seriously the best decision ever. I encourage all you ladies on the fence about a breast reduction to DO IT! I now understand all those other women I read reviews of before my BR. I am just way too excited to actually go bra shopping and swim suit shopping

Saw my ps today

Got my tape off today and she clipped the stitches.... Just to put more tape on :( BUT! everything exciting happens in two weeks. I can take the tape off, go swimming, & buy bras!! I'm so ready! :)


Today I've noticed that my breasts are bruised pretty badly at the bottom. I haven't really done anything except stretch a little more. They were fine yesterday. Anyone have any ideas why I would be bruising this far along?

Update on boobies

It's been a little while since I've written but the healing process has been very good! I am almost a month post op and haven't had too many complications. I finally took all my tape off today. I have only one opening on my left nipple but it's really minor. The nurse that works for my PS just told me to put some neosporin on it and a bandaid. In the pics you will see that my boobs are super dry and have leftover tape residue on them. I'm gonna start putting bio oil on them. :)


Hardly anything is better than being able to wear tiny bras! I haven't bought any underwire bras but I got a ton of cheap comfy bras at Walmart. I'm a happy camper :) I even went swimming at the beach two days ago. And I swam in a pool too. :)
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