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I always had a problem with my chin. I used to...

I always had a problem with my chin. I used to have a small receding chin that I hated. I found a surgeon through my aunt in Mexico and I got in contact with him by email. He then suggested that I could refine and lift the tip of my nose to fix the overall profile. Well after 2-3 weeks of thinking I went for it. I met the surgeon 1 hour before the surgery! And it was there that he explained to me everything and showed me pictures of his previous work which looked okay I guess.

Here were my first mistakes
1. I knew very little about my surgeon
2. I never really had a problem with my nose.
3. I stupidly thought that I would back to normal in max. A week
4. And I didn't even ask that many questions.

During the surgery I was in a twilight sleep. I was sedated but I remember waking up in parts of it!!! I clearly remember saying "why am I awake? Please I want to go back to sleep". Good thing is that I didn't have pain. After the 3 hour surgery it took me one hour to fully wake up and off they wheeled me to my mom and grandpa.

I vomited as soon as I got home. I bled from my nose like a faucet for 3-4 hours. And I swelled up like a balloon.

The following day I woke up early to travel back to USA. My mom and I took a 4 hour bus ride exactly 24 hours after my nose job. And 48 hours after my nose job I was back to work! (I work in a office and everybody knew of course).

Well on Tuesday my body gave in and I passed out while sitting down, at the ER they gave me pain meds and happy pills, and sent me back to work. I needed the rest but I was in a crucial training that I couldn't miss.

Anyway, a week later I woke up to a nightmare! My right eye was red, crusty, and had bright green discharge! My nose was draining bright green mucus too and my stitches were red and opening!!! I freaked out and had a mini panic attack! Well I took the bus back to Mexico and saw the surgeon so he could remove my stitches... He said nothing was wrong and sent me home. I went to see another doctor that prescribed me strong antibiotics and by the next day I was MUCH better.

Swelling went down for the next 2 weeks and everything seemed alright until I decided to flash a light up my nostrils and there they were stitches!!! He hadn't removed those! I pulled on one and it just slid off effortlessly but the other one I pulled until it bled and broke my skin. I hope I didn't damage anything.

Now it's been almost 9 weeks and I have a lot lf anxiety due to my nose job. I have a hard time looking at my nose. I am afraid and scared of infection, perforation, collapse, cartilage, and other things. I'm on prescribed Xanax for my anxiety. I have post rhino PTSD. I am scared. I regret it. And I was very stupid for doing it....

I'm still trying to deal with the daily changes that I see as my swelling goes down. It's horrible.

I'll post more as I continue this journey.
I should have just stuck with the chin implant and that's it.

Sharing Post-Op pictures

I just thought id share some of my before and afters.. What do you think?

Example of nose swelling

Just to show you guys how bad swelling can be at one week! Don't dispair!!! There is light at the end.

sad and regretful :/

I am almost 3 months post op. Im very dissapointed and sad. I regret ever doing this. The right side of my nose looks too shaved down and the left side is deformed. Both sides look like different noses. What can i do!? My nose is deformed.

6 month update

My nose is constantly changing. I am 6 months post op. The left side is more swollen and I think some of it might be permanent. The tip was reduced significantly and as a result it's pointy and thinner than the bridge. The tip has good profile definition which makes me happy. I'm still unsure about how I feel.

What do you think?

One year after...

Here's my profile one year after my weightloss, nose job, chin implant, and latisse! Please I want to know what you think...

Pleased with the results.

The results are very natural. I freaked out during the first 6 months because my nose kept changing. I'd be concerned Any little ridge, bump, dent, Etc. But the doctor did a good job and I'm pleased.

Ps. Disregard my initial post. I had major (MAJOR) anxiety and thankfully it's now under control.

Thanks for all your kind commoent.ms. This is the last photo update for my nose.

3 year update.

Here's a 3 year update. I don't think my nose is perfect and I think there's some serious room for improvement but I would never do it again for 3 reasons.

1) Healing takes months & months. My nose was swollen for almost an entire year and it took all this time for me to adjust to my new profile. It's a big change and it takes a big mental toll on you to adjust to it. I went from anxiety, anxiety attacks, and depression (bad stuff).

2) One tiny little mistake or little misunderstanding of what you really want can ruin your life. Yes, people have committed suicide over a bad nose job and some are desperately trying to fix their bad nose job with more surgeries.

3) I would consider any other cosmetic surgery except this one because the risk of infection is too great. I was so close to getting an infection close which could have turned out deadly (meningitis, necrosis, perforation, etc) the risk is too great.
Cesar Tamez

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