52 Yo MTF BA 485 gr HP Round Silicone Natrelle

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I am a 52 yo transgendered woman living full time...

I am a 52 yo transgendered woman living full time since a while ago. I have tried all (cremes, pills, pumps, etc) and after several years of HRT I have not got the size I wanted, just an A cup. So I decided to do my BA.

After too much research about this procedure I can say that in overall it is about the same as for genetic women, however there are some important differences. For me the top are 3:
1.- Before/After Pics should be reviewed in people with about the same chest size, about the same weight in order to really understand how it will look like your naked chest after the procedure. For example 300cc will not do the same look and cup size increase in a 32/34 chest than in a 38/40 chest. Also take into account that most genetic women usually have more tissue to begin with.
2.- Blood analysis should take into acount your male genetics (some readings are sligthly different). For example hemoglobin readings are different in males than in females.
3.- Surgeons that have performed BA only in genetic women will use their experience, the more experience the better understanding of your needs.

I have visited several surgeons and most of them are very supportive and professional. But not all do the same. I found particularly useful the ones that calculate your current volume beacuse it will be added to the final one.

The rice test is good but another one is also useful. Buy a bra of the size you want. Get two rubber baloons and fill them with water (just be sure that the baloons are good quality and strong enough) up to the size you want and wear them for a full day.

Ok. I can tell many, many other things I have done but anyway I say what I think it may help other people.

In my case budget is a very important issue that is why I waited so long because I do not want to compromise my health. I live in Mexico City and I found that prices are higher than other cities just because labor and facilites costs. So I decided to research in Guadalajara and Monterrey. Finally I decided for Dr. Rene Flores in Monterrey... I am scheduled for my BA next tuesday... wish me luck!!!

New Size

Mmmm. After much pondering about size and a call from Angie I decided to go 485 instead 520. I am very anxious. And I know I will be like that till next Tuesday.

Big day after tomorrow

Yesterday I got an email from Dr Flores with all documents I need to sign before surgery. This morning I read them thoroughly. I had to do it.
I have to sign a document that states that I am fully aware of the procedure that is about to be performed on me, the type of incision, the type/size of implants, etc etc
It is good to know that your surgeon has done hundreds of BAs but to be aware that there is still a small, very small probability something goes wrong (infection, bleeding, etc etc) does not help to alleviate that funny feeling I permanently have on my stomach.
I will be requested to sign a consent to take pics of my chest before & after surgery.
I also got instructions on how to get the hospital, a narrative of what to expect that day, how to dress, how not to wear make up nor nail polish, etc.
About 10 pages that take me almost three hours to review.

Just a few hours...

Well it seems that everything has been done ok. And Tomorrow is the big day. Wish me luck!

I put side views of my breasts.

On the other side. Safely.

Yesterday I could barely sleep. So early morning I prepared myself as directed by Dr Flores. And headed for the clinic.
There I was received in the most warm way possible. Everybody seemed to know me. I had an interview with the anesthesiologist. He was very thorough asking and clarifying all my doubts. Then the photo session an finally Dr Flores made final measurements in my chest and draw some guides for surgery. All staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Finally Rosy, a wonderful nurse, took me to the operating table. All of them made their best efforts to make me feel in a very friendly and professional environment. The last thing I remember is when Rosy mentioned she was going to measure my blood pressure. After that it was as if no time has happened. I opened my eyes and.... Voalá.!!! All was done and I was fine. All staff congratulated me and I was directed to the recovery room. In which I was at most 40 minutes. Later at home I begin to feel some moderate pain and took my medications. Will keep you posted with my updates.

Two days after

Still some pain but much less than the first day... still very square and high... have to wait mmmm

Some thoughts on deciding CC's

Well here I am taking rest because it is needed. I would for sure return to my active life... but my PS said I need at least 10 days for recovery and to be sure the wounds heal properly and they support the strain implants now pose on my chest.
Meanwhile I would like to write about size. At least in my case it was extremely helpful to have my initial consultation wiht female PS's. Why? well because they usually give a more objective opinion since they can speak from direct experience. I remember when after explaining the size I wanted, a lady PS saying "do you really think you will feel comfortable after some time if everybody notice that you have implants, or you prefer to look natural and be less noticieable. If not for all life but for a long time you will have to live with your implants" (forgive my bad English if I can not translate adecuately) but the way she said that it only would come from a female perspective. Other lady doctor took all the time in the world to size my breasts and she found that I have a 50 cc asymetry (BTW, none of the male doctors treat me like that and all usually said that difference was insignificant). After several tests we came to the concusion that 475 cc was the best size for me.
The care and attention was very different. Also those consultations had cost.
I am not trying to say that male doctors are wrong,... however they are more "professional" and usually have a male perspective in this matter.
At the end I decided to go with Dr. Flores, because initial consultation is not the only one factor in decision. The reasons were the experience of the doctor, the facilities, the fact that this kind of operation is what he does most, the confidence he gave me on the procedure, etc. But I am sure size was decided before I spoke to him, in fact when I said 475 he told me that because the size of my chest he would recommend to go bigger that is why I initially chose 520 but later decided to go 485 gr (about 475cc) as discused with the previou female PS.
After surgery the result in size was as expected!!
In that regard I should say that 120cc make a cup in a 32-34 inch frame and 160cc do about the same in a 36-38 inch chest size. Do not forget the initial tissue (that will be expanded but use at least 80%). So at the end expect to be a small D.
Hope I was helpful

After PS post op consultation


Everything is going fine... nipple sensitivity is getting back, no pills at all. It seems I am lucky. My Right boob is still pretty high. Dr. Flores said it may take 4-6 months to see them both settled properly.

One thing that comes to my mind after all this time is that before I was very concerned about how I would look like and how natural the results would be. However the feeling of having something foreign to your body all time in your chest is something that I did not think of. Any way my PS says that sensation will subside in a few months. In any case I like very much the result and this is something I recommend a lot.

Hope this is helpful!

6 weeks update

Still my right is slightly higher... but I think that is ok. I have not noticed that it is very common situation. Anyway I am happy with the results.

Scars are healing very well. No pain at all, nipple sensitivity back... very soft and squishable. Mmmm, nice!

Hope you like my pics with all my new bras.

3 and half months!

Time flyes... a lot of improvement! breast continue dropping and getting a very natural look. Very soft and moveable!!

Almost 6 months

soft and squeezable
Time flies... finally what my PS told me... that it would take up to 6 months to heal and drop properly...
Dr. Armando René Flores

I had a free first consultation in which Dr. Flores explained me in detail what it would be the procedure. Took measurements and made a suggestion of size. His attendant Angie has been with me all this time and helped with all doubts and concerns. In subsecuent visits Dr. Flores has been very professional and gives all required advice. He always is available and responds quickly to all my dobuts.

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